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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IGO Templar

Shaco, the Death Harbinger

IGO Templar Last updated on April 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a Shaco build for the early game advantage which will then set you up for how ever you wish to play Shaco late game. I'm assuming if your reading this you have some interest in Shaco or seen how he has been played so I'll give you my "early game" definitions of skills and items.

Decieve-Very very useful skill early game and is the reason why its skill number two. Why not one? because you will be using the pendant + Jack in the Box (JitB) combo to take down golem when he spawns. This earns you a quick lvl 2 and a blink + stealth move.
It is also good for harassing, when behind a friendly creepwave that is just about to eliminate the opposing force, blink + (JitB) or Shiv is a very damaging combo and health harassment.

Jack in the box (JitB)- a mini-deployable turret that does decent damage (scales well with Ability Power), it stealths, and fears units that gets too close once.
Good for setting traps in the woods (i dont do this) or simply securing a safe route home JitB are useful in many situations, because of the mana regen in the build you can throw these things down all the time when the cd is up and it is recommended.

shiv- Gives a passive slow on attack and an activated "missile" attack that does good dmg with Ability power. This will be the kill securer in shaco's deck besides Decieve.

Hallucinate-I use Hallucinate to bait people/ trigger ganks by puppeteering him while safely behind the Fog-of-war. If an increase in dps is needed like in a group fight ill use it there. Its on a relatively low cooldown so use it often.

Early Game
Like I said you want to go golem in the beginning. Put the first point in JitB and go to golem. You should have plenty of time before it spawns. Put a JitB where you can see if someone is comming to gank you (trust me, ive seen it happen) and then place them at golem spawn. After golem kill and Level 2 put point in decieve and go lane.
If you want to be aggressive and try to get an early kill on a squish hero it is possible, shaco does good damage and that often deters opponents to turn around and attack him while he is being aggressive. *play to the opponents weaknesses*.If he is aggressive be patient and wait for him to f@%$ up. If hes defensive, try out pushing to their tower.
Keep Golem buff! and play more towards last hits on creeps and placing "smart" JitB that could lead to a potential kill / countergank.

Mid Game
Once you hit 6 or 7 its time to start ganking, at this point in time you should have built Sheen and gotten boots. Find weak opponents and try to gank them across the map. Ghost will help you get around / secure kills as will exhaust. your pendant should be giving you a steady stream of gold/ hp/ and mana so base visits should be limited to Big Item transactions and Hp. You can get Lifesteal its a smart investment, but since Shaco has low Hp the majority of the game until Banshee's you can treat him more like a hit and run car.

Late Game
If everything has gone well up until this point they have either surrendered or they are getting angry at you. They start to focus / hunt you because of the dps output done. This is where Baiting can be fun with your Hallucinate skill. Nothing like seeing A ryze and Blitzcrank blow their load all over your image and get hurt for it. :D If your losing but your doing well, sometimes it happens. I didn't say this build would win games but it does get lots of kills. Lots of kills lowers other team moral which usually wins though.

*Useful Tips*
JitB Is useful use it OFTEN. Drop it in group fights, behind a push, secure a like back to your base. If things go south on a push and your running for your life. The fears off the JitB's deter attackers.

Timing is key, knowing when to attack is just as important as how much damage you can do. Doing damage to the enemy without taking a lot is almost always good in Shaco's case.

Rebuff. you can solo golem at one so keep doing it throughout the game. most of the masteries are in the attack tree so the buffs wear off quickly.