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Shaco Build Guide by myname2009

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League of Legends Build Guide Author myname2009

Shaco: The Demon Jester

myname2009 Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Hello summoner, this is my first guide, so if i suck...sorry. And this is how I play Shaco, not anyone else, just me. Some items and stuff i understand can be changed, i just like them this way, but if they really get under your skin, change em. I made another build so if you don't like the first, you have an alternative. I will try it soon and change it according to how i see it.

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- Can break towers down very easily/ Backdoor
- Great escape artist
- Apparently can be used in 5v5 or 3v3(This is a guide for 5v5)
- Can dish out crazy damage
- Can be hard to get the hang of
- Gets focused
- Is quite squishy
- Oracles can ruin some of the fun

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Deceive: Deceive is the skill that makes Shaco an amazing backdoorer, nuker, escape artist, and assasin. Its one of those skills that can be used for multiple things and can be used to pull off a variety of tricks and pranks. And it allows you to go invisible and guarantees the next attack a crit!
Main Uses:
- Escaping
- For the Critical Strike guarantee
- Invisible
- Dealing damage

Jack in the Box: This skill is the one i max last, only because it is the least useful to an AD Shaco.But that still doesnt mean it should be ignored. The fear can help you kill,farm, or make a clean escape. And this is his only natural AOE spell and is the best of his abilities( other than his ult) to farm, but even then, its still not too good at farmin.
Main Uses:
- Escaping
- Warding
- Farming
- Dealing damage
- Debuffing

Two Shiv-Poison: This is your slowing spell, ranged spell, and blind spell. In 1v1 fights, this spell dominates with its slow AND blind. Can't really get better than that. And can be used to last hit minions from far away
- Escaping
- Dealing damage
- Debuffing
- Farming

Hallucination: Shacos ultimate. A very good one too in my opinion. Mostly because it can be used to do practically anything. Even dodging ults like Karthus's if you use it at the very exact moment the damage comes raining down. How this happens? well you disappear for i guess a half second, so that can be used to evade ults like his. It possibly can be used to escape ults like Ezreal or Ashe( i dont know for sure, but if it can avoid Karthus's ult, it should evade Ezreals and Ashes too.) also. And at the very end of its life, it blows up in a shower of blades, dealing some very nice AOE damage, which scales on AP.
- Escaping
- Destroying towers/Backdooring
- Dealing damage
- Baiting

Remember, you should be focusing the squishies.(Kassadin,Ashe, etc.)
Basic Ability Combo:
Deceive in, Auto Attack, Shiv, Box to their escape route, ignite,Shiv( if off cooldown),killed.
Advanced Ability Combo:
Deceive in, auto attack, Hallucination,Shiv, Auto Attack, killed.If not, continue with shiv, box to escape route, ignite, shiv.
Be sure to deceive and/or flash to catch up or to get in that shiv to finish off the small bit of health.

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Now here, some of you might be asking, "Why take tank runes? Your not a tank!" Well i'll tell you why. Because Shaco needs the armor and Magic resist so he doesnt get killed in the beginning, as he is very squishy. He needs kills, not to be killed.

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22/0/8 is what you should get with Shaco. Why not 21/0.9 you ask? Because the magic pen is good with your ult and boxes. The clone explosion scales on AP, so that can be very good. And you dont really need the increased buff duration,the mana regen, the clarity buff, or 1 gold every 10 seconds. And gold doesn't even add up! By the end of a 40 minute match, you only get 240 gold. And what can you get with 240 gold? That's right, a ****-load of health pots is what you can get.

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Summoner Spells

I think Flash and Ignite are the best combo for Shaco. You can get kills with both summoner spells. Some people say Flash isnt so good with Shaco, but if you think about it, you have a DOUBLE FLASH. Double the flash to catch up to that powerballing Rammus, and double the flash to get away from that fed Master Yi.
Other good summoner spells:
- Exhaust can be good, but i fail with it.
- Ghost is also good, but i think you are fast enough with those boots of mobility and fully stacked sword of the occult(hopefully)
- Cleanse to wipe off that cc off your face
- Clarity is a good spell if you spam your abilities. In early game you get really mana starved if you cant go back because the team is pushin your tower.
- Teleport can be great if you want to pull off some surprise ganks. Just place a box in a bush, recall, and port back. Then you can deceive in and get some kills with your partner.

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I will only do a long early game section because by the mid/late game, things tend to change every game. This is based on a 45 minute game. And remember to always focus the squishies throughout the whole game.
Early game:
Start out with a long sword and a health pot and head to your lane. This should be bot or top. Get your 2-shiv first because it deals some nice damage early and has a nice low cooldown compared to your deceive or Box.I usually dont go into the bush, but if you want to, be my guest. In the early game, as a Shaco, you want to rush your boots and Sword of the occult so you can get some kills and assists. So farm. Farm and occasionally harass with your 2-shiv. Play defensively unless your partner rushes in and engages. You must remember at this level, you are super squishy, especially if you dont have the tank runes.Once you've gotten at least 1k gold, head back at first buy them boots. This will allow you to run back to lane faster and chase/escape. Get your sword of the occult, and normally by this time, i at least have a kill or assist. You shouldnt be dying right now unless they ganked you and you had no possible way to survive. I know. It happens.You should be starting your tiamats at around 15 minutes in.
Middle game:
Now is the time you should have about 2-3 kills,maybe 1-2 deaths,and lets say 0-3 assists. you now have the privilege to start doing the things you want( ganking, jungling). Get the tiamats and maybe a Last Whisper if you are lucky. Your should be able to kill a squishy easily with your combo.I say the boundary of mid game ends around at 30 min mark.
Late game:
You should be getting fed now, with 5-15 kills, 1-2 deaths, and 0-10 assists. If you are within these boundaries or just a little bit over or lower, thats fine, you are doing good.Backdoor if needed, get your items, gank, jungle, all those good stuff.

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I start out with a long sword and a health pot.Get a mana pot if you like, but i wouldn't recommend it. Once you've farmed up and gotten that 1k gold, head back to buy some boots. And if your lucky, you can get a the Sword of the Occult. Get 2 tiamats right after. Now i'm sure i'll get the question,"Why get a tiamat?".Well then you are just going to have to look at the chapter tiamat for the answer. Anyways after the 2 tiamats, get a Last whisper for that armor pen and a nice 40 AD. Finally( if the game even goes this long) get the Infinity Edge. This works wonders for Shaco, because of the damage, and the fact that it makes your crits even stronger.
Other possibly good items to get on Shaco (I havent tried any of these, they just seem good if you want to replace some items):
- Aegis of the Legion for the armor, health, and magic resist if you're getting focused
- Berserkers Greaves if your attack speed just isnt fast enough
- Cloak of Agility- for that CC heavy team
- Frozen Mallet for the extra health,AD and slow
- Guardian Angel for the armor,health,magic resist and the revival passive
- Guinsoo's Rageblade for the AP, AD, and stacking passive
- Hexdrinker for the stats and life-saving shield
- Hextech Gunblade for those all around stats and damaging and slowing active
- Lich Bane for the stats and passive
- Madreds Bloodrazor for the stats and passive for that Chogath
- Manamune if you really need the extra mana
- Nashors Tooth for the great stats and cooldown reduction
- Phantom Dancer if you need Attack and movement speed and some Crit chance
- Sword of the Divine for that annoying Jax
- The Black Cleaver for the stacking armor pen passive
- The Bloodthirster if you want some of those bonuses
- Trinity Force if you want a bunch of all around stats

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If your asking" Why get a tiamat?" Then you have come to the right place. Its a very underrated item, and i get 2 of them because of the 50 AD, the health and mana regen, and the amazing splash passive. Splash damage does NOT have a max amount, so you can deal all 300-400 damage to your target, AND ALL ENEMIES NEXT TO IT.This also works with crits. Dealing 1000 damage to a squishy champ will crit the enemies next to it.For example, you can deceive in the wraith camp and crit all of them for 1000 with just 1 auto attack. Once you get this, you also get a really good farm goin. You see a huge minion wave? well then Crit em all.

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Tips and Tricks

1.If you go up to a wall bigger than the radius of your deceive/Box can go through, you can still port or place a box through the wall. The restriction is that it wont work if the radius is less than halfway through the wall. But if the circle is more than halfway across the wall, click at the very edge of the circle to most likely get it through.
2. Place a box where you are not going to escape through and deceive. Because you place a box somewhere else, they will think that you are going that way.
3. Send your clone on a suicide mission to try to blow up a squishy that is low on health. To do this double click the target and really quickly,click ONCE to where YOU want to go. You cannot move during the duration of the moving clone, so do this in a safe place. This sometimes does not work.
4. When towerdiving, use your clone as a shield from the turret.

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9/5/11- Finished and posted build
9/5/11- Fixed recently found problems, made an extra build

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Hope my guide/build was good for you. Please leave comments on your hopeful success and on how to improve this and future builds.Sorry for not having any pictures. I don't know how to. I will probably be making a blitzcrank build soon.