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Shaco Build Guide by Luc232

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Luc232

Shaco - The Flawless

Luc232 Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction to the Shaco - The Flawless-

Not much to say, nor do i know how to really work these Chapters haha. . . But this build is guaranteed for a lot of kills, and also a good team strategy shaco build as well. This build will knock down you're enemies hp really fast, making you're deceive + picking a squishy enemy. . . a perfect advantage to remove you're enemies only way of Damage! This build will give you great damage throughout the whole game, and it increases more and more.

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I added critical strike runes , Tier 3 , Because they really emphasize the damage a Ad shaco can do early game and late game. With those runes + a quick deceive, you can devestate a player in seconds hitting criticals at a high rate. You can substitute a few of the lower Critical strike runes with runes that give you attack speed as well. For both will benefit you greatly.

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The item layout ( i'm new to publishing builds ) is self explanatory , and step by step buying. These items will max out the damage you can do early and late game, as well as giving you great survivability as well. The cc Slow from the Frozen Mallet will benefit you against people who run away, and we all know that theres those people out there that like to run, hit , run , hit and etc. With this build. . . you can 2 hit people with 2.5k hp and lower, 1 hit people with 1.7k hp and lower, and. . . delete people with 1k hp and lower, late game .

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Suggestions Early Game

I suggest that you play defensively early game. Try not to attack all the time , and sit back a bit unless you're with an allie that can dish out, or take damage pretty well. Once you get a few items going, and some levels to back you up, Try to do hit and runs until their hp is low. A really good advantage about shaco in general, Is his escape abilities and ambush abilities. Throw a box in bushes if you want to see if anyone is going to gank you, or if you plan to gank someone that enters it. ( and remember, Use you're terrain to you're advantage)

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These masteries will help improve you're damage output substantualy. It will take down tanks because of the armor pen, and take down squishy players. . . just because it can and will. You can change up the sub in the defensive masteries, but i added those in for some good starter armor and magic resistance, so if you decide to deceive the enemy, you can take a few hits yourself and deal out more damage.

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Item Swaps

You can swap Frozen Mallet for something like the Black cleaver; Which would benefit you if you don't need the extra survivability, and you want even MORE damage! The black cleaver will tare into you're enemies armor while you also hit very hard critical's leaving them helpless and in fear. Or you can change the frozen mallet for a early blood thirster or Phantom Dancer.

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Pros and Cons


*Great Damage
*Easy Escapes
*Very Fun
*Great Hit and Run



*Very Squishy W/o Hp Items
*Extreemly Hard to Master
*Deceive Dependent! ( Even as a Ap Shaco )

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Unique Skills

Back Stab

In my opinion , Back stab is one of the most best Attack Damage Champion's starting passives.
Not alot of Shaco player's use this to it's fullest, but the ones that do, are the most deadliest and hardest hitting ones. Using back stab to it's full capabilities will increase you're damage by 20%. . . making 300 damage, into 360 damage(Not including the critical strike bonuses)

How to use it

For starters; Use it on minions while farming, try and go behind them even if they are attacking you. Once they stop after their attack, go behind them and attack them, and repeat this.
If you get comfortable doing this you can do it on enemy champions as well, HOWEVER Fast attacking champions you cannot rotate on, They will just follow you with their attacks and devestate you.

Rotating is mostly for Jungler's and i will get to that in my jungle section.

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Jungling Guide

For those who want to jungle, This build has just the right items in it for that and great damage amongst enemy champions. In hte unique skills i mention Rotation through back stab and how it benefits you. Use this on the mobs/creeps/ in the jungle. The creeps will stop after their attack, so all you have to do is Rotate behind them and strike them, and repeat it! You're critical strikes will do more damage, and you're basic attacks will do waaaay more to the creeps allowing you to jungle much faster.

Shaco is ideal for jungling because he can vault over most walls with his Deceive ability, Which can help you gank enemies with you're allies much easier, and to be able to escape as well.
The early Madred's razor and Vampiric scepter will benefit you're damage and health gain from fighting the creeps, as well as doing more damage, and giving you more health if you do the Rotation as well. Using those two items and the rotation , will allow you to constantly farm the creeps, and harass or gank enemies eficiently.

3v3 Dragon Solowing

For those that want to solo the dragon somewhat early , you need the Wriggle's lantern and i suggest a early B.F sword otherwise you'll have to run on lucky strikes and Rotation.

Before you engage the dragon , throw a box down infront of the dragon so that the box attacks the dragon first. Then engage the dragon from the back. This will give you time to do damage to the dragon, gain health , and not lose any health because the box will take the brunt of it.
If you start to get somewhat low on health, toss the box down and once it hits the dragon, deceive behind the dragon and repeat the back stab process while the dragon attacks the box. This will give you health, more damage, and no damage taken while the box is up.

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Champion Summary

Overall , Shaco is a great champion for various reasons. He does very good damage and can be very hard to pin down or killed. Alot of people say Shaco is not a team champion, and that using him requires focusing yourself, But that is not true. You can use all of shaco's abilities to benefit you're team in escaping, ambushing, and tricking the enemies making him a great Team champion to have.

But in the end, it's all about how you use the champion!