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Shyvana Build Guide by Xeno9178

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xeno9178

Shayvana Penetration

Xeno9178 Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This guide is meant to give some advice into building a balanced damage output in both magic and armor penetration. This is a guide meant for those who want to do pure DPS.

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Not really a fan of the jungle in general, but she is one of the fastest and easiest to jungle with in the game due to the burnout ability. I will not be writing a guide on how to. The only thing you should get from there is the red buff, for her it is the most useful skill since she solely relies on constantly hitting your enemy.

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Pros / Cons

- 1v1 on almost any champion burnout can be the winning skill in almost every fight
- Great at chasing and running
- In team fights have a great amount of AOE damage
- If build is completed amazing burst and AOE

- Squishy early game
- Ranged characters dominate her
- CC pretty easily
- No life steal or health regeneration

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Since she is advertised and played mostly as a DPS and her skills are all based on magic and physical damage I thought it would be best to focus on a equal output of both.

Marks -- I took marks in armor pen since a majority of your attacks in the early game and mid will depend on it, this with twin bite is usually a decent amount of damage eating away through most tanks and any other champions.

Glyphs -- in the magic penetration mostly of because of burnout. This skill not only a great way for extra damage without the auto attack it also give chasing ability in case they try to run. So whats not to love know that running is not going to help much when the magic resistance is not doing much when they are at low hp.

Seals -- There were not to many significant options to get for her in seal that would benefit her greatly so I went along with attack speed, we all know how many times you were so close to killing someone with just one more hit.

Quintessences -- To add some more devastation to her damage I grabbed one is armor penetration and two in magic penetration. Seeing as we have a lot of armor pen already I thougt it would be better to give her a little more magic penetration for the Karthus like AOE
skill burnout.

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For the masteries I took 24 - 6

This is an unusual for me really considering it is both good and bad. I mostly try to focus the damage output and penetration so I took as much as I could that would benefit her with attacks and skills without tending to go for some the the less useful bonuses for her. While I maybe could have gone it with some minion damage and crit damage I figured why not give her some points in defense to give her some survivability.

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If youre going the AD route like most do, its best to grab the Trinity Force, build into the Sheen first for some burst, then the pahgue for some damage and slow down on enemy and the zeal for the attack speed last since you already have it. Then after get a Starks Fevor for some much needed life steal. Now I have been told a lot why Starks over the Blood Thrister.

Starks Fevor
- life steal
- attack speed
- more armor pen
- helps team out late game
- health regen

Blood Thirister
- More expensive
- Need minon kills and lost upon death need a lot of time to get it back up
- great if you can get it all the way but its a 50/50 item

And as for the last AD item, I would grab either a Ghost blade or Last Whisper for that extra Penetration and damage. Both work well So its really your choice on this one.

Now if you're going the AP route, after the three items listed above, Grab a Lich bane, first the Sheen for the burst damage, the the ability wand for some more AP then the cape for the resistance. Then after that I bought a Morellos Evil Tome for some ability power and cool down reduction, build the cool down fiendish codex first then the rest of it. Then as for the last item, you could get either a Void Staff for some more armor penetration and some ability or get a Rabadons Deathcap for that hell of a burst damage and sustained damage in fights.

Also another fun item that I have only tried once, it worked out pretty well to use as fun, but in general you can use it since it benefits all of your abilities and grants vamp on whatever you do. This item can be used for your first third or last item to scale off your other stats based on how the game goes.

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Skill Sequence

Shayvana's skills are some very interesting ones indeed. She is very in your face DPS champ. With giving care to make both even damage output on both magic and physical on an even scale.
The skill Flame Breath is to be maxed out last because it is a skill shot and most people either cant use it well or dont like skill shots in general, from my experience anyway.

Twin Bite
- This is your bread and butter skill use it whenever to build your gauge. Against champs this is what will start off most damage outputs and most likely finish it to
- Combined with trinity force, attack speed and the piercing you already have, this skill is meant for getting up your fury bar and melee damage your opponent.

- Use this for farming sparingly, it is great but you need it the most when fighting, and with its cool down it is game breaking not to have it available when you need it.
- This ability is great for chasing, running, and fighting. Its an aura ability that gives DPS and is a skill worth getting first, seeing as your auto attack deal a nice deal of damage already.
- Its like having a mini Karthus skill with you at all times, magic penetration and the Malady will help this skill bring out some really battle winning damage in the end.
- With the Magic pen you have, this is a great way to whittle away your enemy health

Flame breath
- This skill is for kiting and getting the armor pen ready for your enemy to be bursted down, when used right, this will be the skill of choice before you decide to go in and finish them off.
- Grab one point in this skill and max out last, seeing as how most people cant use skill shots to well or dont like to
- This is a great skill if you can land it, not only does it give damage but it also gives some extra temporary penetration for extra damage.
- This is also a great poke skill to kite away an enemy

Dragon Descent
- When she transforms she gets bonus armor and magic resistance, damage, leaps far over wall and anything really, while leaving an AOE trail of fire wherever she walks across
- This is the greatest chasing ability seeing how as it gives you damage as you chase and
added bonus armor, magic resistance, and health.
- Great AOE effect for for the burning trail it leaces behind.
-Its a Dragon, its pretty awesome

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Summoner Spells

Out of all the spells I choose the exhaust and the ignite.

With the mastery tree set up for damage with the exhaust and ignite, these two spells will give a slight boost in duration and ability power.

Exhaust- The exhaust will last a second longer giving you that "one more hit" that has pissed off so many before when a kill could have been thiers.

Ignite- The ignite for some damage and some extra ability power in case they escape and you know they wont get away alive.

Other options for a chase and run are flash and ghost

Ghost- This can be the extra boost that literally you the chance to either chase them down or run like hell as you burn them away with burnout and or your dragon form flames trailing behind you.

Flash- This is used for bursting in with amazing damage or to get that last poke in on the enemy when they tried to get away. Or use it when you know you cant win a fight and get away.