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Janna Build Guide by Valison

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valison

She just wont die. A Janna support build. (updated april 201

Valison Last updated on April 14, 2013
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Hya there, this is my first build so feel free to comment and tell me what is wrong, and excuse me for my broken english.

Lets begin. Janna is one of my favourite champs. She has That beautiful CC, the AD shield, and is overall a very reliable support with any ADC. Have fun reading and i hope this helps you in the RIFT. yeah, never go 3v3 with this :D

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Summoner Spells

So i take and . is also good for that extra survivabilityand keepin the enemies behind you. Knock them back and keep Howling Gale until your team mates come. is just a spell that helps your mana heavy spells and increases harras in early-game. It is also helpful for your team. Feel free to add for engaging.

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This is only my way of playing her. Any ap or support items are welcome. Taking and isnt bad for laughs xD
As i said leave comments telling me what to add. Ill be happy to know new stuff.
you can take a Rabandon's Deathcap also! You will do insane damage with Zephir on squishy targets abd you will shueld sky-high amounts. But i reccomend these. They are focused on surviving those teamfights and staying with your teamates. You need to put out that CC as long as possible. It will also incease your chances of escaping.

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I think were all clear on this :)

Comment if u disagree. Its fine.
These are though the main Support runes. U can take 0-21-9 but hey, with given masteries you will have better stability in lane earlier.

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These work out great but mana health seals and quintensees are ok too. Experiment!
Taking more mana regen and health is good.

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Skill Sequence

This is awesome for early game. You can build Zephir instead of too. But taking is safer ^^, it gives your AD partner (yeah you should be laning with an ad carry for that matter) a big portion of AD boost and it shields massively. Opponents will rage when their harrasment goes in nothing :D note to self! She is weak in offense until you get . Dont be agro. Trust me it will kill you a few times ^^help your teammate you are a support!! dont forget that! you are not anymore! You are not there to do the most damage but you are there to help your teammates to get kills. Dont worry you will get at least a few. , and are perfect to lane with. Good luck!

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You are a ******* support. you are not supposed to farm. If your lane buddy is off lane you can farm. But otherwise, leave minnions to your carry.

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Team Work

1.( )->->->zephir->eye of the storm

2. ->->Zephir (for the slow)->->

Focus on destroying their formation and their plan. They will be distracted and easier to kill.
Thats how Physics work mafriends.

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Pros / Cons

1.Shes a good support
2.She deals nice damage
3.Moonson is a lifesaver
4.So is eye of the storm
5.Great catcher
6.Her skins are hot ;)
1.Squishy in early game
2.Not very good scores, lots of assists. (dont mind negative scores)
3.Not a lot of damage before getting rod of ages and archangel staff
4.Basic attacks are weak
5.Too much of here but is out

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Final thoughts

is a champion you gotta play at least once in your life. Try out all of the builds! I reccomend ''the harmless breeze''. It is pretty sweet (usual Scrax). Plz tell me what to repair and of course, Vote! This has been Uptated 22.10.2012
I will read your comments, i will improve...
Cya guys!

Oh and dont click on advertisements on the sides :D THEY WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!

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Huge Update to this build coming in the next patch(Kha'Zix). Will be adding in depth skill sequence explanation :D