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Build Guide by Rudman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rudman

Shen Croetic STYLE!!

Rudman Last updated on October 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first character build of all time! i started the game maybe about 3 1/2 weeks ago but i am very confident in my build or atleast enough to publish it haha.

First, I'll start off with the masteries. I like my shen to tank/smash faces all at the same time. People said it couldn't be done but i have taken out whole teams fairly easy with a slight bit of help :) alot of people have asked me why i dont spec into strength of the spirit... why would i do that when i can get a full 2% more from the utility tree! duh! or why i dont spec into good hands, this build you wont die if you know how to play shen. The thing you gotta know about this guy is COOLDOWNS, COOLDOWNS, and... COOLDOWNS! listen the more times you can pop off vorpal, dash, and stand united the better! yah i know he has focus and it runs out quick, but the faster you can get to ur united the better that is the biggest game changer ever! not only does it absorb damage from someone getting ganked it tele's u there so you can vorp, dash, and vorp again plus when you get your flame and lichbane i feel sorry for who ever has to play against you.

Secondly, S.K. ills! first thing you wanna do is get vorpal blade, listen idc what anyone says, the longer you are on your lane the better! plus you dont have to buy lifesteal and take up a spot on your inventory list, amazing right?! lol! next your dash! dash is hella important, it could save your friend, quick getaway for yourself, or get you through walls so the enemy cant attack you/ set up a surprise gank on the other team, then we get to ur ultimate which is by far one of the best ones in the game, your getting chased and maybe about to die, hotkey it and click on the map on one of your teammates thats just farming lanes or at spawn. Got full life and energy and one of your teammates is about to get ganked?! even the score and tele to him and do a frontal gank :) next is feint, personally its a good tank move but you dont really need it at the beginning of the game because you are stealing life! duh! and its really good for tanking turrets towards ingame after you annihilate a team.

BLAH BLAH BLAH!! runes pretty str8 forward on what i like to do with my shenwizzle. Life, dodge, and cooldowns. Life obviously to stay in lane longer/ outlast dps that think they are good/ tanking 2 low lvls at lvl 1-5 works real nice :) then we get to dodge. I like dodge because i spec'ed into it to give me that 10% movement speed whether they are chasing you and your about to die or your chasing someone and the minions are trying to hit you and giving you that movement speed to catch them and break there faces off. Cooldowns! important the faster you get stand united the more you can save your team! the more you cant vorpal blade the more damage your putting out, and with lichbane ontop of your passive ki strike, G.O. (gameover) they are getting away dash those badboys and pull 2 from the group and punch them in the mouth!

Down to the wire!!! last but not least items! Now of course you build to whoever your fighting right?! well this build is just a standard build i through in a couple more items so you can see whats up with certain defenses and E. all the above! at the first of the game, buy boots!!! a must! plus potions! you wanna use all the money you have at the beginning of the game, because once you start getting that first 2 champion kills its going to start getting hella hard to kill you. After that i usually have saved up enough money to get the ninja tabs and a giants belt, now if you dont have enough money for the giants belt but you do have enough money for the chain vest, and obviously if you dont have enough money for either then dont get anything at all until you do, after about 2 sunfirecaps you can switch it up depending on the people you are playing in your 5v5 or 3v3, like twitch for instance o god the most feared team killer, he is queshy as hell just buy thornmail and dash toward him you have so much health he will kill himself probably before you get there, like any other character for that matter olaf is a joke at that point. But i try to stick with warmog armor just because of the bonus you get with health and regen of health. Once you get that though, get your 3rd cape i would suggest that to you, then get the sheen, people ask me why lichbane... i smile and say first your vorpal blade owns face at that point then another 100% more damage on your next strike... now if it was your ki strike next... o jesus, mary, and joesph run for the hills lol! now if you wanna go full tank go ahead and get some of the omen, 20% slow and stuff, nice health and armor. but the best is the active ability! most people dont use there active abilities from what i have seen, but this combined with stand united on someone getting ganked on a 5v5 WRECKNESS!!! you tele to your friend pop it ur flame capes do the rest o they split up go for the the group of 2 dash between them and just soak up the damage and gain redic life back! G.O. folks G.O! And obviously if you like to hit stuff and quick and powerful get the dancer, thats only for people that like a challenge really. Other than that you can get the Force of nature, which is awesome movement speed but at that point if you ganking like crazy you can go ahead and sale ur boots at this point and pick one of the other fantastical items that will help life gain or damage.

O man almost forgot about spells, im going to make this quick, all you need to know is exhaust when your dash is on Cooldown and tele to get you back to ur lane faster, heal is another good one, for survivability but kinda useless at the end, Cleanse is the next runner up if you dont like teleport, flash and ghost, maybe flash to get through walls and ghost well if they ghost away from you and you cant kill them, then thats less exp that they are getting and letting you take the lead on lvls, ignite excellent at the start of the game, ok at end game, just a little more damage you can put on them, Now revive is interesting it gets you back on the field in a hurry but only good end game for me, teleport is the way to go because you can select a minion or turret that you wanna teleport on. Fortify can save games but you will wipe teams before they get to your turret. Promote isnt on the game anymore idk why it is selectable lol! Rally, interesting move more for beginning, but can also be useful end game, depends on who your team is. Clarity obviously no, because you dont have mana... DUH!!! Last but not least Clairvoyance, really cool move and you can see most ganks about to happen another runner up for teleport.

Thx for reading this guide and i know i didnt really talk about magical resist, Lets put it this way if you build the way i have shown you really dont need it, even if ryze is decked out in A.P. and can cream all over your mothers face, with his ultimate i go down to 2/3rds health well with the life regen and after he nukes me he doesnt have moves for awhile so what do you do?! vorpal, dash, vorpal, and just smash his face til he gets a snare or whatever then exhaust him and watch him try to walk away slowly!

Just fyi, if you have seen trynadmere or miss. tristana go through/hop over walls you can also follow him through walls with your dash and ezreal when she flashes and kassadin

WARNING!! you might die by minions when you first buy the Flame On Cape because when you get close to neutrals and other minions they will attack you, now idk why but minions wont attack you if you hid in the grass... maybe some glitch or something and i guess the players cant see you either so if you sit in the grass and they are next to it and wondering why they are getting damaged... its going to to be you!