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League of Legends Build Guide Author Canela

Shen - Crouching Mutant, Hidden Pipe Bomb

Canela Last updated on September 24, 2010
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Shen - The Ultimate Pwnage Machine

Guide by Canela (Alyxis, LoL US)


Greetings Mobafire. This will be my first guide. I know it might not be the brightest Shen guide out there, but this guide gets the job done for me in about 90% of the games I play as Shen.

This Shen build is purely a tanking one, though it can bring a lot of pain to your enemies. I've tested it out, and it works every time for me. This build doesn't focus on Ability Power or anything. You will get a lot of hit points in the end, with a lot of armor and an acceptable amount of magic resist, excellent survivability and you'll notice how Shen might become your favourite tank, and maybe even your favourite character! :D

- Excellent survivability
- Good damage output to the entire enemy team
- Easy to play in late game
- 60% chance of making your enemies surrender past the 30th minute of the game

- Could prove to be somewhat difficult and confusing in early game (especially if you have to be soloing a 2v2 lane due to a jungling team mate)
- You might be forced to suicide for a teammate (either by using Stand United to save their goose from getting cooked, or taunting the enemy team away from him with Shadow Dash )

Summoner Spells

Cleanse - Gets you rid of stuns, slows, removes any debuffs - It's your main escape tool when the enemy team focuses you.

Ghost - Great for running away or catching up onto enemies, as well as chasing them - they won't stand a chance!

Alternative Summoner Spells
(Should be a substitute for Ghost)

Flash - It could get you out of sticky situations, as well as helping you catch onto a low HP enemy to land that last Vorpal Blade to get them killed.

Ignite - It can always get you an easy kill against a low hp enemy, it's also of great use when your enemies have healing spells, such as Soraka, Taric, etc.

Teleport - Being able to quickly change lanes, or simply reappear on your lane after you have went back to heal or shop.

Summoner Spells that you should never, NEVER get

Clarity - Why would you even take it?!


Ki Strike - (Innate) Every 8 seconds, Shen's next attack deals 15 (plus 3.5% of his maximum health) bonus magic damage. Every time an enemy champion attacks Shen with a basic attack, the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds. The base damage increases by 5 each level.

This is a skill that can bring a lot of hurt to your enemies. The more HP you have, the more pain you bestow upon them. Show them how mighty you truly are.

Vorpal Blade - (Active): Shen deals magic damage to target unit. That unit becomes life tapped for 5 seconds, healing any champions who attack it over 3 seconds.

* Cooldown: 3 seconds
* Range: 475

Cost: 70 / 65 / 60 / 55 / 50 Energy.

Damage: 50 / 95 / 140 / 185 / 230 (+0.65 per ability power)

Heal: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 health (+0.1 per ability power)

A great skill for jungling or last hitting minions, also healing yourself. It's use in the laning phase is a must, and can keep you on your lane for a good time before you need to go back to base for a refill or shopping.

Feint - (Active): Shen enters a defensive stance, shielding himself from some damage. Lasts up to 2.5 seconds.

* Cost: 45 Energy.

Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds.

Damage Blocked: 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (+0.6 per ability power)

While this skill isn't as useful in early game, it can be a lifesaver in lategame. My advice is to use it everytime after you charge into the enemy team with Shadow Dash, as well as every time you see an incoming attack that you can't simply dodge. It's best to spend 45 energy, instead of being hit for, let's say 300 HP.

Shadow Dash - (Active): Shen rapidly dashes to a target location, Taunting enemies he collides with. Restores 50 Energy if you hit a champion.

* Cooldown: 10 seconds

Cost: 120 / 115 / 110 / 105 / 100 Energy.

Taunt Duration: 0.8 / 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.7 / 2 seconds.

This is Shen's main tanking ability. It lets you taunt pretty much everything, except maybe Baron Nashor. It can save your entire team from destruction, and make a dramatic turn in a 5v5 teamfight. It can be used to recharge your Ki Strike in a few seconds, as well as to taunt your enemy under your tower, bringing ninja justice to them.

Stand United - (Active): Places a shield on a target allied champion, which will absorb damage for 7.5 seconds. After channeling for 2.5 seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location.

* Cost: 50 Energy
* Range: Global

Cooldown: 180 / 150 / 120 seconds.

Damage Absorbed: 300 / 525 / 750 (+1 per ability power)

This is the skill that makes Shen arguably the best tank in game. It pretty much turns you into the Twisted Fate of tanks, it can easily turn a 1v1 to a 2v1, save your teammate in a teamfight and has many more uses.


Basically, I choose the most common tanking build that would bring the biggest benefit to your tanking Shen. In my opinion, you wouldn't benefit as much from the offensive tree.



Clarification: These are the first two items that you must have on your tanking Shen. They give him an ENORMOUS HP boost, thus improving his survivability and making him a better tank.

Situational items:

You want to ask yourself what are you playing against, are there a lot of CC spells that your enemies have up their sleeves, are they mostly fighters or casters. Depending on the answers of those questions, it is up to you what items you're going to equip.

The items I put up on the Item Purchase list aren't mandatory, they are set up for an enemy team of mostly fighters, but also gives you some extra magic resist, just in case.

If the enemy team has a lot of casters/CC, I would recommend that you substitute the Ninja Tabi for a set of Mercury's Treads.

While the three Sunfire Cape are good, they are not mandatory. You can always substitute one for a Atma's Impaler for even stronger auto attack hits.

Another choice would be to get rid of one of the Sunfire Cape and substitute it for a Banshee's Veil. Of course, the mana gain wouldn't be of any help, but blocking a negative spell on every 30 seconds is a great deal.

Or, if your enemies don't have even one caster, feel free to get rid of the Force of Nature for another Sunfire Cape. The way Sunfire Capes stack up in damage is CRAZY!


Shen isn't supposed to be the initiator of fights, but is supposed to jump into the fight with a Shadow Dash a second after it has begun.

Early game
When you start the game, you can get either Regrowth Pendant or a Ruby Crystal, depending on the number of enemy characters that are capable of harassing you. Any ranged character, or characters with a long range nuke that can damage you are to be counted as harassers. If there aren't many, feel free to take the ruby crystal. If there are many, I'd suggest the pendant, as it would keep you a lot longer on the lane. Till level 6 play defensively, unless there's a good opportunity to land a kill. Try to get as many killing blows to minions as you can, with or without Vorpal Blade. Getting money early in the game could be an important factor for late game developments.

Mid game
At about level 11, you should be already having your Giant's Belt. You should have more than 1800 HP, and your Ki Strike will hit for a reasonable amount of damage. Helping your teammates with ganks is an important key to winning the game at this stage of the game. Keep in mind that map awareness if equally important. At this stage of the game, ganks are more likely to begin happening, and you should be ready to cast Stand United to any of your teammates and aid them in battle.

Late game
At about level 16, you should already have your Warmog's Armor, a Sunfire Cape and regular Boots of Speed. Getting the lizard aura will aid you in battle, it'll increase your damage, as well as give you the slow that can help you with chasing enemies on low HP. Remember to always try and taunt at least two of your enemies, or keeping the carries/supports CC'd with your Shadow Dash. It's vital, and can change the outcome of the battle. If your team doesn't have many casters, it's less likely for the enemy team to have a lot of magic resist. This is where the stacked effect of your Sunfire Capes kick in. Every second, you'll be dealing averagely about 32-33 damage per Sunfire Cape. Multiply that to the number of capes you have, add to it the DPS that you can cause via Vorpal Blade and Ki Strike. You'll be an unstoppable killing machine.

Things to consider

+ Caster nukers & CC-ers - beware of characters such as Annie, Fiddlesticks, Veigar, Ryze, Morgana. They will be able to not only do a good amount of damage to your character, but also keep you CC'd. Stuns, fears, snares can always turn the tide of battle. While they're keeping you away from your team, your team might be suffering a rapefest just because you weren't there to protect them.

+ % damage champions - Such characters would be Warwick, Poppy, Dr. Mundo. They would be probably able to raze your HP down, so it would be probably a good idea to focus those. Keep in mind that you can no longer cleanse out of Warwick's ultimate, and remember that if possible, either you, or one of your teammates cast Ignite on Mundo when he casts his ultimate, so he can't heal as much health as he would otherwise.

This will be all for now, please go easy on me as this is my first guide. If you are going to vote a ( - ) to my guide, at least have the decency to post a comment with a good reason. I will accept good criticism and suggestions, and will try to change this guide into being even more successful.

Canela AKA Alyxis ~