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Shyvana Build Guide by Canela

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Canela

Shyvana - If she was in WW2 they'd call her 'Spitfire'

Canela Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Welcome everyone to my Shyvana guide. I would like to firstly say that this whole build is one big WORK IN PROGRESS. I might have mispellings here and there, grammatical errors or just listed bad items or whatever you could think of.

Now that we have it cleared, as a new champion, Shyvana's probably very prone to changes (in other words buffs or nerfs, depending on whatever dear Riot wants), and also, as a new champ, this build would probably not be one of the best. However, I do believe it will do well if you've never played this champion, it might get you a good idea how you should play this lady of fire.

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Pros / Cons

Very strong carry
Can easily kill enemy champions
Very good at chasing or shortening a distance between herself and a running champion
She's hot
She's a F#@&ING DRAGON!

Doesn't have a very dependable escape mechanism (she can only effectively run away with her ult/flash)
Usually being focused first by enemy team
Late-game champion - doesn't deal a lot of damage early.

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In my first build, I use offensively-oriented runes. Attack speed marks and glyphs, health per level seals and movement speed quintessences. Attack speed is vital in your build, as it lets you cast Twin Bite more often; health lets you take more punishment from your foes, and movement speed just helps you get around. Mobility isn't that bad. If you prefer getting more attack speed, flat HP or anything else, do that.

In the second build, I pick a more tanky way of playing Shyvana. Attack speed marks, dodge seals and m.resist per level glyphs, along with flat HP quints. You still will have a good attack speed bonus, the dodge runes would work well with the Quickness talent, magic resist will help you a lot versus casters in late game and flat HP quints will give you some early-game survivability.

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In the first build, I've picked 21/0/9, traditional offensive build, and in the second one, 9/21/0. I'd like to clarify that for the second one I picked offensive tree so you could have that sweet amount of attack speed bonus that you could get of it.

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For items, the core items should be Trinity Force, as it gives you a little bit of everything you need (except mana, you don't need that stat), as well as the extra damage proc on each cast; Zeke's Harbinger as it gives you and your allies an attack speed aura, increased health regen, and you get a little bit of lifesteal which would help you stay up a little bit more. Note that if someone else on your team has it, feel free to get a Phantom Dancer or a The Bloodthirster, depending on which of those two items you prefer more.

Situational items:
Ninja Tabi - those will help you against autoattacking teams (especially if you're using the tanky build), since your dodge % will be quite decent and you will dodge a lot of attacks.

Berserker's Greaves VS Mercury's Treads - Since Shyvana is an attack speed-based champion, she benefits greatly from the attack speed boots. HOWEVER, a dead Shyvana is a worthless Shyvana. Which is why, if your enemies have a lot of CC or casters, it'd be a wise choice to take the other pair of boots.

Executioner's Calling - This will help you against champions with a lot of lifesteal, such as Sion. If your team lacks an ignite, or the person doesn't utilize the ignite spell as it should be used, feel free to take this. It gives you a good amount of crit % and lifesteal.

Sword of the Divine - Also known as the 1-button win item. Upon activation, your enemies cannot dodge your attacks (especially those nasty ones who benefit a lot from dodge, such as Jax), and increases your armor penetration. What's not good about it? Oh, by the way, you gain a LOT of attack speed and a free 100 damage on every fourth hit you land.

Banshee's Veil - This item does not entirely benefit Shyvana (the mana bonus is a waste), however the magic resist, the health you receive from it and the 40 sec CD spell shield is a must when facing a team with a lot of CC, or if their casters are fed for one reason or another.

Thornmail - The best item against auto-attackers. If you find yourself playing VS a Tryndamere who has 4:1 Kill-to-death ratio (16/4/3 for example), you'll pretty much want to get one of these. It'll return a portion of the damage they deal to you back to them, as well as lower the incoming damage by a huge deal.

Last Whisper - Don't be afraid to take this item if their team is trying to counter you with armor. This will turn their armor into butter, and with The Black Cleaver, they'll be easy to kill as any other squishy.

Madred's Bloodrazor - This is a very good item for Shyvana, as it provides her with additional attack speed and extra damage based on the enemy's HP. With them, you can easily burn down Cho'Gath's health or just about anyone who stacks HP.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - This is a wonderful item for Shyvana, and could easily replace Zeke's Harbinger if you feel confident about not needing the life-steal early in the game. It gives her a nice armor penetration bonus, damage, cooldown reduction, as well as an activation option, which provides you with extra movement speed and attack speed.

Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler + Guardian Angel - Is the enemy team trying to focus you down? Do not worry, this item combination will give you a ton of health, extra damage, crit, and armor. Oh, also will resurrect you once in awhile.

P.S: Do not forget to sell your starter items (the Doran items), as they will be worthless in late-game time (past 30:00). I've seen people keeping that 6th item slot occupied with Doran items instead of buying an item which could turn around the tide of battle. Makes me facepalm every time I see this.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are a tough one. I personally prefer using Flash and Ignite as my offensive ones, and Cleanse and Flash as my defensive ones. You could always get talents like Exhaust, Ghost, maybe even Clairvoyance, if you can use it well - I sure can't - I don't really have a good awareness when I should use it. Spells such as Heal, Clarity, Fortify wouldn't do you any well, trust me.

Oh, don't forget to put a point into whichever spell you're going to use, for example if you prefer to have Exhaust over Flash or Ignite, feel free to remove the point from Archmage's Savvy and put it into your Cripple talent.

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Shyvana is a pretty good carry with the potential of soaking a lot of damage before dying if played properly... or not dying at all. Let's see what you can do, summoner.