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Shen Build Guide by Jumpy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jumpy

Shen helping the other lanes

Jumpy Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Hello guys this is my first build and i'll make it of a champ i love solo top (i played him before he got buffed till it wasn't nice anymore) i talk of something that travels faster then anything i talk about the ninja Shen

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Pros / Cons


  • When you get your first giants bellt you almost can't die 1on1
  • you got a global ultimate
  • you don't really need a flash
  • you can heal your team with your q
  • you can taunt more then only 1 person
  • melees will hate you in the lane
  • you'll almost never need a gank
  • you can gank/help other lanes thanks to your ult
  • your a ninja

  • since the buff you get banned in almost all ranked games
  • not so good against range caster
  • needs a bunch of hp to really heal effectly
  • high cd on ult
  • taunt is a skillshoot

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Skill Sequence

Simple saied r>q>e>w

r cause its your ult (the cd goes down and the shield strength goes up)

q more heal and a bit more dmg

w most of the time i don't use that skill u need your energy to taunt people and throw your q

e your taunt
people will never attack your tower cause you'll just taunt them
someone wants to run away? taunt him
your team mate gets atacked? taunt the attacker
you have to escape? taunt over a wall

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Summoner Spells

In my eyes you just need 1 thing and thats your teleport

why? your ult is a tp to your team mates so lets say you see at bottom a teamfight starts you use your ult go down get 2 assists and 1 kill, and what happens in your lane? that guy there pushes and pushes and pushes and you can't get up there so just get yourself teleport and you'll laneswitch like a boss

the second one you should chose is totally your decision what you like u take
i take promote cause it's pretty badass in a solo lane

good choices are:

  • ignite
  • exhaust

ok choices are:
  • heal
  • flash (you srsly don't need that you have your taunt^^)
  • ghost
  • clairvoyance

bad choices are
  • clarity (you have no mana bro)
  • and all the stuff nobody uses^^

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the important thing is that you get yourself a bunch of hp cause your passive and your q scale with your max hp

so build as fast as possible warmogs and rylaias (if you like it more you can buy instead frozen mallet but rylaias gives your q a slow and thats pretty awsome)

after that two things buy what ever oponent could hurt you the most (ad or ap) build either force of nature or thornmail first (i build both cause it gets you pretty balance except the oponents have a ad or ap heavy team then i almost only build against their dmg)

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Laning phase

in your laning phase you just keep farming and sometime harassing your oponent with your q (when he atacks you taunt him pull him behind your minions put your q on him and if posible kill him if not try to keep him low so he has to go back and you can farm like a boss)

once you hit lvl 6 always look on the hp of your mates if someone drops and hes to far away to get into safty just use your ult on them and once your there taunt everything you see :P

i normaly go back when i have enough money to buy heart of gold it gives you an hp boost and a gp/10 item

don't play to agressive just farm and keep harasing with your q

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the problem with shen is he has no aoe atacks

what i usually do when my oponent is forced to go back i push my minions to the turret and then go behind the turret (out of turret range) and get his minions so he loses xp and gold (cause my minions die at the turret) and i get 100% of all minions in a wave cause only i atack them

use your q on one minion and hit it, you'll get a heal over time that will be enough to heal the dmg the minions make

but keep enough energy so you have your taunt rdy to escape

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i hope guys you liked this guide and try it out

pls leave me a coment what i could do better cause as said this is my first guide : >

have a nice day and maybe we see us again in other guides