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Shen Build Guide by Vincentthe0ne

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vincentthe0ne

Shen with the Undestructable Shield!

Vincentthe0ne Last updated on April 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and Welcome to my "Shen with the Undestructable Shield" Guide!
If you know Shen as Champ, you will know how this build looks like.. it is totally on AP.

This is my first Guide I will upgrade and make it larger with your help and testing my Build :)
Feel free to Comment and hf while reading!

Why I choose this type of Build?
Because most Skills of Shen are better with AP like his Shields for example. And with my build I can promise you you have the best possible AP Shen in game ;).

Later I will add a Jungling Sequenz because I think an AP Shen would be great for it, but I have to test some routes and builds for it first :)

*WARINING* This Build is not finished yet!*WARNING*

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Pros / Cons

First I want to show you the Pros and Cons to give you a first sight of this build.


    Feint can stand against big Damage
    Does a lot of Damage with Vorpal Blade
    Shadow Dash does countable Damage
    Stand United Eats nearly over 1000 Dmg!
    Easily solo Dragon with lvl 7-9 (More for Junglers)

    Without Feint really Squishy!
    This Build isn't a Tank build for Shen!!
    Equip needs Feed (Around 16k Gold)
    Passive Don't gets Bonuses

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Skill Sequence

In this Build for Shen the Skills Vorpal Blade and Feint are the most Important Skills.

Vorpal Blade

is the Damage Dealing and Supporting Skill of Shen I finish it with lvl 9 to fast have the big bonus from it. With Hextech-Revolver it even better restores your HP. Always use it on the Target you or your Team focuses at the Moment. When you have less HP try to last Hit Minions with it.


is Shens Shield. When you play Shen as Tank it just takes around 300 Damage but with this Build his Shield can eat between 500 and 600 Damage! This is really good when you chase your enemy near a Tower for example or when you have to flee. Finish it after Vorpal Blade.

Shadow Dash

. This Skill you use just like other Shen builds do... Taunt the enemy to reduce his Damage and stop his Escape, but now it also does countable Damage in tests it was always around 200 or 300. This is the last skill you should finish.

Stand United

. The Bonus here is pretty incredible. You can give a Teammate a Shield which eats 1,3k Damage!(on lvl 3). I noticed sometimes that Shens shield is already broken when he teleports to his Mate without ap items. With these AP items my Mates have still a half of the shield when I'm next to them ;) (When 2 Enemys are chasing a Teammate e.g.) Take this skill whenever its possible (6/11/16)

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Now Let me explain the Runes.

Greater Mark of Shielding

I took these Runes because an AP Shen needs Magic resist. But if i would take the Blue Runes for it the Ability Power would be pretty low. So i decided to take Magic Resist Marks.

Greater Seal of Defense

This is easy to explain this Shen Build needs Defence and the best Runes for that are these ones.

Greater Glyph of Force

These Runes shall give Shen a little AP Bonus for a better shield and stronger Vorpal Blade.

Greater Quintessence of Force

Also these Runes shall give Shen a AP Bonus.

You can also switch the Runes for example you can take Greater Quintessence of Vitality for a Bonus on Shens Passiv or you switch the Mark runes with the Glyph runes when you prefer to have more Magic resistance.

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In Masteries I take 9/21/0

I just take the 9 Points in Offensiv to give Shen a little AP boost and Cooldown Reduction.
The 21 points in Defence are used to get him a little bit bonus HP(wich gives bonuses in Shens passiv) Armor and Magic Resist and Cooldown Reduction(for Feint) so he can Surrvive longer.

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Now I show which items I use for this build and explain why I took them. I took a more Offensive Item Build for my AP Shen

At Start:

I start withand 3xto counter harrase and be faster at last hitting the minions.

First Back:

If you didnt die or come back to early, you shall take thenow to get your first AP bonus and Spell Vamp for Vorpal Blade. If you have enough Money you can buy too.

Mid Game:

Now you should buy the Most important Item for an AP Champafter this you Head for

Late Game:

Now you head for the Big purchases. First you completeafter this you head for a little bit HP and Ap and buy at last you raise your ap and Magic Resist with
You can also swith some items in some Cases for example at the Boots. Or you Switch the Abyssal with other Magic Resist/Health Items.

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Summoner Spells

At the Spells I take Exhaust and Flash for an easier chase after enemy's or escape.
You can also switch them with Ghost and Ignite when you prefer it. The Choose of the Summoner Spells are not Really Important for this Guide.

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Thank you for Reading!/HoF

Thank you for reading!
I hope you like this Guide if not please say me why :) Then I try to upgrade it.

When you have good Games with my Build you can send me a PM with a picture of the Score and I will show it here :)

Your Vincentthe0ne!