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Lulu Build Guide by Dyzal

Support Shields and heals

By Dyzal | Updated on May 23, 2018

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Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Font of Life


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Your job as Support is to help the ADC and they are usually 'squishy'. The ADC carries all the damage so you want them to be able to stay alive to keep dishing out the most damage they can. How do we help? with shields and heals!

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Assuming your ADC has heal and most likely flash, then exhaust and flash.

Exhaust to reduce their attack speed and slow them from either;
running away, so your ADC can take them down or
running after your ADC; so your ADC might get away with their life.

Flash to get out of those sticky situations or flashing to your ADC just in time to save them.
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All supports should have a gold income item so to not steal from ADCs farm.
Relic Shield is for melee champs and Spellthief's Edge grants gold based on unique spells against enemy champions and focuses on raising ability power. (It will also reduce your gold income speed if you kill any minions.)
With Ancient coin however, all you have to do is collect the coins that drop when your ADC kills a minion. The more farm they get, the more gold you get (so try to keep the other team from interrupting your ADC as they farm).

Upon first back, you will want to increase your gold income by upgrading to Nomad's Medallion, but DON'T finish it off into Remnant of the Ascended as you don't gain any extra wards or gold from doing so, only health.
Next Buy Forbidden idol to improve your heals and shields (that's what it's all about).
Finally, finishing of Ardent Censor increases your Ability power and both you and your allies attack speed when you use shields on them. This lets yous both have a nice attack boost while being protected.

After this, it depends on your situation and who your up against. All of these core items are still based off stronger heals and shields, so give them a read!
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Skill Sequence

This guide is all about shields and heals so there should be no surprise that they will be the abilities we will focus on leveling up first. Help, Pix! (E) Wild Growth (R)

As for which to level up out of Q and W, I've gone with W as we aren't playing as Lulu to attack and we have gained the max slow from Q upon its first skill point.
Glitterlance (Q) Whimsy (W)
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Send Aery - This Build is all about shields so why wouldnt we have our sweet aery with us? why not guardian?
Mana flow band - ultimate hat
celerity -
scorch -
Front of life -
revitalize -
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dyzal
Dyzal Lulu Guide

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Shields and heals