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League of Legends Build Guide Author Domelius

Shoop da whoop Caitlyn [Updated 26.04.2011]

Domelius Last updated on April 26, 2011
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I. Introduction

Hi everyone. This is my second build on mobafire as Cailtyn is one of my favourite characters. I also say sorry (like in my Urgot build) for any spelling mistakes.

I played Caitlyn according to several builds but none of them gave me satisfaction. My build gives balance between damage and attack speed. Also the movement speed of Your champion will be really good, not mentioning awesome armor penetration. I only lost my "race/escape" to Mundo with his ulti on Ghost and to Yi ;) You will be real pain in the ***, but still very squishy one. But with extra carefull play, You can survive the game with zero deaths, without Banshee's Veil and with Karthus on enemy side. If I made it, so can You! It is about how big suicider are You and how greed You are to get a kill.

When You play Caitlyn be ready to here such "messages" from enemies:
- "Omg nab ulti"
- "come 1 on 1" (usually from way tougher opponents ;p)
- "Get real char!"
- "F**kin' OP b*tch!"
And Your team mates will cry You only KS...

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II. Pros / Cons


- Awesome range
- Awesome damage
- Good on lane with partner and alone on mid lane]
- Can kill loads of creeps and gets buffs rather easily


- Squishy, first to target in mid/late games
- In team fights Your mates must become good distraction so You can deal some damage
- Too small boobs

But to be true. Going alone in later game is usually a suicide. Enemy will reach You in no time so stick to your toughest mates and shoot from behind as much as possible. Move in, shoot, fall back - and again and again and again... Until You reach last level with 5-6 items from my build. Warwick lasted 2 seconds, 3 normal shots killed him... how sad...

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III. Runes

Similar to those from my Urgot build.
Greater Mark of Desolation - for essential armor penetration
Greater Seal of Replenishment - mana regen - to be able to use skills
Greater Glyph of Focus - Cooldown reduction, just "because!"
Greater Quint of Fortitue - to improve early survivability

You can swap the quintessence I chose for the one with additional armor penetration.

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IV. Items: core + finishing

This build will cost You 15145 gold.

1. Grab a pair of basic Boots of Speedand 3x Health Potion
2. Now, You have to be carefull and patient bacause You will need to collect 1650 gold to grab B.F. Swordwhich You will soon swap for The Bloodthirster.You should be having B.F Sword around 10th minute of the game. If You want You can grab Boots of Swiftnessbefore The Bloodthirster (but after B.F. Sword), but I usually make them my second full item.
Believe me - You will need faster movement during the later game, than other boots can offer.

3. Phantom Dancerwill be Your third item. You will get it quite fast and You can always grab each small part of it to add some criticals or attack speed step by step. When this item is completed it will give You nice boost of attack and movement speed, not mentioning criticals.

4. I always grab The Black Cleaver as my 4th item - damage, attack speed and reduce of armor.

5. I always grab Last Whisper- for damage and great armor penetration. In addition I buy second Phantom Dancerfor enormous critical chance, attack speed and additional movement speed.


Infinity Edge- Swap second Phantom Dancer for additional damage this item gives.

Nothing more is worth buying! Forget Sword of the Divine and other ****!

DON'T buy useless items that grants armor, magic defense etc.! Forget Banshee's Veil! You will still DIE but 2-3 seconds later.

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V. Skill Sequence & how to use them

Your priority is to max out Piltover Peacemaker(of course Your ulti must be always maxed asap) I don't have to explain why.

Your second skill to master is Yordle Snap Trap- it is not suppose to damage (though I seen running champs dying cause of it ^^'). It is suppose to warn You when Your opponent is getting closer and allow You to see where low lifes are hiding. Place them in the spots from which You expect to be attacked. My dream came true and Riot added one more trap that gives You total of 3 Yordle Snap Traps.

Last skill - 90 Caliber Netis pretty useless. It's damage and slow is just another way of escaping. Thats it. I killed enemies just few times with it, usually when me and enemy were both on very low hp and while I was escaping. Remember You can't shoot through most of the walls :(

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VI. Summoner Spells

Main choice:

Ghost- run and chase, obvious.

Flash- Another tool of your escape plan.

Alternatives that can be usefull: (still I recommend sticking to Ghost and Flash)

Teleport - to move faster on whole map.
Clairvoyance - for easier use of ulti on escaping low-lifes.

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VII. Other matters and few tips

Why I chose to make Cailtyn more DPS - because You can farm minions very fast in mid/late game. And I mean REALLY fast. I usually get all the items in a 45 min long, 5vs5 game.
I've chosen hard hitting, armor eating dps because You can finish most guys within few shots. Because Morde will run and Trynda can kiss Your ***... but only If they engage figths with someone else. Key to success is keeping YOU alive, for the cost of other team mates. It is strongly recommended to stay close to tank/disabling champs from Your team. It is most likely You will be the main damage dealer, when You die, your team have greater chance to die as well. If You survive team fights be prepared for double-tripple kills.

Good luck! Tell me how this build worked for You! Remember to play Caitlyn extra carefull, You are as tough as paper ;)