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Team Guide by Sleidom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sleidom

Short guide about how to play a support

Sleidom Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Hello! Welcome to my guide "How to play support role". I just want to say this is my first guide but I also played around 300+ games with supports, maybe I know all about them and I'm disagree with the statement "Support role is the easiest in LoL".
I put this five supports because they are the better I think.

In this guide, I won't talk about how to build Janna, Sona or others, I will only talk about how a support has to move in the map, where have to put wards, counterwarding will be speaked too. Also I will say in which team is better an Alistar or maybe a Janna.

The items that I put is what a support usually takes, but maybe Soraka could take deathcap and Aegis + wards, it depends on every support, I said i won't take about they personally, so if you have some doubts, you can ask in this same guide.

If you think I can add something important in the guide, just leave a comment and I will see!

Finally, I'm Spanish, so maybe my English is not perfect, let's go to the guide!

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Well, as you can see in the champions the runes are very similar, with some modifications. My favourite runes for a general support are these:

I choose armor for red but you can use magic resist too, this is because in masteries I take the magic penetration masterie, if you prefer to take some defense in masteries, then you should take magic penetration for runes.

In yellow and blue I take mana regen/lvl because then you can spam skills and u recharge mana so fast, as you can see, in Soraka i take AP/lvl in blue runes, because Soraka need some AP to heal like god.
For yellow, I always take mana regen/lvl I think, it's the best yellow rune for support, but you can try with others.

For blue runes you can try cooldowns, magic resist, mana regen ... Really, runes in support are not really important.

For quintaessence is the same than in yellow, I think gold runes are MUST in supports, you don't have to farm so you don't take money ...

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In masteries, all of the 5 support I put has the same except Soraka. The most usually masteries for a support are these:

Remember that we take the magic penetration masterie because we don't have magic penetration by runes, if we have magic penetration, the masteries will be these:

For Soraka I take a bit different masteries, but only a bit, it's just I dont take magic penetration but I take the AP/lvl masterie, Soraka in lot of cases will do ... 50 damage? Better to put in defense then, look:

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Items ... I saw in lot of guides of Janna, Sona, Alistar, etc, that they put Boots, Aegis, Shurelya, Will of the ancients, Soul Shroud ...

NO! A support can't take all of these, it's impossible, you won't get the gold that you need for this, and if you take, maybe you didn't put any ward in all the game.

I always start with:

We will supose that you take Sona, if they hurt you so much, you don't have to spam W for heal yourself, you can use these potions and no waste mana. 3 wards are very interesting, with these we can ward their red buff and gank him, also we will have 6 mins warded drake, so we won't have to move of the line during long time for take wards.

In the first back we must take:

This is required for start making more gold, also if you have enough money, you can get:

And always, always, we will take 1 or 2 wards, what we can.

The next objects to get are:

These are priority than boots+2, but I just want to remember, when u go back, YOU HAVE TO BUY WARDS, your mates will buy, 1 or 2, or nothing, you have to buy more than 15 in the game, when I have these 3 objets and boots+2, in every back I take 10 wards, if I see we are arriving to late game, I usually take this object if the tank doesn't have it yet:

Other good objects to help your mates are these:

For mana regen.
For escape, initiate, ganks, lot of uses, remember to activate!
For APs, spell vamp!
For ADs, life steal, attack speed and health regen!

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How to place a ward + counterwarding

Well, I really don't want to copy any guide, so I will just put the link, because I think this is the best guide of wards that I have seen in my life, take a look on this because this is really ****ing important and it will help you a lot, even if you are not a support player.


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