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Shyvana Build Guide by detno

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author detno

Shyvaana widdle them down

detno Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi this is my first ever guide its more for me and my friends to use but i thought might as well make it public and see what others think. i seen half of other guides they either dont make sence or its a jungle guide so i want to make a decent lane or solo top guide.

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Basicaly my runes make up for what it is lacked in my item build attack speed is needed on her but not too great altho many ppl view her as a semi carry i think not she dosnt have great skills to pull of a carry role imo. any ways early armor is a must if your solo top minion hits will eventually get the best of you if your over agressive and since i really dont have any magic resist cept merc treads i thought its pretty well needed

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she is melle she dosnt have a built in heal let alone a good escape move cept wasting her ult so i thought a bit more defensive is ideal also will help you lane better

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Like i said before since i lack magic resist merc treads are ideal plus cc reduction is great as well since she is a melle fighter with no crowd control or built in slows next item is tri force timed well with Q can do about 600 damage at end game or more if your team has starks and cleaver as well as your personal armor pen. sunfire cape imo should be worn by all melle champions about 28 damage per sec plus armor and health cant beat it atmas impaler coupled with tri force plus infinity edge your going to hurt any thing you touch pretty much. as stated prieviously infinity edge works wonders with the other items.and finally we get decent attack speed damage and percentage base health damage with is pretty good.

now many people will be wondering where is my armor pen ? to be honest she dosnt need it as of now because all her moves cept her Q is magic damage plus sun fire atmas and madreds do magic damage as well so it will be kind of hard to counter you when you deal high damage in both fields

now this is not the only items you can get you can replace certain items depending on team comps

- sunfire can be swapped for banshees
- madreeds can be swapped out for witts end
- merctreads for zerkers or swiftness
- tri force for frozen mallet

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Skill Sequence

i think her Q is most important move in her arsenal because its her nuking move so my sequence is E at lvl one for harrasing and/or last hitting then lvl2 W for movement speed for chase or retreat style lvl 3 you get Q for better last hitting and possibly first blood lvl 4 i hit W again for the bit more damage and the run speed but then i max out my Q first then i max W second followed by R then E

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Summoner Spells

I think ghost ignite probly the best
Reason being both are on short cd
ignite is great for first blood attempts and tower diving
ghost is great for no unit collision witch make melle hits easier and faster staying on target
You can get exaust its a good second pick if your team is low on exaust or ignite heavy since ignites dont stack
Flash can be good but the long cooldown is not justified for ghost that can be used twice before flash off cooldown again
any others are not viable in this build i know i know why not cleance well if the enemy team focusing on you cleance wont save you it may save you from a gank or 2 or chace that mundo but not really effective to be game breaking on her imo

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Pros / Cons

pros cons
-supreme chasing abilities - No crowd control ult is unreliable
-lots of aoe - most aoe is in front target carefully
-very effective jungler(see other guides) - suceptacle to cc
-has 2 last hit moves for easy farming - her ult is glitched wont carry targets to her
-shes a dragon go team transform target location

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its quite esy to last hit with her with her skills if your not able to judge your own damage just yet also ir your severly under farmed buy a heart of gold and a philostone for the 10 extra gold per 10 secs pretty much doubling your gold income but dont buy than imediately sell it for your next item because then it is a waste of money

ex. philostone worth 800 gold so to make that gold back you would have to wait 1600 secs
-1600 secs =27 minutes round about to break even so when thinking on buying a gold per 10 item try keeping them till the end or prefably 35 40 mins in

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shyvana imo is a little under powered in classic havent played her in dominion yet so please no trolls

the way i make her is quite tough and still able to kill enemy champs it may be a bit slower than most builds but you can survive to tell the tale or get lucky and get that pentakill who knows lol
if this guides becomes popular i will rework it and make it a bit more polished so please constructive feed back please