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Shyvana Build Guide by Huntarolo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Huntarolo

Shyvana, AD - cos' scales aint enough

Huntarolo Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Edits and Updates (with Timestamps)

3rd November - Created Guide
4th November - Added Edits and updates, began to test change of quints and marks
18th November - sorted out rune page and masteries for the new patch, also found my love for shyvana again, check rune section for update and masteries too.

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Lo' all this is my first ever guide on mobafire, not the most conventional build but it's also working with left over runes (other champs = / ) and it seems to be working well so far, tbh im expecting this to be moved to the "humourous builds" section. Also im writing this for a bit of fun and hope to keep this updated as the patches change etc. Any and ALL input is welcomed so please if your going to insult or flame me, give me a valid reason please, lets be civl : ) So without further ado, lets begin!

edit; AP/. . . .silly me = / roll with the punches and rock out AD carry runes

(p.s - Rune setup is not optimal, check the runes section further down, as stated im lacking in the IP department ;) )

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After auto-buying Shy i tried to play her like a glass cannon, all out AD nope. . . . after a while and a chat with a friend we talked about a dragon talk. . . hmmm scales of murder you say. . . so with that i began playing some games as tanky AD and surprisngly works well enough to be able to get stuck in and stay alive, as well as the important dealing damage ;)

edit; after even more playing Tanky shy it's still viable it just doesn't pack as much of a punch as i like in my chars (sorry i like to kick their teeths in. . .support's another answer *hides taric/janna skins/love*

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Pros and indeed cons

Great dmg output
great escape mechanics (run little girl. . . . .run. . .. )
no mana or rage costs (Well. . . .excluding her ult)
Singed wannabe (you know you love that W baby)

Squishy early game
relies on C/D's
relies heavily on mellee attacks

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Runes (updated)

MY choice of runes isn' the best. . .no way near, but since it was all i had it seems to work fine, especially buffing her AP skills

-Marks - ArP - most of your damage output (Apart from part of your ult and e) is damage, so scrapped the MPen due to it losing out over ArP

-seals - Armor - armor, Mresist theyre both pretty even quick note, if you take the Mresist runes instead in the defensive tree put points into armor (try to keep it even since i don't play that much draft pick

-glyphs - Attack speed - because y'know you love more procs and simply hitting more, other option would be flat AD glyphs, but you will be lacking on your procs

-Quints- just there to add that extra OOMPH if you've taken AD glyphs, may be worthwhile taking AS or AS/AD quints

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My masteries are 23/7/0 (i play Phreak as a jungler, his Q is awesome. . .wait. . .) miss the AP parts as it's not the most part of your build/damage same as the magic pen.

As to my thoughts on the new talent trees? i find them . . .scary sometimes, as before it was simple enough to know what was what, everything's so. . .worthwhile and looks like shiny candy. this is also it's plus, if you change parts of the tree it will change your game for the better sometimes, not like before where it was "this i cookie cutter, nothing else" its more of "this is good. . .but this is also good, depends what you want"

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Simple enough, Boots and 3 health pots to start off with, then transition that to (depending on the enemy team) mercury treads or zerkers greaves (play it smart. . . ) wriggles, then off to black clever or starks ferver (im a sucker for money, if i can't afford something ill usually end up grabbing something else = / ) then sunfire then for my last item, whatever i missed from before :) then i prio my pots like this if i have extra gold;
(oracles), Green, Red, Blue.

only grab oracles if they have a stealther or a heavy ward char or someone like teemo, shroom love = /

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Skill Sequence

Not the most optimal rotation, to be completely honest during a game i pick whats necessary. I dont usually pick till im in lane, if it's a solo melle ill usually pick up my Q or W - if im going to be picked off without being able to farm i usually at least take my E first so i can snipe minions or harras, Then throughout the game i spend my points as they come, always maxing R when it's avail and then depending on how im playing (e.g. being out harrased etc) ill pick my skills accordingly

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Summoner Spells

After a long thought and trial and error i usually play with exhaust and ignite, the reason being im usually fast enough to chase or escape and the ignite helps reduce pesky regen and also can help finish people off.

Other viable options are;
mm. . . .possibly cleanse
Teleport (if you've been picked for solo top)
Surge, i know i slated AP but the extra AS is very tasty and meh the ap will help you (surprising that i take this with ignite, works fine for FB if you need tht extra 1-3 hits)

Not so viable but worthwhile are;

Fortify (same as before, can be a life saver at turrets with sunfire and W up)
Smite (jungle only)

Not worthwile;
Clairvoyance (really only use in pre-made if your freinds ask REEEEEEEEEEEALY nicely and they refuse to take it - im looking at you my friends. . . . .)
Revive - . . . . .don't die, that is all

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Notes about use of skills

1 - never use your ult 1v1, only time to pop that 1v1 is if you need to escape or assist a team mate, or if you will die without popping it
2 - When running from fountain back to your lane, pop W on CD all the time, same for when your chasing keep it up, even when your in combat, keep it on CD it's freeeeeee
3 - matter of fact, when facing an enemy keep your abilities on CD. . .minus your ult (use that more wisely)
4 - When fighting multiple targets make sure your facing the most of them to make the best use of your Q and E
5a - When running like a little girl make proper use of your W for both speed and annoyance to anyone able to keep up with you
b - While in dragon form and legging it kepp your W up and make sure that they follow you through it, like a wannabe singed : )

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Ill be putting some up; Also if you have used this guide and would like to add your S/S' then feel free to ask

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Thanks for reading guys, remember end of day it's a game so make sure you have fun, if your not having fun, don't bother ; )

take care and happy hunting with your scaley lady dragon friend