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Shyvana Build Guide by Daneruu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daneruu

Shyvana: F- you I'm a Dragon!

Daneruu Last updated on December 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

So, if anyone was curious, this is how I play Shyvana. It's not the normal "must go for tanky dps" build, but I find it to be extremely effective and makes Shyvana a viable jungler for almost any team comp, especially if the rest of your team is CC heavy.

Ideal team comps with Shyvana:

Solotop: Jarvan/Kennen and similar people with nice CC.

Mid: Annie/Malzahar/Brand/Xerath/LeBlanc or any other bursty AP mids with stuns

Bot Lane: Normally you can pop in at any time and overwhelm them before they escape, no need for cc really. Bot doesn't need ganks most of the time either.

How to Shyvana:
Jungle. Shyvana's early laning is ABSURDLY weak, so jungling to at LEAST lvl 4 is reccomended.

With enemy jungler:
-Get the wolves
-2v1 Blue (not just a leash, a full on 2v1 from solotop)
-Get a CV on their Red
-Counter jungle their red side. Get red first, blowing Surge and Smite on it to finish it asap
-Get their golems
-Gank top (don't stay for more than 40 secs, solotop needs their xp and if you can't get a kill, leave)
-Clear your jungle (maybe go B beforehand)
-Either pick a lane, roam, or continue jungling

If there is no enemy jungler, take as much jungle as you can. Same as above except take their wraiths and golems before ganking. Then clear your red and their blue side after a B.

Why Hextech? Hextech gives lifesteal, spellvamp, AD, AP, and, most importantly, CC. Shyvana needs all these things, even AP. People don't notice and ignore it, but the damage dealt with her E determines how big your bonus dmg against the debuffed target is. (yes, flame breath makes you deal 15% of the ability's dmg against the target on every attack as magic dmg) (( that magic dmg makes spellvamp more useful)). AND, I cannot say HOW MANY kills I've gotten all thanks to the Hextech/Bilgewater CC. Shyvana is amazing at 1v1, and just slowing down an enemy is enough to get a kill.

Guide to 1v1'ing ANYONE (except maybe Nasus/Renekton):
-Pop Surge
-Land Flame Breath
-Autoattack then Twin Bite immediately after (it resets the timer, even cancels AA's)
-Apply any cc you have because they are running now
-Either Ult away from, or towards the incoming support while yelling "F- You I'm a Dragon!"
-Rinse and Repeat

-Always farm the jungle, not lanes, until late game. You have one of the fastest (maybe THE fastest) jungling times, stealing xp from lanes is hardly any faster and you put your team at a level disadvantage.

-Take dragon (solo) at level 8, you can do it. And unless they had Shaco solo it at lvl 1, they can't because their jungler is still lvl 7 and you helped your top/bot kill the enemy laners or made them B.

-Try not to let the "I'm a Dragon!" mentality make you ult into a 1v5. Most of the time it will get you killed and not do much for your team.

-Try to Ult into 1v5's right before your carry gets there. You may die, but if you get out all your AoE (2-3 secs of Burnout+E+Q+you Ult Dmg) at least 3 of the squishier ones are at 1/2 when the rest of your team gets there and their team is busy focusing you, meaning your carries have free-fire on the enemy teams. I cannot tell you how many multi-kills I've fed to my carries this way. And if your team has Galio/Rammus/Shen/Kayle/Zilean, you will probably make it out alive anyways. I've also thought of building Zhonya's to help with these situations, but they are kind of rare, so imo not worth it.

-At about 16-19 minutes in, your jungling/farming capacity is at it's apex pretty much. You can dominate waves and creep camps in under 3 seconds. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! I've done games where I'm doing terribly up to this point, but then I decide to stay away from enemies and farm. In 2 or 3 of those games I had ~230 cs and lvl 18 by 24ish minutes while everyone else was still around 15 and their solos were 17. I then proceeded to carry the game by targeting the lvl 15's, which kept their carries down in levels and farm, winning us the game.

Good Luck and let me know how your games go! :D