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Shyvana Build Guide by enfabled mage

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author enfabled mage

Shyvana fast counter jungler

enfabled mage Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you like Shyvana eh. Well this is my first game on mobfire and i know how to jungle her fairly well and she isn't used a lot in games. At the moment she is a fantastic counter jungler that has great speed. Be warned though my play style is rather aggressive from level 1 and I play with high risks early for the rewards of the enemy jungler being under levelled. If pulled of correctly the enemy jungler will have to get successful ganks or try to counter jungle you to get back into there appropriate level.

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Jungle route

You want to start at the enemy lizard buff. If they have a jungler such as Tryndamere I would not start at their red without some major protection and would have your ally cast clairvoyance on their blue/ regular golems to see where he is. (Just an example anyone that would start at red would be risky especially a shaco!

If they are more likely to start at blue the risk is completely worth it. Sit in the bush until it spawns right on the edge so you can see the lizard buff spawn and then cast surge and kill the lizard. Once you have done this head over to the enemy golems and kill them to. Now you can go back to base heal up and go to your blue buff/ secure your red buff depending on the enemy jungler. Ones that rely on blue mainly I would secure blue. It really is up to you just go between the small camps and counter there blue when it is about to spawn. If you are lucky you will get into a duel with the jungler and get a kill.

If you are in a duel get help from team mates to secure the kill and to stop the enemy jungler getting backup as you destroy them.

My typical route is there red there golems go to base
then go to my blue then to kill wolves, wraiths golems go back to base get cloth armour
get my red get golems and gank if there is an opportunity. If there is no opportunity continue to jungle until red/ blue will spawn so you can take there’s again.

My jungle route is fairly random after i get my own golems the second time from then on its where the team needs me. At level 6 i would solo dragon (if no ward is there) use a vision if you are to nervous about it.

Otherwise just make sure you always have yours and there red and gank when your team is pushed to the tower.

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against a balanced team i would build

-merc treads
-frozen mallet
-atmogs impaler
-wits end
- warmogs
if the game still hasn't ended i would trade wriggles for a blood thirster but the game is probably over by then.

against an ad heavy team i would build

-merc treads/ ninja tabi (ninja tabi if they don't have many stuns, slows, fear and bindings)
-frozen mallet
-atmogs impaler
-sunfire cape
-starks favour

replace wriggles for an infinity edge if game goes on long enough.

against ap heavy i would go

-merc treads
-frozen mallet
-wits end
-atmogs impaler
-force of nature

if game goes on to long replace wriggles with bloodthirster

so pretty much your core build is frozen and atmogs impaler. Because even with just a mallet you are still getting 50 ad from the item which is enough to get you 200+ ad which is enough to be a threat to be taken seriously

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team fights

you are the main girl in team fights you are going to be dealing most of the damage as well as taking most of the damage. In a team fight you want to ult in using burnout while your team mates catch up you walk towards them luring the enemy into your burnout dealing more damage to them. As your team deals the damage to the players foolish enough to follow you.

Once the team has caught up after a few seconds you want to use flame breath and twin bite one as many champions as you can. They are now slowed and unable to escape they will have the choice to try and turret hug or do or die. If they run towards the tower you have caught them and if they do or die your team should dish out enough damage to finish them of while you keep on there trail. Once you hit about 300 health I would start thinking about leaving the fight unless they are lower and not at the tower and you know you or your team mate will get a kill.

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Pros / Cons

- one of the fastest junglers and arguably the fastest
- gets about 1200 items in gold as end game ultimate passive and 2400 gold worth of items in dragon form.
- great counter jungler
- fantastic team fight ultimate
- amazing late game as early game isn't terrible either.
- 2 really good gap closers
-no cc and the ultimate cc is a pain more than a help.
-bad ganker even with red buff gets not bad once you get mallet.

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specific reminders on counter jungling

In this part I will focus on where you want to focus on getting what buffs

situation 1:nunu/fiddles/ammunu/moaki/ammunu- normal jungle route
Situation 2:rammus/skarner/- secure your red after going to base and get blue where you would of got red in normal route
situation 3:Tryndamere/udyr/trundle/ volibear- would clairvoyance to find out where he is so you know where to counter jungle or if its just to risky, If it's safe i would use situation 2 otherwise

These are the main junglers I have fought against in the games i have had jungle shyvana. I find that she is brilliant with another jungler on the field but its harder without because she lacks the ganking potential of others.

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specifics against certain champions

This is a work in progress i really need to get in a fair few games with specific junglers

Nunu: This guy wants to get in your jungle and counter you like no tomorrow. However you have counter jungled about half of his jungle so this will force him into your jungle. He will probably go for the wolves/ blue buff so meet him up there early for a kill with your level advantage and red buff should secure you a nice kill. He is also likely to have about 25% less health if you went to base straight after you counter jungled.

overall pro's and cons against Nunu

-you jungle faster
-you are tankier
-he will have trouble haveing a duel off in meele with you
- he has cc that counters your gap closer
- better sustain than you


this guy... err scarecrow really shouldn't worry you to much... As long as you take his second blue as well as secure yours. when in battle with him he probably wants to drain you so attack him and then use your w to quickly get out and back in. If he chases you then you want to get straight back at him as he lost his main threat once this is gone then you can deal more damage with your auto attacks. Just don't let him sit drain you that will make him effectively tank you.

- tankier
- faster at jungling
- not blue reliant
- free wards with wriggles
- gap closer/ escape

- fear can be a pain
- better sustain in jungle

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that's it

If you have any suggestions put them in the comment section and if you notice any grammatical/ spelling errors please point them out and I will correct them.

Also will update this every so often to keep up with the updates.

In future will be testing armour and magic pen quints i just haven't got around to them yet to see if there is a notable difference.