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Shyvana Build Guide by jacksonecac

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jacksonecac

Shyvana, Fury of the Dragon-Born (Jungle)

jacksonecac Last updated on April 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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This is my second Jungler build, this time for Shyvana. Shyvana is a medium-hard champion to play well but an easy Jungler to start off with. She has extremely fast clear times for the jungle, however her ganks are not very effective without red buff.

Shyvana uses Fury instead of Mana. Her fury increases as she auto attacks and casts abilities. When she reaches 100 fury and is at least level 6, she can cast her ultimate at any time. Her ultimate does not have a cooldown so as soon as she reaches 100 fury again she can use her ultimate. It is key to try to always have her ultimate available. Therefore after I have used my ultimate and my fury is low again, I immediately head back into the jungle to farm more fury from my skills and auto attacks.

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The runes I run are these:
9 xGreater Mark of Strength (attack damage)
9 xGreater Seal of Resilience (armor)
9 xGreater Glyph of Shielding (magic resist/level)
3 xGreater Quintessence of Alacrity (attack speed)

The reasoning behind these runes is that Shyvana is a very quick champion and so she relies greatly on her speed, both for ganks and for clearing the jungle. Therefore, movement speed quints are going to benefit her greatly. The armor seals are necessary both for sustain in team fights and also to mitigate the damage taken from the jungle. The magic resist per level can be substituted for flat magic resist but you are going to need to sustain later in team fights and so per level is the way to go here. The Marks give increased attack speed which will allow her twin bite to proc more often because the cooldown is lowered each time she attacks. This skin will be doing the most damage for Shyvana and so you want to be able to use it as often as possible.

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The Masteries are pretty self explanatory. I go 21-9-0. Normally with my junglers I would have 9 in utility in order to keep my buffs longer however Shyvana only uses Red Buff normally and so I couldn't justify giving her that mastery. Basically most of her points are in offense in order to increase her attack damage, lifesteal, and attack speed. Then there are 9 points in defense to lower the damage taken and increase her jungle effectiveness.

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Items for Shyvana:


First Back


Typical Full Build

Situational Substitutes


Wards are key for junglers, not only to protect your team, but also to keep track of the enemy jungler. Shyvana is great for counter-jungling, therefore if you can see the enemy jungler. Kill his jungle when he is away.

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Skill Sequence

With Shyvana I max burnout. While maxing burnout, get one point in flame breathe and then max out twin bite. Flame breathe is good to reduce armor on targets, twin bite adds a ton of extra damage and makes red buff proc twice on targets (also wriggles can proc twice). Burnout is going to make you fly through the jungle and will help you get in and out of the enemy jungle quickly. It also adds a lot of extra damage to harass the enemy jungler with and to get into ganks quicker.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and smite is pretty typical. Shyvana's ultimate can be used like flash if she needs to get out of sticky situations. Exhaust is good because Shyvana has almost no CC and so exhaust will be a good added slow. Exhaust also compliments her red buff + burnout ganks.

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Creeping / Jungling

As I said before, Shyvana is not the best ganking Jungler. However she is very good at harassing the enemy jungler. Counter jungling can be a very effective and annoying tool in order to stop ganks on your team. By denying the enemy jungler experience, levels, gold, and items, you effectively stop ganks on your team. Stealing wraiths, buffs, and wolves is a great way to power level Shyvana and denying levels to the enemy jungler. I like to start wraiths-red, then head to the enemy red and wait in the brush for their jungler. I then smite their red and go for first blood on their jungler. In this scenario, let red buff do damage to their jungler before engaging him.

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First Blood Gank

This Map should give you a good idea of where to start and the path that leads to the first blood opportunity. Each path is labeled with a color scheme for each team respectfully.

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Ranked Play

Once again, Shyvana, especially without red buff, is not a good ganker. Especially when the other team has wards to cover their lanes. Therefore I often get an oracle's elixer. This makes the other team less aggressive because they are not covered by wards. It also allows you to gank without being detected beforehand. Doing this will make Shyvana a much more effective jungler.

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Early vs. Late Game

Early game shyvana does a butt load of damage. She can burst down a target very quickly especially with red buff.

But late game she tends to fall off. You have to realize that you are not going to be the main damage doer of the team near the end of the game. Think of yourself as a tanky/brusier/frontliner. Shyvana is there to absorb some of the damage for your ap/ad carries and to zone out the enemy carries so that your team can pick them apart.

I typically ultimate straight into their team, bypass their bruisers and go straight for their ad carry. I exhaust him and use my abilities to keep constant damage on them while my carries do work on the other members of the team. Keep in mind that when Shyvana is in dragon form. She has increased armor and magic resist so she is going to be able to absorb a hell of a lot of damage. In addition to her added defense, all of her abilities are better. Her twin bit now hits with an aoe, her flame breathe hits multiple targets, and burnout will leave flames on the group that will burn anyone who walks in it.

I typically do not let my team engage in a team fight unless I have my ultimate ready.