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Shyvana Build Guide by Dumbbuhnny

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dumbbuhnny

Shyvana, Jungle and Lane guide

Dumbbuhnny Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Hey guys, I'm Bunny. I've been using MOBAfire for a while now to help me figure champions out. I like to at least try out every champion and MOBAfire has been a good resource. But all the while I never gave back! Well, here it is. Since around April I had yet to find a new champion that really fit my playstyle, that I really liked. Shyvana was just that.

I have only played around 10 games with Shyvana, it's true, and I'm sure I'll be editing this guide a lot in the future, once I can try a lot of different tactics out. But for now I'm going to show you what works for me. Don't knock it before you try it, please! I assure you will do well with the build, maybe not the best though, but since it is still early there's plenty of time to change it around.

Shyvana is classified as a "fighter" and I intended on playing her as such. I've seen many people building her straight dps with little survivability and I found out why this is just the wrong route. As of now, Shyvana's Burnout ability does an insane amount of AOE damage. And when I say "insane" I mean it. I'm actually quite nervous they may change this ability.

That said, Shyvana is a great bruiser, she can go into a team fight and slowly melt away HP off the enemy, while also doing single target damage. But in order to do this most effectively, she must survive long enough to truly BRUISE! And then, here is my guide.

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I've taken a couple different routes with runes. They are to fit with either jungling, or laning, and somewhat your preference.


For Marks, you can build armor penetration. But Shyvana is an odd beast, in that her main damage will actually turn out to be magic damage, because of her Burnout ability. The armor penetration will effect her Twin Bite ability and her auto attacks, but most of her damage will definitely come from her aoe. She is a bruiser, afterall. And in this guide we are discussing how to build her as such!

Attack Speed marks are also an option. Shyvana doesn't necessarily need cooldown reduction, due to the fact that Attack Speed is nearly the same result. Although it does not effect her Flamebreath, it will greatly help with keeping Burnout up long enough so that the cooldown on it is subsided by the time it lasts. Attack Speed will also help in how soon her ultimate is available once again. Attack Speed marks are easily the best choice.


Dodge seals are great for laning. If you're solo top these runes can be invaluable. You can avoid a gank due to your massive run speed by popping burnout and dodging an attack, your run speed will sky rocket due to your Nimbleness mastery. The combination of dodge and run speed on Shyvana is a great tactic in survivability.

Armor seals are best for jungling. They allow for a less dangerous jungle, and are very important for your jungle as you don't have a major healing ability like some other junglers.


Magic Resist glyphs are great for your survivability. As our build does not provide a ton of magic resist early off, if they have a very powerful AP nuke, you will need the early MR. You can't go wrong with a bit extra magic resist in your build. Although your survivability based on masteries and build is great, this only makes it better. Remember, you want to stay alive as long as possible to truly 'bruise' the enemy team!

Attack Speed glyphs are definitely another route. You could easily make two rune pages and choose them accordingly, as sometimes the magic resist is absolutely necessary, while other times you can build around depending on your enemy team. Attack Speed is invaluable on Shyvana, but I really like to /faceroll in the center of the teamfight.


Quints are pretty easy.

Hp5 quints for longevity in solo top or any laning situation.

Solid HP quints for jungling or preference.

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With a couple variations in your jungling and laning masteries, they both suit what you need to be a real bruiser and tyrant.

The extra attack speed and health from deep into the defense tree suits everything Shyvana needs. It is really great.

Nimbleness is one of my favorite masteries on a bruiser. It can be truly frustrating to an enemy when you dodge their attacks, and even worse when you sprint off into the distance with Nimbleness and Burnout.

The points in offense are questionable. I went with all points into Alacrity instead of Sorcery, as they have nearly the same result but Alacrity is 4% instead of Sorcery's 3%. Whether or not they compare in such a way is really a math whiz's job and that's not me.

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The item builds are pretty much identical. While the lantern will greatly help your jungle experience, I feel that late game it is not as valuable. I would sell Wriggle's Lantern late game for a better item.

For solo top you can start with boots and pots, or shield. Shield is great for sustainability, as the extra HP5 you get from it with your runes will allow you to stay in lane. This really depends on how much aggression you will be taking from your enemy, and the type. If you are against a champion with skill shots, boots will allow you to dodge them better, making the MP5 less necessary. Use your discretion.

Trinity Force is an amazing item for Shyvana. The bonus from Sheen makes your Twin Bite HURT. The attack speed and run speed is just what she needs. The proc from the phage will help you decimate an enemy. Do not pass this item up!

I find Wit's End to be a very valuable item for Shyvana. While you don't see it in a whole lot of builds, Shyvana can take great advantage of it. Magic Resist for some extra survivability, and attack speed because it is so invaluable.

Sunfire Cape should truly be a base item for Shyvana. She already does a ton of aoe damage, but to put a Sunfire Cape on her will truly decimate your enemies in team fights. The extra health will help you get the best of your Atma's, as well.

Extra health on Shyvana so she can stand in the middle of the teamfight is great, and Atma's for a bit extra damage. With magic resist and armor runes, on top of a Wit's End, she'll be able to outlast most of her enemies, and your damage at the end of the game will show what really happens when Shyvana is left to BURN her enemies away.

Trust me, just check the stats after the game!

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Skill Sequence

I put the first point into Burnout whether I am jungling or laning. It really is her highest damage, as it lasts a great deal of time and chops away at Hp on enemies and creeps alike. I max it as soon as possible regardless of your role.

Twin Fang is the next ability I focus on. It provides a quick chunk of damage to your enemy or creep, works amazing with Sheen, and is great with attack speed.

Flame Breath's armor reduction is helpful, but it cannot give as great results as Burnout can throughout early game. Dragon Form's Flame Breath can really traumatize your enemies, but I find this situation comes best late game, and to level it accordingly.

As I feel with nearly ALL other champions, you should place a point in their ultimate at every opportunity. Few champions benefit otherwise. These are my feelings!

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Summoner Spells


Simple explanation, to really burn your enemy with Burnout, and to do maximum damage to them, you have to be able to keep up with them. While the speed you have from Burnout and your boots can help, and a chance that your Trinity force will proc, there are the situations where it just won't, or your enemy is very slippery. Exhaust will not fail you!


Flash is really a safe way to go. While I've used Ghost before, I've found the situations where I've wanted to kick myself for not having a flash! Shyvana's Burnout is a giant speed boost, so with Flash as the gap closer in those escape situation, you can probably get away in a pinch.


I don't need to explain this, do I?

Other Summoner Spells

I won't explain some of the summoner spells that are just obvious. If you don't know why you shouldn't get Clarity, then you shouldn't be playing Shyvana.

But I will touch base on some other summoner spells.

Ignite is a good ability for burst champions who need that last bit of damage to really finish off an enemy. It is also great to counter champions who heal a good deal. If your team makeup is ideal, a champion will have this ability that truly needs it. (AP champions like Annie) While in some situations you may not have someone with Ignite, you might want to designate someone to get it. There will most likely be someone on your team who can utilize it best. Your job as Shyvana is ongoing damage, so you should be able to secure a kill in fights.

Other summoner spells will not compete with what Flash and Exhaust will do for you. As solo top, Teleport tends to be a valuable summoner spell, but with HP5 runes and survivability, you should be able to sustain and back on few occasions.

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Jungle Path

Just a note

Shyvana is an odd beast in the jungle. She can clear through minion camps very fast, at little expense. Unfortunately, she does not have the best gank. With little (or none) cc, your enemy can escape you easily. Ganks are best done on the unsuspecting overextended enemy, or in lane with a friend that has their own form of CC. Of course when creating a team, your teammates should be aware of your lack of cc and choose accordingly, so hopefully that will help. For instance, your AD carry may choose Ashe instead of say, Ezreal, because she has the cc you lack. Shyvana has a LOT to offer, so don't sweat what she lacks too much.

Jungling as Shyvana

Anyway, a good starting path for Shyvana is to start at the golem camp. You can ask someone in the lane to pull for you (I've never been afraid to!) and lose little to no health in the process. You want to turn on your Burnout, and immediately start auto attacking. You can use Smite on golems, or save it, but Shyvana is not extremely reliant on her smite, actually!

After Golems you should have a level. Place one point into Twin Bite, and open up with Burnout, Twin Bite on the big wraith in the camp. Once you have auto attacked the big wraith to death, the small wraiths should die to Burnout.

You move onto wolves. Open up with Twin Bite and Burnout on the big wolf. Small wolves should die subsequently. You can use a health pot now, and check your lanes for potential ganks.

Remember that Shyvana has a low chance of success in a lane with no cc, so don't waste the XP and gold to travel to that lane unless your partner has an exhaust, or the enemy is extended enough. For instance, if they are in a side lane and they have pushed past river, there is a higher chance for success. Also, remember to offer holding the lane for your solo teammates, this is a good opportunity to gain some cheap xp while your teammate backs.

Another suggestion! If your solo top or solo mid are champions with great ganking potential, suggest holding their lane while they go for a gank. If you show up in the lane, your enemy is actually somewhat likely to think that their opponent has gone back to buy, when in actuality, they are headed mid/bottom for a big surprise! (Hey, it works sometimes!)

At level 3 Shyvana can get red buff. As Shyvana jungle, you should be able to afford brown boots and a pink claw by now. You should have your fire breath and lvl 1 Twin Bite, Lvl 1 burnout. Open up with Fire Breath on red Golem. Immediately switch on Burnout. Use Twin Bite every time it is off CD. Small golems in the camp will die subsequent to Burnout damage. Save Smite for when big Golem is about to die. Congrats, you have red buff! You are now a bigger ganking threat!

Unfortunately, Shyvana is not a great solo dragon champion early game. You will want to invite a partner or two to assist in killing Dragon. While you do great damage and pink claw truly helps, wriggles is not enough lifesteal to truly sustain you against dragon, due to most of your damage coming from your Burnout. Be sure to drop a ward to watch for enemy ganks, invite a friend or two, and open up with Fire Breath. As always, close with Smite!

At lvl 3 and up, Shyvana can solo red and blue buffs. While CDR is nice on Shyvana, it is not completely necessary, so be sure to offer blue to your AP or support friend!

Good luck in the jungle, dragon!

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I realize that Shyvana is still a very new champion. I'm sure we'll be introduced to many ways to play her. I found playing her as a tanky dps to result in the most damage and best results. To do maximum damage, you really have to survive, and Shyvana is a melee without healing abilities, invulnerability ultimates, stealth, etc. She must survive on her build, and this has proven to work.

I've played against many Shyvana's as Shyvana in normal games. She is quite popular right now. I have yet to run into a Shyvana with a similar build, but I have ran into many who build more toward damaging items. I've seen attack speed/attack damage builds. In the end, win or lose, I have checked stats. A less survivabilty build Shyvana tends to die more, and I found, do less damage. It's simple enough to understand. To do maximum damage you have to be in melee, to be in melee you risk dying fast. I don't know how many times I can reiterate!

Anyway, this is my first build, so please be gentle with me. As always, don't knock it until you try it!

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