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Shyvana Build Guide by Treborg

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Treborg

Shyvana: Solo Top/Jungler/3v3

Treborg Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Solo top / Jungle

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Hello and welcome to my build for Shyvana, The Half-Dragon.
I have not yet mastered this champion because she is new to the League but I intend to play her often and do so.
Anyway I have already ran through various builds/masteries and playstyles trying to find out what could be the most balanced combination for her. Yet I have found high damage and attack speed builds weak missing sustainability and very tank builds weak as well missing appropriate
damage. So I came to this solution which is balancing both deficiencies of previous mentioned builds.

On this page I will describe two playstyles:
- Solo top
- Jungler
- 3v3 (see the last chapter)

Lets get to the point now...

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Pros / Cons


- tough champion because of a lot of defense from ultimate and proper item build.
- good laning phase and nice farm through all game phases.
- ability to solo top
- ability to jungle fast
- strong tank with good initiate
- good timed and placed ultimate can win whole team fight
- Manaless
- low cooldowns


- no crowd control (CC) skills except ultimate
- crowd control vulnerable
- bad timed and placed ultimate can ruin whole team fight
- not so easy to train
- not so OP as you think

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As you can see I'm using same runes for both jungling and solo top lane because they give you good armor and magic resist against both enemy players and minions in early game combined with great armor penetration for dealing a lot of damage to enemies with lower armors especially in early games dealing almost true damage to squishy champions from masteries.

You will also benefit from magic resist per level runes in mid and late game.

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I'm running on 9/21/0 for both jungle and solo top lanes and I have few reasons to do so:

Solo top:
Some people can say it is important to have atleast points in increased exp gain. I don't agree because you have to spend 4 points to improve this ability and it gives you only 5 percent bonus. 4 points can you spare for better abilities honestly and you don't have to worry because as a solo top against one enemy you will have the same or higher level (when your jungler ganks at least 1 time) and against 2 enemies you will have higher level always.

Again higher exp gain and neutral buffs improvements and again 6 whole points lost. If you do some math and count how long your neutral buffs last with improvement or how many more exp you gain from one kill with improvement it isn't worth it.

The rest of the build is self explaining I hope and if not I will explain shortly:

- 21 points in offense? are still skill based champ not auto attack one like trynda so 21 points is a waste.

- 21 points in defense well trust me or not but Shyvana is good as a tank.

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Why cloth armor and 5 health potions for both builds?

It's simple as a solo top lane you can often face great harrasment from ranged ADs or mages.
Well if you buy doran's shield you wont have a chance to withstand such a damage because it's Health regen is too low. So they will force you to recall and use teleport sooner, pushing your turret and gaining more exp than you, in the meantime.

But with cloth armor and health potions you can ignore alot of AD damage and sustain on lane till lvl 6 or 7 without even going back. Trust me when I say you will be IMMORTAL in early game against ALL enemy combinations. They will run out of mana eventually if they harass too much and once you reach level 6 you can easily kill one of them or push the lane or defend against more than 2 at once.

To the rest of the item build:

combining defense and magic resist items periodically will make you resistant to balanced teams.

But remember IT IS IMPORTANT to build trinity force right after wriggle(good because of armor life steal better minion kills and WARD!) and mercury treads starting with phage for survival and slow effect which is essential plus zeal for more attack speed for faster fury gain and ultimate and movement speed too keep enemies in burnout range.

DO NOT buy sheen and then wait for trinity force!
After phage and zeal purchased buy the whole trinity force at once with your next stop in the base. Or will you buy sheen and then go out on lane and return again when you have 300 gold missing some important team fight or exp gain on lane in the meantime? I think not...

Dependent on enemy team buy guardian angel at the end against balanced teams giving you enough magic resist with wits end or Atmas impaler for more dmg and armor against more AD based teams.

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Skill Sequence

Self explaining:

Burnout and twin bite give you good damage and farm plus defense possibilities in lanes and team fights.

Flame breath doesn't increase percent armor debuff so pick it on level 3 or 5 to be able to debuff single enemy and use the skill in ultimate for good aoe farm damage and harass and leave it there until level 14.

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Summoner Spells

Solo Top:

Teleport is a must in solo lane so I won't speak about it anymore.
Flash is a must for all champions without weak or any escape abilities like Shyvana.

YES she has practically none escape.... you mean ultimate? Of course once pro 1,5 min and you won't ESCAPE with your STRONGEST ability keeping it for team fights more likely since you are the tank... or will you?!
And if you have the urge to use it NOT for a team fight do it only if you want to take a sure kill or if you need to escape from a gank without any other option.

Burnout? Sure 3 seconds won't save you against champions who have sprint,flash, slow and other CC (crowd control) abilities who are in this game like 2/3.


Well nothing to say here right?


If you ever get another champion to your lane so I mean no solo top or jungle take exhaust and don't forget to pick mastery for it.

If Ignite suits you better pick it instead.

Anything else is fail.....

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Fast description how to fast jungle with Shyvana.

After cloth armor and health potions purchased head to golems in your jungle alone or in the enemy jungle with your team mates to counter and kill their jungler.

Starting on golems in own jungle:

Step 1: Golems:
Start attacking first golem with burnout and potion on and smite it immediately then kill the second one. Gratz lvl 2 pick twin fang skill and head to wraiths...

Step 2: Wraiths:
Initiate and kill little wraiths first with burnout and potion on finishing the big one with twin fang.

Step 3: Wolves:
Use Burnout and twin fang with potion. Kill the big one or two little wolves first... its up to you..

Step 4: Blue Buff:
Be sure that you have almost full health when starting the fight.
Focus the Big golem with burnout on to deal aoe damage to others too and dont forget to twin fang and smite while using next health potion. After it finish the rest.

Step 5: Decision:
Now you should have 1 potion left or in use already and like 1/2 health.
It's up to you if you now head to enemy jungle to counter their jungler or steal him his minions or go back and buy more potions and long sword and then continue in your jungle still. Therefor I will divide Step 6 into 2 parts....

Step 6 Enemy jungle:
Head to enemy golems and look if they are alive. If yes kill them fast. Then go scout and check their red buff and wraiths. If wraiths are alive wait till smite ready and then smite the big wraith finishing of others with burnout and twin fang.
Note: This option can be very risky already since you will have only less than 1 health bar left. Do it only if you are sure you can kill them without dying or being ganked!

After this go back to your base. If you cant kill wraiths go back after golems.

-If you meet their jungler right when you fight a monster and you have less health than him flash out immediately use burnout for sprint and run away.
-If you meet their jungler in opposite role... KILL HIM!.

Step 6 Your jungle:
You should be already level 4 by now if you cleared enemy jungle, otherwise level 3 so..
Kill Wolves or wraits without using smite on them.

Go then and kill Golems without smite just with new set of health potion and your abilities.
(Buy atleast 4 health potions before starting in your own jungle again.)

Now it's the time to take down red buff.
Be sure you have alot of health and some potions left start with the big one and kill it fast with smite.

You should be almost level 6 now...
Wait like 15 seconds for wolves or wraiths to spawn kill them and you will be level 6.

If you chose the option Your jungle instead after blue buff you will have to kill both wolves and wraits or golems to get level 6 again.

However the result of both variants is the same: Full hp 1 health potion left and ultimate ready!

Remember that you can always help out on lanes when your team mate needs to go back giving you some extra experience.

Step 7: Ganking:
Choose your lane you wish to gank now and head to its bush in the river.
Note that you will instantly get 100 Fury after taking ultimate skill giving you the option to use ultimate immediately!

When you are ready jump in and burn everything and everyone down without hesitating to tower dive them if they are in small numbers or with less health only!!!

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Solo top

Be sure to keep yourself on almost full health while defending the lane.

If you run out of health potions don't hesitate to push your lane forward or tell your jungler to defend it for a while and get new potions and items from the shop to continue.

Ask your jungler to wait for you on the lane till you are back so you won't have to use teleport keeping it for later use.

Don't forget to play defensively under your tower killing minions with burnout when they get too close and making it easier to gank your enemies with your jungler.

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So here I added the detailed build for 3v3 Shyvana and explanation why I'm trolling with these items so much.

Only if you really read this you will understand and if you try this you will be surprised and the result of this surprise depends only on you.

I have been playing few games (only few yes, don't forget she is new champion) with victory at the end so I think it works pretty good.

Let's get started.

Early Game

So lets place Shyvana on the bottom lane with some support or ranged champion.
(You can try solo top as well if you think you manage it without giving them first blood)

Try to not push so much, only last hits, letting the enemy push you to your turret and then kill minions with burnout.
Start to harass with flame breath once you reach level 2 keeping the enemy in constant pain unable to last hit or get near to the minions for experience.
Eventually use flame breath to last hit too.

Try to not use the health potion until level 6 unless you have been victim of great harassment. If They bring you down to low health and are unable to push your turret don't hesitate and recall.
If you could keep your health potion till 6 use it better in team fight.

Remember to buy green wards, if you got some money to spend, placing it to red buff or other important locations.
Don't bother yourself to go to top and place one to dragon, it's a task for solo top player. Do so only in mid and late game once you can move more freely.

Mid Game

Here you should have at least basic boots, ruby crystal and giant's belt already if things go wrong, otherwise warmog's armor and mercury treads.
You won't need so many potions to keep yourself alive anymore,(having like 2k health) so use it to buy purple wards instead.

It's the time to do your job now. To do, for what you have been made and to do, for what you have bought your items!!!

It's YOU who will initiate the team fight, it's YOU who will lure the enemies to the abyss and sudden death, its YOU who will be focused by enemies when they see huge dragon flying on their heads, and it's YOU who will use EXHAUST to SLOW them and then getting all kills with BURNOUT ON (LOLZ!!!..).



YOU are the one who need red buff to be able to slow the enemies preventing them ro run from team fight!!!!!! ...Until you have frozen mallet.....

Late Game

Buy the rest of your items in order depending on your enemies. So if they have more AP champions or dealing damage with it buy force of nature before sunfire cape or otherwise.
Well I think you get the point.....but.. Warmogs armor IS YOUR FIRST ITEM!!!

Remember the more health in the game the better advantage for you in team fights!

Later in game your task remains same plus you will be constantly slowing the enemies with frozen mallet preventing them to escape.

Focus better one enemy with frozen mallet than 2 because you can't keep both of them slowed (only with exhaust).

One sure kill without death in your team is better than nothing giving you the possibility to push, kill dragon or do jungle.

Keep this up, don't forget to do your job, use wards and you will be rewarded with victory!

Guide Top


Thank you for reading this long spam hoping it will help you to win more games and be a positive part of your team.

Remember this is only my opinion and suggestion how to play this champion.
I don't claim my build is the best but I think it's not the worst as well.
It's aimed to help you out and give you different look on Shyvana.

Try it out, comment it and vote for me please.

I will be looking for your opinions so I can change it and myself to be a better player too.