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Shyvana Build Guide by Priscatella

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Priscatella

Shyvana Solo TOP Lane

Priscatella Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi People ^^ This is my first guide! So feel free to comment or add some changes.
This guide is ONLY for Shyvana on LANE (Soloing or not).

I have found this build a very nice one, really, because all of us knows that Shyvana is not hitting nothing on the beggining, and if you bad-build her, on lvl 18 will be hitting worse then lvl 1...

So keep reading if you want to know how to make your hero very stronger and powerful :)

Some part of the guide is taken from Legendarsreign's guide. Why did I post it here also? Because I followed his guide when I started playing Shyvana also, and I share his point of view.

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· Twin Bite - Reduces the cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
· Burnout - Extends the duration by 1 second to a maximum of 6 seconds.
· Flame Breath - Deals 15% of the ability's damage to debuffed targets.
· Dragon's Descent - Attacks generate 2 Fury and Shyvana passively gains Fury over time while in human form.

· Shyvana strikes twice on her next attack, dealing (+) physical damage on the second attack. The bonus damage is equal to 80/85/90/95/100% of Shyvana's Attack Damage.

Dragon Form: Twin Bite cleaves all units in front Shyvana.

· Shyvana deals 25/40/55/70/85 (+0.2 per bonus AD) magic damage per second to nearby enemies and moves 30/35/40/45/50% faster for 3 seconds. Shyvana's Movement Speed bonus is reduced over time.

Dragon Form: Burnout scorches the earth, continuing to damage enemies that stand on it.

· Shyvana unleashes a fireball that deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.6 AP) magic damage and burns 15/15/15/15/15% of their Armor for 4 seconds.

Dragon Form: Flame Breath engulfs all units in a cone in front of her.

· Active: Shyvana transforms into a dragon and takes flight to a target location. Enemies along her path take 200/300/400 (+0.7 AP) magic damage and are knocked toward her target location.

Passive: Shyvana reinforces her scales, increasing her Armor and Magic Resist by 15/20/25. Defensive bonuses are doubled in Dragon Form.

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Summoner's Spells

I like to use Heal and Ignite. But that's with my way to play, because is really agressive from level 1 to 18.
- Yes, HEAL, because a good starting can decide all the game, you're playing with advantage, think, if he Flashes, you Ultimate or Burnout, if he Heals, then prevent that and Ignite him, if he exhaust you... then get back or you always can use your Ultimate also... but I don't recomend that in this case.
And a good heal, can save you (and you teammate) in top lane.
My teammate on my lane, obviusly, he won't take heal and will take Exhaust or Flash.
And if you Solo Top, it's at your choice, but I feel more comfortable with Heal and not Flash.

· Then if you don't like Heal or Ignite, also you can use Flash and Exhaust also. They give you a good spell to escape or catch enemies, and a good CC if you plan to gank or prevent an enemy to escape from you.

- And Ignite, because... well, this spell has gave me some kills, assistances, and very important too, evade the enemy heals.

· I don't recommend some others spells like:

- Promote -> Are you kidding me?
- Telleport -> Run with burnout and boots+2, having that, you don't need to waste the Spell Slot in this one, are other better that'll help you to get more kills.
- Clarity -> No mana?
- Surge -> Personally I've didnt prove it, but... Wait 220 seconds for a 12 seconds buff that gives you AP depending on your level when you're going on AD? No thanks :) Maybe you think it's good for the Attack Speed... Yes, but again, don't waste a slot for a not so much useful spell when you have betters ones.
- Clairvoyance -> This skill is not bad at all, but don't be you who takes it. That's better for a supporter, not for an assassin.
- Cleanse -> Well... Also is not bad... But just evade and prevent when you can be CC and you won't need it. If you got CCd and after the effect you have chances of survive, just Ultimate, and if you have Flash, use it.
- Ghost -> You have Burnout, so don't take this one...
- Revive -> Are you going to die? NOOOOOO! So, forget it.

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Attack Sequence

First of all, we'll use Flame Breath for reduce the enemy's armor and then attack. Also when you're in lane against rangeds, then farm minions with Flame Breath and for scare the enemies attack them also with it.

Like Burnout increases your movement speed, we'll use this skill for chase the enemies. And once chased, we'll must use it everytime the cooldown resets. Remember it's damaging every second, that's why is really important. Always active for farm minions.

After that, we'll use Twin Bite for double-damage the enemy or the minion.

If we plan to kill the enemy with dragon form (you MUST do it), we'll have to follow the same sequence but thinking more on your position and the direction of your attacks.

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Shyvana SOLO Top Lane

I Like to play her REALLY deffensive.
Think, the enemy(s) on your lane will kill more minions then you on the beggining, but under tower, you'll get the advantage on experience.

Also, if in Top lane are Two enemies, and I know I can't hold them up, I'll ask someone to come and gank.
· Is better that the Jungler kill more mobs on the Top Side Map, because the enemy will be pushing you, and he'll be more closer to the Tower Zone, and will be really more easily to gank with success. If the Jungler is good, you and him will get feeded in the first 10-15-20 minutes.

· If in your lane is only one enemy, then be aggresive, REALLY AGGRESIVE, but READ your chat for SS, because you'll have more chances to be ganked.

· Depends, on what role are your enemies (melee or ranged), increase first Twin Bite (melee) or Fire Breath (Ranged). I preffer always increase Fire Breath, because you can scare them, and then get closer to the minions and get the gold. - Only in some cases, for example, Jax and Tyrnandmere, then level up Twin Bite instead of Fire Breath, because they are hitting really hard from the beggining and you'll need an attack harder then Fire Breath, also thinking they are both melee. -

· Don't doubt if you have to waste your Ultimate for escape, for basically two reasons:
1- You are solo in the lane = more faster grows up the Rage Bar
2- If you die, you give a kill to the enemy, then he feeds, then you die again 100 times, then you lose the match.

· It's not a bad idea to place one guard in the first grass closer to the tower, because that will help you for kill and for survive, and also for prevent a gank and for reverse the gank too.

· When I'm Solo Top, I usually buy the items in other order:
1. Doran's Shield
2. B.F. Sword
3. Boots of Speed
4. The Black Cleaver
5. Berserker's Graves
- Like this I can evade more easily ganks and ranged attacks, also runaway from the enemyes when low HP.

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Shyvana & TeamMate Top Lane

I preffer play with this build, because I can play too much AGGRESIVE and feed my self really fast.

First of all, I'm going to say some of a good choises for your teammate on top lane and why them:

1. Veigar - You Flamebreath your enemy, he stuns him, then you Ultimate to him with Burnout on and finally Twin Bite. - FREE KILL!
2. Morgana - If she's not taking mid, take her to your lane. Why? She stun your enemy for you to Ultimate him with Burnout on, like Veigar, and more important too, she can also stun for you to runaway, Veigar also can, but is a bit harder then Morgana. (For the tactic and for the practice I mean). Also, she have a good DPS, so take proffit of that and be sure to last-hit your enemy.
3. Sejuani - Yup, the new hero can also be a good choise. She frost everyfxckingthing on her way, so again, take proffit of that, think when is the good moment for Ultimate with Burnout on, and then Flamebreath and Twin Bite. If your enemy flashes, Sejuani's Dash and then Ultimate frost. Then you come for behind with Bournout on and if is at low HP, Flamebreath annd FREE KILL AGAIN!
Sejuani is really good also if she build as a tanky, because you'll be hitting harder then her = more choises for last-hit
4. Vayne - It seems it cannot be a good teammate for Shyvana... but yes, is not such bad as you think. Maybe she KS some kills, but think, will be kills at long distance, and you maybe are low HP, then... better an assistance then nothing.
Think, you have a constant-damage AoE, Twin Bite that damage the doble of one attack, and Flame Breath for mark him... You have to make the kill in 80% of times.
Also she has a really good damage, so attack in the good moment, and you'll get the kill.
5. Jarvan IV - He saved Shyvana in the past and recruited her to his team, so... how cannot be a good teammate? :P
If you know how to combine his attacks with yours... Is the unstoppable lane, trust me...
When he Ultimate, If the enemy don't get out from the whole, jump on with Ultimate and Burnout, and it's your kill. If he does, then fly over the whole and catch him, it's yours anyway.
If he feeds, you can't get feeded then. So... if you want to be the feeded, be sure to last-hit everything and everyone.
6. Cho'gath - Sure! He knock-up the enemy, you Ultimate with Burnout, He silences the enemy, then Flamebreath, Twin Bite and Burnout and Flamebreath and Twin Bite... YOUR KILL!
7. Tryndamere - If he really plays good, you are more unstoppable then Jarvan and You... That's actually one of the best teammate I've seen and I've tried. INMORTALS.
No stun... yeah. But he has the chicken, and for be the greatest teammate ever, he MUST take exhaust, then... it's a question of a HUGE DAMAGE IN SHORT-TIME.
Just do the same with the others heros... Ultimate with Burnout on and Flamebreath and Twin Bite.
If the enemy goes undertower, if you are low HP, let Tryn to catch him, if you still have the Ultimate and you have high HP, catch him, and run away with Burnout.

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Tricks for Shyvana

· When you have to clean minions, a good way for do it is, bournout when you have the first minion by your side, and you go straight till the last minion (normally is the heavy one = more gold) then flame breath him and twin bite if still is alive. After that, clean the other minions behind you.

· This one is pretty good xD. Are you tired of attack the towers, you alone remove 95% HP and then comes one friend of yours and appears: "YOUR****FRIEND has destruyed a tower"??? I have the answer!!! Don't waste your Twin Bite! Don't do it! And when the tower's HP is kinda like 2, 3%, then Twin Bite and... "YOU have destroyed a tower". Really, works 90% except someone of your teammates is really feeded and his hits are like 600, 800, criticals 1,500... then... Good Luck!

· When you transform into a dragon, you have to KILL and SURVIVE, because you'll probably get focused, but sometimes you may transform in 1v1 for kill the enemy, so in this case, a good advice I can tell you is: Transform whithout having no skills with CD, then attack the enemy with all skills. He'll follow you, so run with burnout on, and when the skill's CD refresh, attack him again. And like this with every fight 1v1. It will give you more chances to Kill and Survive at same time.

· Also, when you are in a teamfight and you'll die, you always can use your transform for escape. Just get close to a wall, then press R, make it longer till the other side of the wall and that's it. Burnout and hide for Base.

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Pro's - Con's

Good Clearing
Can be builded Tank/DPS
Nice damage Output
Good duelist
Good Jungler

Has no CC
Really hard to gank with her
No DPS at the beginning

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"The best deffense is a good attack"

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MARKS - 9x Greater Mark of Disolation - Armor Penetration 1,66

SEALS- 9x Greater Seal of Resilence - Armor 1,41

GLYPHS - 9x Greater Glyph of Guarding - Magic Resist 1,49

QUINTESSENCE - 3x Greater Quintessence of Strenght - 2,25 Attack Damage

"The best attack is a good deffense"

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The best choise you can do is Doran's Shield, OFC.
Why? Because give you live, armor, and life regen, and I found this item really much usefull then Boots + 3 Potions.

After that, you'll like to hit harder then what you actually hit, so just buy a B.F. Sword, and when you have more gold, increase it to a Black Cleaver for have more Attack Damage, Attack Speed and the Unique Passive for reduce enemy's armor by 15 for 5 seconds, maximum 3 stacks.
- If you're SOLO Top, I preffer to buy B.F Sword, then Boots, then Back Cleaver, and finally the Bersker's Boots, but is at your choice, depend the enemy and how comfortabble you feel on lane. -

Then buy boots. Berserker's Greaves are the best choise because your Attack Speed is incremented by 25% and Movement Speed by 2.

Once bought the boots, go and buy the Recurve Bow, which increments your Attack Speed by 40%, and after get more gold, buy Wit's End. Is a good item for Shyv, because deals damage, gives you Attack Speed, Magic Resist, and a buff again of Magic Resist.
You can buy also the Sunfire Cloc, but... Well, I preffer have AS and not more HP, because that I'll get it after on the Frozen Mallet.

And after that, buy Vampiric's Scepter, because it's time to have more Life Steal (12%). Then, increase it to Bloodthirsther, because will give you 60 AD, plus 15% life steal. Also, with every kill you'll gain a 0,25% Life Steal plus 1 AD, and, like you'll be feeded, you'll be the best.

Finally, get the Phage for 18 Attack Damage and 225 HP and really important for Shyvana, a permantent chance of slow 25% the enemy's Movement Speed by 30% for 2.5'', build it into an Frozen Mallet for the Attack Damage, the HP, and 10% more of slow.

For finish, sell the Doran's Shield, and get the Pickaxe for 25 Attack Damage and when you'll get more gold, build it into an Infinity Edge for the Attack Damage.

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Well, this section is for show you the scores I'm doing with my build.
If you want to share your score here, you are free to send me a screenshot of your play :D

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