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Shyvana Build Guide by Earleking

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Earleking

Shyvana Tank Lane Guide

Earleking Last updated on November 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have seen Shyvana played as many different types of fighter, and played almost just as many. However, the build that I found that works the best is the tank build. Well, I can't really call it a full tank build but it makes you really hard to kill and also gives you moderate damage output.

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Depending on how you like to play you champions, your runes will change quite a bit but this is simply my favorite. The rune set really depends on your playing style but out of experience, this is what works best for me.

Greater Glyph of Fortitude

I chose this glyph to give extra health right at the start of the game. This way you can push enemy champs more off the bat and will also have to retreat less.

Greater Mark of Alacrity

I used this mark to give extra attack power. Many of the items listed focus on defense and health, so I use marks to give me some extra attack.

Greater Seal of Vitality

This seal I chose it compliments the Glyph. While the glyph gives you health at the star of the match, this seal gives you more health for the end of the match. So I would recommend using both of these runes together.

Greater Quintessence of Strength

I chose this Quintessence for many of the same reasons as the mark. Seeing as my items lack attack power but excel in defensive power, I chose to make the Quintessence an offensive one.

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Many of the items I chose for Shyvana are armor and health. This is because Shyvana needs to survive. Shyvana is not an AD carry so don't try and make her one. She has enough basic AD to go on so instead increase her health and armor to make her really hard to kill.

My starting item is always Doran's Shield. This gives Shyvana extra health and endurance in the lane. With this the enemy summoner will have a hard time killing you and you can close the gap quickly with Burnout. I then next get boots of speed because most other summoners have gotten them by this point and Shyvana can't keep up without them.

Right after the boots I rush Sunfire cape. This gives you quite a bit of health and also a good deal of armor. This give you greater endurance and it also gives a great passive. It deals 40 magic damage a second to whatever enemies are near by. Because malmost all of Shyvana's damage comes from agression, this item fits very well with Shyvana.

Next upgrade your boots. I upgrade mine to the boots of swiftness. This is so none but the fastest champs can get away from me. Also, this increase the speed boost you receive from Burnout. Right after get Phange. This will help slow down your target while you finish them for the kill. Phange also gives you extra health and attack.

Then after that, rush Randuin's omen. This will give you extra health and armor as well as a great passive. Now that you have so much health and armor, the enemy will be hard pressed to kill you, but will have to in order to win team fights. So because of this, I like to rush Wit's End next because of its attack speed boost and passive. The attack speed will let me get off my abilities more often and will increase the duration of Burnout and Dragon's Descent. Once you upgrade your Phange after that, the last item is up to you. However, them game is typically over or almost over by this point. But if it isn't, my favorite it Guardian Angel. This makes you practically impossible to kill without a major gank and even if you do die once, you just re-spawn again.

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The masteries are almost completely left up to the summoner in this build. I personally go for mainly the offense tree to get some more damage which the items are lacking in quite a bit. After that I usually invest the remainder of my points in the Defense tree to simply increase Shyvana's Tankyness.

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As I said earlier in the guide, Shyvana can be played many different ways. This is simply my favorite and the one that works for me. This is by no means an insta win guide but I think it a pretty good build to go with if your going for a tank. Just keep in mind, a lot of these things are interchangeable especially the items. So thanks for reading this guide and good luck on the Fields of Justice.