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Shyvana Build Guide by Thunfischdose

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thunfischdose

Shyvana - The Counter Jungler

Thunfischdose Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide completely focuses on fast jungling and counterjungling as it is necessary to play against good enemies. If you wanna "bash" some newbies then you shouldn't read this guide, because then Shyvana is much better on lane!

Shyvana is one of the fastest junglers in game. Her burnout lets monstercamps melt like ice in summer and let her rush quickly over the map.
I have a lot of fun playing her and wish you to have it too.

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Pros / Cons


  • Shyvana is one of the fastest jungler in game!
  • She has got an amazing movementspeed.
  • She has no mana and can beat nearly all enemy junglers in earlygame!


  • She has no Crowd Control!
  • Because she has no lifesteal or shield by herself, she's harder to play then many other junglers.
  • She is dependant on the early game more than other junglers.

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This runes aim on clearing neutral camps as fast as possible with regenerating health by it, as a good jungler should.
They nerfed wriggles lantern and the bloodthister, so vampirism quintessences become more and more powerful.
Damage marks make Shyvana clean the camps as fast as possible and speed is the biggest advantage of Shyvana to other junglers. I tried Armor Penetration and Attack Speed Marks, but Damage worked best.
For a bruiser (Tanky AD Character), which Shyvana is, Armor Seals are one of the basics.
For glyphs I take Attack Speed. So I'm a little bit faster clearing neutral camps and Attack Speed harmonizes great with Shyvanas Passive. For bruisers magic resistance/level would be basic, but mostly i dont have problems with casters playing Shyvana, so the decision is up to you.

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Shyvana is insane fast in clearing monstercamps, but her biggest weakness is that she has got no good skill for ganking (no Crowd Control).
You should compensate this weakness by a lot of damage, ganks and slow by items or red buff.
For lots of damage, especially in early game, I skill my masteries 21:9:0.
Since the change of deadliness its useless and should just be taken by ranged ad carries for lethality. Same for havoc: Shyvana would get 2 attack damage by it for 3 mastery points.

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Summoner Spells

Normally I just jungle with Smite+ Flash
First, I wrote this guide to jungle with Smite + Exhaust because Shyvana got no Crowd Control.
But i changed my mind, because Flash is just too useful and too many enemies survived because they had it and I had not.

Some guys think you shouldn't take smite if you can jungle without it.
But I disagree with them because you need something to lasthit dragon and baron. Twin bite + smite do this job brilliant.

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Skill Sequence

For speed in jungling and movement you should max burnout. 1 point on Twin Bite: It resets your attack timer so attack first then use twin bite + right click to do extreme burst damage on level 2.
You should use Burnout to run from 1 point to another, but make sure u can make a hit before it would end or you can use it again to enter the lane or clear a neutral camp. Twin Bite you can also use on towers.
As 2nd Skill u should max Flame Breath: It's great to open with, especially in dragon form, because it reduces armor and it's nice to finish with too.
So the skillorder is>>>

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You should rush for wriggles and boots, because the most important for Shyvana and many junglers is speed+mapcontrol. It's your job (and the job of the support) to plant wards!
If you wanna counter jungle you need even more wards to control additionally the enemy jungle.
Because the efficeny of your ganks is dependant on Slow by Red Buff and/or your items you should buy level 2 boots and phage as fast as poissble. To make Shyvana faster a tanky character I decided to change from trinity force to frozen mallet. Red Buff stacks with it, but i would give the red to the ranged ad after you finished it.

After this you should rush for life, armor or magic resistance! But don't forget you are a bruiser: In the moment you stop dealing enough damage, good enemies will stop focusing you.
With her insane movement speed and her ulti Shyvana is a great initiator for teamfights. If you reach a target (ranged ad or burst ap) with it and can slow him down with frozen mallet, your team has the time to close the gap and kill it.
So the Core Items are:

After this you should buy items dependant on your team and your enemies.
Mostly you need another offtank, so I build:

If you are owning and have got the gold for it at one time buy Guardian Angel If Guardian Angel is on Cooldown, I sell it and buy another item.
You can do the same with wriggles if baron was killed before and you have tons of gold.
If you have lots of Crowd Control in your enemy team by a Quicksilver Sash (more than 3 CCs) !

If theres a missing carry in your team, Trinity Force a nice option instead of Frozen Mallet but u shouldn't initiate then. You can buy some other carry item as last item then too.
Maybe I add a more carry build when I had more time to try it.
You should add to the core any tanky item you like without mana.

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Team Work

The most important thing for jungling to work is a good team.
Anyone in your team need to know, that he should JUST LASTHIT.
Pushing is making YOUR jungler usless and the enemy jungler strong, if he knows how to play...

For Counterjungling<=>Playing Shyvana I recommend a team with a support with Clairvoyance!(Best would be to have a mate in Teamspeak playing one).
With CV and a bit experience you know where the enemy jungler will be and can steal his monster camps or even kill him.
Before you enter a lane for a gank, be sure all mates on this lane are in position and recognized that you enter now!

Here are some positions for wards:

The sight wards mark the wards preventing ganks.
The vision wards show where to plant them when enemies got an invisible hero (Shaco, Teemo, Twitch, Evelynn etc).
The Smite Symbol marks where you should plant early game counter jungling wards. Do this just in the enemy half, you should see somebody entering your jungle by other wards.
From the 6th Minute of game you should have a ward at dragon.
If you got wriggles and mid and bottom lane are pushing do it and ask them to come for help!
Baron you should ward from the 14th Minute.

Minimum dragon and baron should be timed: Dragon respawn 6 minutes after you killed him.
Baron respawns after 7 minutes.

When to do Baron?

  • when any important enemy (main carry, jungler) is out of position
  • after you won a teamfight, pushed on the base, got an inhibitor and need to head back because of respawn of enemies! (Remember Base>Baron. If you can get a lane after teamfight always do so)
  • when your support bought an orcale and destroyed baron ward, you warded the enemy jungler arround baron nashor and they dont come
If you higher level (>14) and you have got an advantage you can use baron to force a teamfight. Gather with your team there, destroy enemy wards with oracle or pink ward and start baron.
If the enemies come you should all rush out of baron and focus a target. If not you have got a free baron. While doing baron your carries should be very close to you, so they can't be focused out easily.

In Team fights you should always make sure you're between your carries and the enemies. Your job as a bruiser is to protect your carries. Your ulti+slow by frozen mallet will be your most useful tool for this. Don't chase anyone while you carries can be in trouble. Minimum check this before you start to chase.

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Creeping / Jungling

There is no straight path you should follow when you jungle, because if everybody jungles this path, they would be easy countered. But here is a route which works well for me!

If enemy starts at blue/Golem (you know by CV), mostly its the best for you! You start scouting with your midlaner and top or bottom laners the bush close to the enemy wraiths (rush there fast). Often you can get first blood there.
The remaining lane should scout one entry of your jungle.
You kill the enemy wraith(dont't use smite),while your mates still scout.
Then your mates should pull enemy red and go to their lanes. You do it easily with smite, reach level 2 (extreme burst) and gank then bottom or top lane from a position which mostly isn't warded.
You are level 2 with red and the laner are level 1. If one has got a CC tell him to skill it first.
Your support should use his CV on your own red and keep it on CD until u finished it ureself.
After ganking top your route is own Wolves, Wraith, Red Buff, Golems while looking out for ganks.(6^x= Go/Gank here if possible after 6 else continue with the path)

After this you recall, shop boots, some wards and 1-2 health potions. If you can finish wriggles instead, do so.
As good jungler you should have an eye for which lane you can gank best. For example if youre mates pushed in enemy tower and the minionwaves meet there you should go to this lane in 2 minutes because it will be pushed by the enemy minions.

Head now to you're own blue buff and give it to your midlane ap char!
If he can't leave his lane at the moment (atm), do wolves first.
Then do the standard route: Wraith, Golems, Gank, Wraith, Gank, Wolves
or enter the enemy jungle to steal buffs and gank from unusual positions.
For example if started at blue and you did his red both will respawn arround 7:00 (5 minute respawn time).
The decision on what to steal is up to how important the buff is for the enemy team:
Junglers who really need red: Warwick, Olaf, (..all jungler except the non-ad ones: Rammus, Shen, Ammumu, Fiddlesticks etc...)
Mid Laner who Really need blue: Anivia, Swain, (Veigor, Kassadin, Galio)
During this time you should always watch out for a good gank and stop the route!

At this point you should use smite just for lasthitting big monsters (lizard, dragon, baron) or weaken the ancient golem.
When you finished Frozen Mallet you should give even red buff to your ad carry!

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Thanks for reading and have a lot of fun playing Shyvana.
When I got some more time, I will improve this guide with more picture, colors and maybe a video.
This is my first guide so please tell me what I should do better next time!