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Shyvana Build Guide by Arisenn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arisenn

Shyvana the Dragon's Breath

Arisenn Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Introduction - Read First !!!

Welcome in my guide to Shyvana the Halfs Dragon.
Some of oyu can think its too soon for a real guide, and i must agree. This guide is based on my experience with Shyvana. Playing her Since release (2:00 AM 2/11/2011) till now. Yes, i spended whole night trying to optimize her. So ill be glad for every feedback you can give to me.

IMPORTANT: I´ll not use any pictues in this guide. All will be described by letters and words !!!!

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Hextexh aka Hybrid Shyvana

I found already in few guides an users opinions for a Hextech. Usualy they said = IT SUCK.
U can think whatever u want, but i have tried over 40 games, with all possible combinations, and i found this three things.

1) Wringle is ****in imba starter for her even no jungling.
2) Shen is an HYBRID ! Deal with it !
3) Trinity/Hextech works fine, realy fine.

So if you dear reader think, she´s not hybrid or u wont atleast try to play it like this, dont even read this guide.

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Pros and Cons


+ Good Farmer (easy solo top)
+ Able to jungle
+ Really movable hero (big movement and att. speed)
+ Great pusher.
+ Extremly fun
+ Dragon form is just " ARGRGR "
+ Sexy


- Squishy untill completing wringle. (Or until lvl 7-10)
- Need´s to farm. Solo lane is best option.
- Hard to matester.
- Crucial in Ultimate Timing.

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Fury of the Dragonborn
-Twin Bite : -0.5sec CD every autoattack
-Burnout : Every autoatck extends duration +1 sec for max 6 sec
-Flamebreath : +20 % ability power to debuffed targets
-Dragon´s Descent : autoatack generate fury. In HUman form she pasively gains fury.

This is Shyvana´s passive ability which extends all other abilites with a bonuses like CD reduction atm every time you auto-attack.

Twin´s Bite
- Next meele attack grant you bonus damage. (bonus is as big as your AD !!!!)
DRAGON FORM : Twin bite also does AOE.

The main damage ability of Shyvana. Im usualy not picking it first (only when im laning alone i do) but im maxing it in same time as Burnout.

-Unleash a fire tornadou around you for 3 sec which deal damage to every1 in area and increasing your moement speed.
DRAGON FORM : Leaves fire trace behind you which deals damage to enemy inside.

Best of Best, this is alfa anf omega of Shyvana. U will have to Activate it every time you want engage battle or get kill.

Flame Breath
- Hurls a Fireball which reduces armor of your target by 15 % and deal magic damage.
DRAGON FORM: Instead of one Shyvana will splash 4 Firebolts with same effect.

This skill is the last u will need. Its viable in late game as Armor reduction, but for sure you cant get kill with this :)))

Dragon´s Descent

- Transform you into a dragon after a brief cast time. Shyvana will leap to a distance ( setted by you) and deal damame to all enmies in her way. Also dragon form enhances her skills.


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Summoner Spells


Viable spell but no needed, with Trinity + Burnout no way to get away :)


Every time usefull skill. Its about to personal preferences, but i like more Teleport :)


For los jungleros :)


My Favourite One. I jsut love to tele into the fight or same turret or just farm big minions weave. Top spell :)


My second favorite for Shivana. For early kils, gangs and team fights. Made by Riot.

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Role in Team fights / Gangs

Shivana´s role is mostly as off-tank assasin. With my builde you will be able to hanlde toms of damage and also get kills.

How to start fight ?

GANGS: Simply activate your burnout and run straight to your target, try to start in proper moment when enemy is closest to you or cant hide. Burnout will porivde you with high movement speed and bonus AOE damage. Try to make autto-attack ASAP. Dont let your Bournout fade. As next use your TWINS BITE, also ASAP when you engage enemy, every single hit by autottack is lowering your CD on Twins Bite.

And when enemy flashes away ?

Activate Ultimate Drtaogn form, jumpr for him and repeat all sptes before :))

NOTE: Shyvana untll atleast Wringle lantern is really squishy. Dont be greedy at start or in Fights, just wait for the right moment !


You will be forced to engage by your Dragon´s Form most of the time ( usualy ppl wont play tanks) so wait for the right moment. When enganging best way is to ACTIVATE BURNOUT before u USE YOUR ULTI !!! then useulti and overjump enemy + with burnout you will leave behind double flame trace = more damage. Then try to face as many as possibele anemies at once, because your Ultiamte enhaces your Twins Bite and Flame Breath by aoe DMG.

ALWAYS target GLASS CANNONS (Ashe,Miss Fortune atm.) and you will see how fast they retreat.

When you are not engaging, still target glass cannonst, activate Burnout and try cahse them asap, then simply autoatck, twins bite and if needed Dragon Form.

How to save team mate´s life ?

Two possibilities :

1) Use ulti to knock eneimes back (away) from your team mate.
2) Enage with burnout + twins btie and try force them to retreat by your insane damage.

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Solo top / bot is best option for Shyvana. She can really easily farm with BURNOUT and last hit by autoatacks or by Twins Bite.

Try to not harras so early, she is available to haras enemy at solo lane, but i prefer to sra calm and jsut farm, but if your enemy at lane rly suck, dont hesitate and kill him.

Simply, get as many last-hits possible, if you can farm woods ( if no jungler in team) or enemy woods or support other lanes.

Kill and dont get Killed.

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Shyvana is extremly fun hero. Available to make dmg, handle dmg as tanks and simply turn the card of teamfights. With proper items and playstyle it will be nightmare of your enemies.

Have fun :)