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Shyvana Build Guide by Ludicrous Lex

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludicrous Lex

Shyvana, The Fire Queen

Ludicrous Lex Last updated on May 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide for Shyvana, the half dragon. I love dragons. Always have and always will. They are just plain badass, and Shyvana is no exception. She falls right into the current meta game as tanky dps/jungler. I have been practicing alot with her recently and I have had the most success with this general build. She has alot of built in survivability and is one of the most mobile champs in the game. In this guide i will talk about how to initiate teamfights/jungle/discuss ranked play/and give you a general idea of Shyvana as a champion.

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Pros / Cons

-Amazing farmer
-does great dmg with few items
-is very tanky with few items
-great initiation skill

-laning as melee sucks against ranged -.-
-teamates hate giving you solo lanes >.<
-Cho'gath can still eat you

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Skill Sequence

Q-Twin bite:Shyvana strikes twice on her next attack.
this resets your AA so try to use it after a normal attack for the most dmg (especially early game)

W-Burnout:Shyvana deals magic damage per second to nearby enemies and her Movement Speed is greatly increased for 3 seconds. Shyvana's Movement Speed bonus is reduced over time.
this is your main spell. it does great dmg, gives movement speed, and last a very long time with a reletively short cd.

E-flame breath:Shyvana unleashes a fireball that deals magic damage and melts the target's Armor for 4 seconds.
this is just your meh skill. sure it is ranged and does decent base dmg, but it is hard to hit and skales off of ap. max this skill last ALWAYS

R-Dragond Decent:Shyvana transforms into a dragon and takes flight to a target location. Enemies along her path take magic damage and are knocked toward her target location.
you turn into a f***ing dragon. this is one of the best ults in the game. passive armor and magic resist that is doubled in dragon form, improves all your spells, has a huge range, and makes you look even cooler. Use this skill when it is up! It has almost no cooldown! it is based off of basically a rage meter that fills back up very fast, so dont be scared to waste this spell.

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Summoner Spells

My favorite summoner spells are flash and exhaust. i use these two spells on almost every champion i play. but there are other options, i will go over which ones are ok and which arent.

Flash- This spell is too good. it should be removeed from the game, but until it is it ia almost a must have. it can get you out of almost anything, so i always take it.

Exhaust- I love exhaust. gets rid of that annoying ad carry, and is awesome for 1v1 fights.

Ignite- almost as good as exhaust. Stops people from flashing away from you with 5 hp and getting away. solid choice.

Ghost- I dont really think you need ghost on Shyvana. Flash is enough to escape most things, and you already are one of the fastest champions with your W, but if you would rather have it i would say to replace flash.

Clense- Great for early ganks and not getting locked down in a teamfight. I dont use clense all that often, so i dont know enough about it to say whether or not it is useless on Shyvana, but if you love it i would say replace exhaust.

The only other spell to even consider is heal, and that is a stretch. please take one of the spells from above, becouse anything else will be a waste.

IMPORTANT: i forgot to mention smite. if you jungle you definatly want to take smite, however Shyvana is great in lane, and doesnt have any CC, so I would say leave jungling to someone else.

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok, here is the thing about Shyvana as a jungler. I have been trying to make this work, but honestly I dont think she should jungle. Maybe if there is no one else who is willing to jungle in a ranked match and you really feel like you HAVE to have a jungler then sure Shyvana can easily jungle. But the reason a champion jungles is to give an advantage to your team. It gives 3 champions on your team maximum exp and gold, but as a jungler you have to be able to gank, and that is something Shyvana cannot do. She has no CC unless you take exhaust, and jungling without smite is a very bad idea. So you basically can only jungle shyvana with exhaust and smite as summoner spells. This isnt so bad, with improved exhaust you have a fairly nice slow, and if they are pushing a lane hard enough then you can probably gank someone and help a little, but other junglers do a much better job.

Plus, Shyvana can dominate a lane. She has amazing harassment and burst, and can farm minions LIKE A BOSS. Shyvana should take solo lane, over just about anyone. In my opinion she is much stronger in top lane than she could ever be as a jungler.

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Like i said before Shyvana is a great farmer. She can clear an entire minion wave very fast with Burnout. Always take a solo lane when you have a jungler, the only champions on higher priority than you for solo lane are Veigar and Nasus. Early game play semi defensively. You dont want to push your lane all the way to their tower, becouse that sets you up for an easy gank. Let them push to your turret, and just last hit minions as best you can with AA's and Q. When the grouped up wave gets to your turret wipe them all out with a nice Burnout. If they are playing super agressive vs you, get your jungler to hide in the bush and bait them into a fight. With exhaust you should be able to make them B or even grab FB.

Mid-late game, you want to be roaming around the map pushing lanes and killing creeps in the jungle. Make sure not to take blue buff from someone who actually uses mana, even if you love having Burnout and Twin Fang on a 5 second cd. In order to compensate for your expensive build you need to farm like crazy. This isnt very difficult, i usually end up in the top 2 at least for gold earned, and so far no one has beat me in CS, even when we lost the game. BUT DONT FORGET, team fights come first. Do not be in the jungle farming it up while the rest of your team is off pushing a lane together. YOU need to be the one initiating the fights, and YOU need to be the one leading your team.

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Ranked Play

Shyvana is a solid pick for ranked play. as mentioned in the farming section, you need to take the top solo lane to be succesfull. Without farming early you cant keep up with their AD and AP carry, and since you aren't building full tank, you can be shut down mid game. Mid game you are at your weakest, you arent indestructable and you arent doing the most damage. So to compensate you want to get out of mid game as early as possable, which is why you have to farm like crazy. And remember, in ranked play communication is key, try to get your teamates talking in the lobby, and find out what champions they are playing. If you get the silent team, and despite your efforts no one is communicating with another, i suggest dodging the Q. I would rather wait an extra 5 minutes than not have good teamwork.

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First of all, you should not follow this exact build every game. An an off tank you still have to decide which defense is most important against certain teams. If they are all AD then there is no reason to buy Force of Nature. Just use your brain and you should be all right.

Dorans shield- i get dorans shield becouse it makes you a dominant force early game. the extra regen is helpfull, and of course so is the armor. This is a personal item, and if you feel you would rather have the extra movement speed then go ahead and get boots and 3 hp.

Merc Treads- This helps with CC and gives you a nice MR boost

Wriggles Lantern- This is a very important item, it gives you the sustain to stay out in the jungke for very long periods. When you get Wriggles you want to FARM HARD, dont stop farming unless your team is pushing a lane together

Frozen Mallet- Great slow and HP boost. Once you have this item you should be very hard to kill, and it will be hard for others to escape you with the awesome slow.

Sunfire cape- another good HP boost and some armor. I mostly pick this for the aoe dmg. This stacking with your W is amazing for teamfights, and is why you dont need to have a ton of dmg items to be able to dish out a ton of dmg.

Force of Nature- Everything a champ without mana could want. move speed, health regen, MR, AP mages will be nothing more than annoying gnats after this item.

Black Cleaver- By now you are basically unkillable anyway, so why not get more damage? this gives some much needed AS and a great armor reducing affect, helping not only you but your entire team.

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This guide is still not complete, i will be updating it within the following days, so please leave suggestions on improving my guide in the comments. This is also my first guide on MOBAFIRE, so please dont hate me too much :P