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Shyvana Build Guide by manasith908

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League of Legends Build Guide Author manasith908

Shyvana - The Metadragon

manasith908 Last updated on January 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello thar, I am manasith908, and this is my first Mobafire guide. I still have more to learn about Shyvana, so if you have any suggestions, then feel free to leave a comment, and I will change the guide accordingly. I decided to buy Shyvana after playing Skyrim :3 I started building Shyvana like this after I tried the "metagolem" thing my friends were talking about. I tried it on many champions, and I found Shyvana to be the best fit for me. I think that the "metagolem" is supposed to be tanky and still be able to deal a large amount of damage. Playing "glasscannon" will make you deal a lot of damage, but u will die if they are 2 or more enemies. After you get your warmogs atmas, its GG for the enemy team.

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The metagolem build allows you to still deal the same amount of damage, but have more health, armor and mr; therefore you do not risk dying. I take health quints, cooldown reduction gylphs, and armor seals because they work on multiple champions. Health and armor for the tankyness(is that a word?) and cd because Shyvana is very dependent on cooldowns For the marks, you may choose anything you wish. I take armor pen, but u may also take ad. I suggest you do not take crit chance, because in my metagolem build, you do not build too much crit.

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You can use any masteries that you like. I like to go 24-0-6. Normally I don't take Good Hands, but Shyvana does not use mana, and I think faster recall is useless. With Wriggles, you rarely go back to fountain. I just want the extra movement speed. You do not have to follow my mastery page. If you want to play Shyvana more tanky, then put some points in defense. With my play-style, I like to go up close and personal and Twin Bite them, so i take offence and utility.

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Start out with boots + 3 hps. When you B back to base, you have to decide to get the vampiric, or cloth armor. If you are doing good in lane, I suggest you get vampiric; but if you are getting pwned, no worries, get the cloth armor. No mater what you get first, finish your Wriggles. Depending on the enemy team, you can get murk or ninja tabi. If you feel like supa pro dovahkiin then you can get berserker.I like to get wits end, but it is optional. I suggest you get it if the enemy team is ap heavy. Most of the time I get it anyway. Next build your tri-force. I get Phage first, but you can get anything first. I like to go Phage->zeal->Sheen. The next items you need to get is warmogs and atmas. I like to get a giants belt for a little more hp, then build atms, but you can just finish warmogs and then atmas if you like. After your warmogs atmas, you are set. you may sell your wits end for anything you like. More hp or ad if you wish. I like to stick to true metagolem build and get a frozen mallet. You can sell your Wriggles if you wish, and get a I.E. or bloodthirster, but by the time that happens, it would be at least 45 mins into the game.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is up to the player. I like to get W first, but its your game you can get whatever skill you want first. W helps in farming and harassing in lane. Go up to them with W and then Q once, and walk away. Once level 3, you can W in, E, and then Q for even more damage. I like to max Q first, then alternate between W and E. and with most other champions, get your R at 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

You can take your favorite summoner spells. I take flash with almost every guy I play, but you can also take ghost. For a metagolem build, I always take exhaust. Shyvana does not have a CC, other than the knockback from her R. So when fighting 1v1 or focusing one target, I take exhaust. You may also take ignite if you are already laning with someone with exhaust.

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And there you have A Metagolem Build. The metagolem build works on almost every ad guy. I even go metabadger teemo. It is fun to experiment sometimes with different champs, but If I know my team needs an offtank with the damage of a Tryndamere, I would go metadragon Shyvana :3 Now only if riot will make one of Shyvana's skill stronger when ever she kills the dragon. :D

P.S. OMG people actually read my build! Thanks guies!