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Shyvana Build Guide by BlatantlyJesus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlatantlyJesus

Shyvana - Usain Bolt Beware!

BlatantlyJesus Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction to Shyvana

Hello, and welcome to my guide for Shyvana. Because she is so close to release this guide is going to be updated as time passes and so initially may not contain much content however i intend to change that by the end of the week, for now my intentions are to give those who have just bought or a thinking about buying her an insight into what works and how she works. Hopefully the build will be ready by the time her free week arrives.

Pros and Cons of Shyvana


-Very good early and mid
-Extremely good farming ability
-Decent AOE Damage
-Very fast base speed with a low cool down boosts


-Drops of late game
-No instant/quick gap closer bar ult
-Relies on being in their face, can be hard with a slack ally or enemy jungler

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The Runes i have selected now are what i can imagine will be good for her early game, i have yet to fully go into the specifics about what is needed and would love some suggestions/experiences. personally i run all AS runes because thats what i have for several champs however i can see that some early game stats may be more useful...

tell me what you think

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Again i have picked what i think is decent for her at this current time, this is subject to change however i have concentrated on Crit chance and early game defense, im not that knowledgeable when it comes to masteries and would love some suggestions.

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Skill Explanation

Fury of the Dragonborn: Mastering the use of her passive is imperative to success. i go into more detail about the use of the passive within each section.

Twin Bite

This is one of Shyvana's Key skills, it is great for dealing damage and can quikly melt down the enemies HP.Because it scales with AD its is of course boosted with the BF Sword trio and can make use of on hit effects and crits, lifesteal etc.... It is only after Infinity Edge that this item starts to get useful however that doesent
mean we neglect it, with a double crit you can pull out some nice damage even at low levels

when in dragon form Twin bite now deals damage to units infront of her, this gives her the ability to dish out damage to a multitude of targets i find it useful when several units are attacking a tower, swooping in then damaging them all usually is enough to scare them away.

The passives effect is pretty self explanatory the cooldown is reduced when you attack them, if you are serious about killing someone you should be right ontop of them
hugging them as you attack with attack speed you can get this off pretty often.
Tips and Tricks
  • This can pull some quick damage and may be enough to scare someone away
  • if you are being chased with low health after a failed battle turning around and them munching on them quickly can kill them before they have time to react
  • This has more range than an auto attack so you do not have to be in their face to use it

This ability is pretty much imperative too shyvanas playstyle, without it her sustained damage is non existant luckily its not too complicatedand can be pretty easy to utilize. I get this at level one because it offers the most damage it can win any level one fights and with a dorans item you should be able to live long enough to attack to get the full 6 seconds at it, late game it keeps all of your abilites up purely because of the movement speed
it works so well with your passive to make sure you can keep auto attacking as well as this the speed can get you away from a lot of sticky situations and catch up with anyone running away.

while in dragon form this makes her into a dragon type singed :), again in the middle of gank when you are in dragon form this can be used to deal damage to all enemies in one area netting you assist for those you dont kill. its also useful if you want to run away in a failed one and one especialy if they are at low health. all in all i dont rely on this effect
just because you cannot judge the damage it does and the effect however just remember its there helping you.

The passive Increases the duration of the ability, there is no reason for you not to have this ability up for 6 seconds the movement speed keeps you in range for atttacks which in turn lengthens
it this is the reason it deals so much damage early on and the reason you can keep chasing
Tips and Tricks
  • The speed buff can be an effective gap closer
  • If you are chasing quickly attack a passing minion to keep the buff up

Flame Breath: Because it scales with ap, early on and while in human for it is a pretty weak ability. Its main use while in human form is to remove the enemies Armour leading in with this can net you that extra damage you might just need.

Its while in dragon form this ability shines, in most teamfights you should be in dragon form if you junmped in using your ultimate because of this you can quickly deal a lot of aoe damage

Using the passive correctly with this form is what turns brings out its power, a debuffed enemy will take 20% of their ap that can be anything from 100 to 200 extra damage ontop of its base.

Tips and Tricks
  • Open with a shot to apply the debuff then use again to deal damaged based on their AP
  • It has a decent range in a cone and can be used to quickly Tower dive someone without getting too close

Dragon's Descent:
Ah her ultimate as well as looking completely bad *** her ultimate brings out some decent damage, essentially you turn into a dragon covered in fire swooping to your target location dealing damage along the way, once you there you turn into a dragon and your skills have additional effects, the use of the dive isnt limited to diving into a fight, it can be saved to follow a flashing enemy or to escape over a wall.

It works on the fury based system but unlike Tryndamere the fury is not lose ovetime and is infact gained passively while in human form because of this once you've got it you've got it until you need it, once you turn into a dragon it uses fury up over time attacking can help increase the length you can stay in dragon and build up fury so you can use it again.

Its got a nice passive with it giving you free magic resit and Armour which doubles when in dragon form remember this when going into a fight