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Shyvana Build Guide by THEnoob

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League of Legends Build Guide Author THEnoob

shyvanna the damage tank

THEnoob Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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i like to play this dragon lady very much! she is just a very strong tank with alot of damage.
this build is aimed on solo top but i think it will also work for jungling.
hope u all like this one

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why did i choose for this runes?

the armour seal runes are for survivabilty because u are solo top ur probably going to face another off ad tank so armour is nice.

att speed glyphs are great for shyvanna, the att speed is usefull for all her abilitys also gives a litle bit of advantage iin a 1 v 1 fight and it will be a litle easier to take the last hits and harras ur opponent at the same time

the armour penetration mark en quintestences: i picked the armour pen runes just for one reason so i dont have to buy an armour penetration item. but the 35 armour pen (+masteries) is also very nice at the early lvls in fighting another champion cause with 35(+masteries) armour pen it will look like he dont even have armour

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i choose for a 9 21 0 masterie page because it gives you a nice att boost with the armour pen and bit of att speed, att damage. and the 21 in defence is just great for laning survivabilty and lategame tanking

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i start with boots and 3 hp pots because as a shyvanna u want to stick around ur opponent for ur burnout to make maximum damage so the boots will realy help you with that. u should be going back when u have around 1900 gold then u can buy vamperic scepter madreds razor and the null-magic mantel. why dont finish wrigles lantern first? i always used to finish the wrigle lantern first but didnt have the money for a mantle then and i just tought on some moment what if i get the mantle instead of finishing wrigle. and it acctualy worked out better because: the items u alredy have give almost the same stars then when u finish but when u get the mantle u will be way more tanky cause every champion also makes spell damage and it just works out better. ofcourse if u doing the lane phase very good u can just buy both of them and pown even harder.
after this you want to be fully tanky builded so we going to buy some health to do this we buy frozen mallet and warmog. frozen mallet first because it gives u the slow change on the bassic attacks u land and makes getting kills alot easier. after those 2 items you should get an atma's impaler cause with the 2000 extra hp u get alot of att damage from that after that u get another warmogs and then get a blood thirster inplace of ur wriggles lantern.
why take 2 warmog? when u follow this build with the 2 warmogs u will have almost 6000 hp!
inmagin u stand across a big angry dragon with 6000 healt and about 370 att damage, u would be scared and ur right so cause your getting raped by it. most ad carrys are able to win from someone with 4k hp but if u get the 6k it is getting hell of alot harder. so thats why i pick a second warmog instead of another damage or tank item.

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Skill Sequence

the order to pick skills first is: r w q e
like all ultimates u max it first cause its just awesome when u are a dragon! :D

why maxing the w skill second? it gives u like free damage on the enemy for 9 seconds if u keep attacking something so thats just amazing.

because of the runes u dont realy need to max ur e before q so just max q it is alot better in the early game phase

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Summoner Spells

in my opinion the best spells to choose is teleport and flash.

teleport: its awesome to get some items and quickly get back into the lane so u wont miss to much creep kills

also its a very nice ganking way like teleporting to botlane when its pushed and double gank with ur jungler the same can be used when ur team goes for dragon and need ur help just teleport to them.

flash will get you out of every situation when needed so thats just amazing.

another option is to go for a very agresive laneing phase and pick ignite with heal.

it will give you a hughe advantage in a 1 v 1 fight so u will be dominating ur lane very hard with those 2 the disadvantage is that u dont have any escape tools or anything so ur more vunnerable for ganks

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way of playing

in this chapter i want to show u guys how i play shyvanna during the laning phase ( the first 20 - 25 minuts)

right at the begin i like to push my lane a bit just to get a litle bit earlier to lvl 2 then ur opponent does then when u reach lvl 2 u immidiatley harras him with ur w and q spell if u do that correct he should be around half healt and alredy need to take some distance from there u just try to zone him and out farm him and when he tries to take a minion just immidiatley pop w and q and harras him some more, since u dont use mana u can non stop spam ur skills. when u reach lvl 3 try to hit ur opponent as much as possible with ur e skill so he will stay on low health. usually i wait with going back to buy until i can instantly buy wriggles lanter and mercury threads. before iam going back ill first look to my team mates and concider to teleport gank a lane if u can do the gank and go base if u cant just go base. then on the way to ur lane just pick up the wolves/gollem depending on what side u on camp when its up cause from now u will also be jungling a bit just to heavely outfarm ur opponent.

back in lane: make sure u keep putting ur ward from ur lantern on the river so when u get ganked u will see it on time. when u did the begin of this right u should have a nice advantage in level and in items the thing you want to do now is push ur lane non stop and also harras ur opponent with it, dont even let him near ur minions when the lane is fully pushed i sneak out of it and try to take the enemy gollem camp also take a look at the red buff and concider to place a second ward right there so u can see when it spawns and if the enemy jungler got it alredy. from now u just gonna do this until u reach lvl 14 or something in the meanwhile u will have get some kills 2/3 maby and also got alot of farm. now its time to go base again and buy the next items, and again watch for an oppurtunity to gank and if theres none just go base

right now u will reach the end of the laning phase. with the hughe advantage u have build and the items you got u can probably kill anyone with ur team mates cuase u can just dive the turret because ot the high health and that is just the thing u are going to do.

in mid/late game ur role in the team is to initiate team fights with the ultimate so try to get in a good position and when u see an good opurtunity go for it. just ult and spam all ur abbiltys right in the middle of them all because u will alrdy have frozen mallet and 1 warmog u will survive pretty long so ur team mates can just finish everyone off while the enemy is focusing u.

when going for the dragon or baron (this depends on what champions ur team mates have) but randomly u should be the one to tank the dragon/baron or the one who keep the enemy out of range long enough to secure the dragon/baron.