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Jhin Build Guide by neverune

ADC Silver (Bronze) Mr. 4OUR Man Guide

ADC Silver (Bronze) Mr. 4OUR Man Guide

Updated on May 4, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author neverune Build Guide By neverune 3,144 Views 0 Comments
3,144 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author neverune Jhin Build Guide By neverune Updated on May 4, 2021
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Runes: DH

1 2
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Champion Build Guide

Silver (Bronze) Mr. 4OUR Man Guide

By neverune
Why Jhin?
Jhin is a very good ADC in the current meta due to his ability to make use of the new items really well and burst people down. He is good at all points in a game and scales well. He has few bad matchups and can be impactful even from behind with his W and ult. He has powerful trading patterns and farms easily as well. Although he lacks mobility, he makes up for it through his passive move speed and galeforce. Overall he is a very good pick and can carry games through his high burst damage.
In lane
Farming as Jhin is really easy because of the bonus AD he gets from his passive. He can also push and clear waves effectively with his Q. Try to use your Q on minions so that the last bounce hits an enemy champ. This does a lot of damage if each previous bounce killed something. Use your 4th shot on enemy champs as frequently as possible without missing CS. Doing this slowly pokes them out of lane. If you all in then at early levels and an enemy gets away low, flash+4th shot to kill them b/c it does % missing health damage. Use your E traps to block off gank routes near where river meets bot lane. Also throw them in bushes if enemies keep hiding in bushes. Don't follow up with a W on champs marked by your E unless you intend for them to be followed up on. I have seen too many Jhin players throw their W at a marked enemy even though theres no follow up. TLDR: Poke with 4th shot and use your W to lock down priority targets. Only use your W if you or an ally intend to follow up. Use your E traps to ward off potential gank routes.
The power of Galeforce
Jhin's greatest weakness is his lack of mobility. Thankfully, Galeforce solves this problem beautifully and gives Jhin yet another execute (missing health damage) like effect. After buying Galeforce, you can be much greedier with your plays. Use Galeforce to reposition in teamfights and skirmishes and use it to deal the finishing blow to a low health target. Galeforce is a must on Jhin (except for if you are going Eclipse which, in my opinion, doesn't feel as good to play with). However, don't be too quick to use Galeforce's dash. Try to be conservative in its use unless you need it, because it is the only mobility you have outside of your passive and flash. Speaking of Jhin's passive, use it to kite out opponents once you start building up crit. Jhin's passive, if you are unaware, gives you bonus move speed whenever you crit, among other things. Use this bonus move speed to outrun your foes and kite out slow threats. TDLR: Be conservative with your Galeforce dash when you get it. Play around your mobility and use your passive to kite out threats and chase down squishies.
Not like other marksmen
Jhin is very unique among the marksmen class in that he doesn't really play like one. I personally classify Jhin as more of a mage than a marksman, because although your damage primarily comes from your auto attacks, they are so staggered that they feel like abilities in a way, with Jhin's reload being their cooldown. Additionally, Jhin's Q and W feel very mage like in how you will weave them between your shots. The CC he provides to his team, in addition to his powerful burst damage, makes him feel more like a burst/battle mage than a sustained damage ADC. Because of this, you need to develop a certain mindset when playing Jhin. Jhin cannot easily waste shots, especially in fights, as once he uses them all he is practically dead in the water while reloading. Because of this, you must meticulously place each auto attack as if it was an ability. And another thing, because of Jhin's itemization and playstyle, he sucks at killing tanks because of his lack of sustained dps. Jhin excels at bursting down squishies and kiting out tanks, but rarely can duel a tank without having many items. TLDR: Play Jhin like a mage and not a marksman. Use your shots efficiently and weave spells in between your shots.
Matchups and scaling
Because of Jhin's lack of mobility and lack of big powerspikes throughout the game (he doesn't hyperscale nor does he do big damage early), he gets countered by champs that can bully him out early or outscale him faster than he can stop them. Most notably, Draven, Tristana, and Lucian (when good) are big threats due to their early game power. On the other hand, champs like Jinx and Vayne can hyper outscale Jhin if they go unchecked. In order to play Jhin effectively, you need to play the matchup based on either surviving the early game or punishing hypercarries. I feel like this is an obvious thing to say, but it really is important for Jhin who cares more about the enemy's scaling than his own scaling. At no point in the game is Jhin particularly strong, nor is he weak. He is decent at every point in the game, given that he is even. And as for enemy supports, those that can cc and jump on top of you are your biggest threats. Play safe into champs like Pyke, Blitz, Naut, etc. TLDR: Play your matchups around the enemy scaling instead of yours. Play safe against enemy laners that can get on top of you and out maneuver you.
Prioritization and positioning
As mentioned previously, Jhin cannot effectively deal with tanks due to his playstyle. However, Jhin makes up for this by being able to delete squishies with his 4th shot and ult. As Jhin, you should be prioritizing high priority targets like other ADCs, supports, and other carries. It is not worth it to sink all 4 shots into a tank just to do little damage. Because Jhin only gets 4 shots, it is vital that you pick your targets wisely. Additionally, Jhin has a lot of range built in to his kit. Use this to your advantage during fights to stay in a safe play while rooting enemies with your W and setting up for your ult.
Jhin synergizes best with supports that can both/either set up for Jhin's root or follow up on it. Support champions with roots and hard CC like Naut, Leona, Pyke, Thresh, and Blitz work really well. Mages like Swain, Morg, Lux, and Brand also work very well and work well with Jhin's poke strategy. Enchanter supports can also work well, but I personally prefer mages and engage supports over them. Jhin works with anyone who can reliably hold an enemy in place for Jhin to follow up with a root.

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