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Ashe Build Guide by BobbyFischer7

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BobbyFischer7

Simply Ashe

BobbyFischer7 Last updated on November 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome! Ashe has fallen out favor somewhat as being a must-have ranged ad, as certain picks such as kog maw, graves, tristana Vayne etc. are highly sought after at the moment, leaving ashe out of the limelight. Her early game duo bot is one of the weaker among ad ranged heros, meaning it requires great coordination with your support/lane partner in order to minimize your chances or getting denied/ getting killed. Becuase of this, she isn't the greatest for solo-queue becuase this ideal coordination isn't always found there, especially at lower elo. However, in terms of utility, she is still one of the strongest ranged dps champs out there as her ult late-game can be game changing. This is why she is much better in competitive play where late-game is often reached allowing her to reach her full potential as opposed to solo-queue where if one lane snowballs out of control, the game may be be an early surrender etc. and she will not be able to shine to her fullest potential.

Note about Dorans shield: I know that starting Dorans blade when duo laning with a support is very common right now and for very good reason, as it is a good way to go about it. However, I think the shield is very viable too which allows her to stay in the lane a long time when combined with a healing support and minimizes your chances of dying early to try-hard aggressive kill lanes which threatens Ashe at the moment. Both the shield and blade are viable with a support, though, and you should experiment to see whihc one you like more. If you do get the shield, sell it firsrt as opposed to your stacked dorans blades to make space for more items. If you are solo laning against an opponent in which you will need to dodge a lot of skills-shots, take boots and 3 pots but this is a rarity because ashe should really never solo lane as she will be at a significant dis-advantage vs most of the more popular solo lanes in the current meta.

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- Nice farmer
- Excellent utility
- Good kiting ability
- Ult is excellent for initiating team-fights

- Squishy
- Requires high farm in order to get items necessary for success
- Few lane match-ups early game in which she has a definite advantage
- Slow movement speed early on
- Weaker early game

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Quints: Standard armor pen and extra attack damage which is useful for last hitting in the lane

Marks: Again, standard for the armor pen

Seals: Manna reg per level which will allow her to spam her volley more.

Gylps: Decreased cooldowns will allow your ult to come up a little sonner and will work with your seals to allow to you to spam your volley more.

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Pretty standard stuff... you can go 15/0/15 for a little more utility if you want.

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Summoner Spells


Flash is pretty much mandatory, as you will need it often to position yourself, re-position yourself, and generally to make plays offesnsivlly and defensively.

Exhaust: Very strong summoner spell at the moment which provides nice utility for yourself and your team making you stronger in 1v1 situations and can even be used for escape.

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Early Game

Ashe should focus on farming early game, as their are not many lane-matchups you can win outright if you are soloing a lane. If you are dual-lane bot, then you can play a little more aggressively if you feel you have an advantage with your partner in lane. boots and 3 health potions are superior to dorans blade in my opinion for your opening items. with dorans blade, sure you have increaded damage out-put, health, and life-steal, but the life-steal bonus is very low and the lack of boots make you susceptible to being hit with skills shots which is bad for Ashe since she already has low movement speed. Without health potions, you are susceptible to harassment in which case they can just zone you out causing you to lose CS. Overall, Ashe should play a bit passively in lane, focusing on last-hitting. Don't waste manna on frost shot early on, as the slow is irrelevent at this point and like said will just waste manna. Only use it when you think you have the chance to kill an ovelry aggressive opponent as you will need the slow for chasing them or if your jungler or another side-laner sets up a gank for your lane. Try to find openings to harass with your volley if you can, but only if you know you can do so without being harassed yourself. For exmaple, they just missed their skill shot and their cooldown time will give you a window for you to harass them a bit. Use hawkshot occasionally to check for possibly ganks and for the little extra gold. Upon returning back to base, Pick-up 2 dorans blades (3 if you think you need it) for the lane sustain/(more health potions and sight wards if they have a jungler or in general for map control) and make your next focus to updrage your boots for the extra movement and attack speed and then go for your infinity edge starting with pix-axe and BF sword. Also, landing Ashe's ult on other lanes can be very effective for landing free kills for your team. There's some luck involved, but still can be an effective tactic. Only give this a try if your teammates can actually take advantage of it. Don't use it if your team is on the defensive and if they went in to follow up on your ult hit, they would just end up dying. Use it if when your mates face a neutral situation where a ult hit could tip the lane in their favor or if they are on the offensive and just need that slight window to move in for the kill.

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Mid/Late game

Mid/Late game Ashe begins to assume the role of a carry, and her presence in team-fights can prove decisive. Never roam the map by yourself, as you can be easily killed. Roam with your team and try to be aware of whats going on around you. You will prove your worth in team-fights, as it will be your job to deal as much damage as possible while still keeping yourself safe. Obviously you can't initiate directly, as in being the first one into a fight, but your ult is one of the best initating abilites in the game. Again, only initiate when you feel your team has a good chance to win the team-fight. Try to hit foes who are in the front and are susceptible to being bursted down quickly. For example, they have a Sivir who is in the front and out of position. You pop you ult, and while she is stunned your team lets loose their AOE and quickly take her down turning the fight into a 5v4 which your team should be able to win easily. This wont always be the case, but you should generally aim for people in the front who are suscetible to burst. A mistake that some people make when playing Ashe is that they try to tunnel vision and focus the enemies squishies, leaving themselves in danger to being easily killed in the core of the battle. You should be attacking whoever you can attack from a safe distance being behind your team-mates. If you do find a golden oppurtunity to attack a squishy champion who is out of position from a safe distance, by all means do so, but prioritze safety. If this means you are hitting a tank, then just be patient and deal your damage from afar. What will happen most of the time in sucessful team-fights is that you will stay back hitting whoever you can in safety and your team will take out those you could not get to, and then you will be able to freely pursue fleeing squishies safely due to your numbers advantage. This is where Ashe shines, as can keep foes slowed while fleeing and easily take them out late-game or allow her team to.

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Situational Items

The core items of this build are Boots/Infinity Edge/Phantom Dancer/the Bloodthirster, in that you will be getting these items every game in you can. As the purchase route describes above, the two items you will get in addition to your core are usually Last Whisperer and Banshee's veil. As a Carry, though, you will need to make decisions on the fly in order to be effective at doing damade to the opposition, as sometimes you will need to sub thee items out. These items all have their place, and should be gotten if the situation calls for it.

Madred's BloodRazor: Against a high team. If you end up getting this item, they will usually have a high amount of armor as well so having this paired whith Last whisperer will maximize your ability to take them down. This should be gotten after boots, infinity edge, Last whisperer and phantom dancer, though.

Black Cleaver: In the rare situations when the other team is stacking little armor, you can forgo last whisperer for this. This is rare though, and should be done with care as Last whisperer is what you should be getting in most cases for armor pen.

Mercury Treads: If they have lots of AP on their team, you can get these instead of your attack speed boots.

Randuin's Omen: You can sub this out got banshee's veil if you are up against a heavy physical team which has little to no CC. Again, this is rare, and Banshee's veil is what is you will usually be getting.

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Thanks for reading my guide! Ashe is really a great hero, and not too bad looking either(Freljord skin) lol. Feedback would be great if you liked the guide, have questions, or had suggestions on how to improve it.

Peace out!