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Jax Build Guide by Verby

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Verby

Simply the best, Jax

Verby Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Greetings everyone who enjoy playing league of legends and this is my Jax Hybrid Guide. Anyway I have been playing Jax since the re-make patch, when Jax used to be a regular AD "Carry" champion. But the way I love to play him are the combination of AP and AD. When you build him hybrid he is still one of the strongest 1v1 champion vs meele, aswell as casters and tanks. Hybrid make his abilities most effective and a Jax who is building only AP or AD wont dominat the way I do!

This is my first guide ever, and have fun is the key for successfull gameplay, enjoy.

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I usually go 9/21 defensive masteries with the extra 15% spell pen to penetrate the champions magic resi. I love the defensive masteries, especially evasion (2% extra dodge) + nimbleness, which speed my moment speed when I dodge and works good to catch up fleeing enemies or when i have to run myself. Aswell as (Ardor) gives me more AP and Attack speed which works perfectly well on Jax. His survival overall will be better and he still will have great offensive possibilties. This makes him stay longer in lanes = More Farm + Higher Xp Cause i never use the utility masteries (Called awarness = 4 % more Xp) so i can quickly build my core items Rageblade, Hextech, TrinityForce
He will be stronger in teamfights, when he aint dying too fast as he would do with 21/9 Masteries

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Jax is based on Dodge and then dodge runes is very usefull to proc (E - Stunn Ability) and increase your survival vs meele champions (especially)

I use Magic Resist per level because he really needs the extra + survival in the late - End Game
I pick these because during earily and mid-game he is doesnt need too much survival. I thought it would be a waste to pick flat magic resist instead of per level, when pl gives alot more than normal flat.

Magic Pen is decent during earily - mid - late Game, makes my attack do more damage

Flat AP instead for Dodge runes 1,5% sometimes does work for some extra burst, but i recommend that you use Dodge quintessences

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Summoner Spells

I use Exhausted
Great for decrease champions damage out-put
Stop Enemies from running
Can Save you when you have to run and is very powerfull when you got low health and the enemies are thinking... Hey lets go a towerdive... and then you just exhausted them near the turret and you got a free kill

Great for fleeing from teamfights and flash through the walls
Great for enemies who is too far away and got low health, then you just flash too get in ranged for Q + E combo and you can land a easy kill

Other Choice is cleanse = removes cc (crowd controll)
Ghost = Runes faster good offensively and defensivly

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Basic Gameplay

You use your W - Spell which make your Q do alot more damage. In any battle, when you are focused use your R ulti, it will make you surviva more. In battles use your E dodge-stunn when it proc, it is very strong vs especially meele champions, but ranged/casters/tank will have damn hard time if you stunn them during the combo. I usually herr***/engage when i see my stunn proc and then it s time to use W - increase Damage + Q for insane Damage + E Proc = 10% more moment speed, the burst combo is done.... Auto-Attack Insane ulti damage + Exahusted stop them from running/doing damage, if they flash your flash right after them doing your w+Q combo + one basic attack... dead

Jax is imo kinda op and i love to play him that way... dont be afraid of towerdiving your passive makes you very tanky when your AD/Ap becomes Health thats why i love to build Impai

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Leap Strike (Q) can jump to Allies + Friend/Enemies Minions
Run through minions can be a effective way to proc your dodge + speed to engage/catch champions
Dont be afraid to fight 1v2 Jax imo is kinda Op and i know he can handle it!

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Items Choice

[*] Ninja Tabi Gives you extra dodge chance = More Stunns + More speed + More survival
[*] Hextech Great Hybrid Item Which gives alot AP + AD + a nasty slow + some damage
[*] Rageblade is a good hybrid items with + AD + AP and stacks per auto attack (10) and it s a great combo together with his ulti
[*] TrinityForce Gives everything AD + AP + Health + Mana + Speed + 100 % more damage sheen with Jaxs W+Q combo
[*] Atma gives you amount of health is turned into AD, and with Jaxs passive AD+AP=Health gives you some armor defensive and pretty good AD
[*] rylai`s crystal scepter Some Health boost Atmas, + More Hp is good for survival and got a good slowing item together with hextech
[*] Rabadons heavy AP and with your other Ap hybrid items gives you alot more + that Ap will become Health