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Master Yi Build Guide by BobbyFischer7

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BobbyFischer7

Simply Yi

BobbyFischer7 Last updated on October 2, 2012
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Short Note on Purchase Route

Also, get the life-steal quints, becuase for some reason they didnt have them to put on the display rune-page? Or did i miss it. Hmm... lolol

Also, if you are having a rough start you can interpolate a heart of gold after your wriggles to help your gold income. try to hold on to it for as long as possible.

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My first guide featuring Master Yi! Yi is a champion that is easy to learn, yet very hard to master. His fragile nature coupled with his status as a melee dps requires you to make good decisions regarding when to engage, and when not to. This guide will focus on him as a jungler and the items will provide damage output and life-steal, giving Yi some much needed staying power on the battlefield. This guide is a tool for me as well, as I will constantly update it as I find more effective ways to play him. So if you like this guide, check back for updates! Also, Feel free to give me any suggestions on how to make thiss guide better, As I am myself am always looking for ways to improve my Yi :)

(The above is old i like to play yi tanky dps now)

Here is a video by the great stonewall008 that gives a nice summarization of Master Yi. I felt that it would be a shame not to include it in the guide.

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Pros / Cons

- High damage potential as melee DPS while still decently durable if you go tanky DPS
- Nice farmer
- Good escape
- Strong jungler (Fast jungling and flexible jungle path)
- Excellent chaser
- Ability to backdoor can disrupt the other team
- Strong in 1v1 situations
- He's an underrated champ so when you wreck with him you get this great sense of satisfaction.

- You are fairly weak when your ult is on cooldown, so use it wisely
- Even though Yi is simple to play mechanically, I would say that he has a high skill cap in terms of knowing when to gank/farm, and teamfighting with him.
- High risk/reward champ

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Creeping / Jungling / Farming

For this section of the guide, I will give a link to a video which vividly shows how to jungle with Yi. I think this will be better than trying to describe how to do it in a body of text. Also check out some of his other videos about counter-jungling/ recovery routes etc. as its very good knowledge to have lol.

The first jungle path is generally best I feel and follows the items in this guide. Try to ask your teammates to give you a leash on the golems at the start, as it can save you a health pot or two.

Yi is also an excellent farmer, as with his alpha strike and good escape, he can easily push lanes for farm and knock down a tower if given the chance. The wriggles ward helps to defend yourself while farming/pushing lanes as you will know when they are approaching your position. As Yi, try to farm as much as possible. If you have a strong enough grasp of where the enemies are on the map, being away you that is, and your team is able to hold them off well enough without you, don't be afraid to try to push a lane and possibly knock down a tower. This will contain the other team as they will have to send one of their units to deal with you, relieving your teammates of an extra memeber to fight, and will leave you with extra gold and experience. If you are playing lane yi, cleanse and ghost are very strong for escape, but even with ghost you will have good enough escape. Farming like this will help you to get your items even if you are not getting kills, and will keep the other team in check.