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Singed Build Guide by kagouro

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kagouro

Singed Mana+Health

kagouro Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I am LoL user named Kagouro. Lever: 30
This is a build of champion Singed. The basic things you need to know about Singed is that he is off-tank, a champion really Mana-dependant and Health-dependant. So for start you need to know that Singed with a Catalyst and a Warmog's is really strong.
Sorry for bad english!!!

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Singed is a Champion that has a great ability to survive with the proper handle. So we need Armor Penetration Marks and Armor Penetration Quintessence(2). Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs. All those give you a better chance pf surviving early-game which is important. I have also a Quintssence of Desolesion because i like to have 6 AP when i start the game :P

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Well i have nothing to say about masteries. I ssaw that in an other build days ago and i liked it! So i keep it that way.

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Items are the most important thing after the Summoners ability. First i start with a Doran's shield to make it easier staying alive. I go back for the first time when i have about 900 gold, that i spend in a Boots of Speed and a Sapphire Crystal. The second time i go base i have around 1500 gold. I complete Catalyst (which is really important for healt and mana boost especially at level up) and Boots of Swiftness(you are fast so that can escape easily or catch up with the team or gank! After i sell Doran's shield and go for the most important item: Warmog's!!! When you/I have complete Warmog's I start building my defence. I start with Banshee's Veil if opponents are ap or i go for thornmail if your opponents are Dps(Damage per Second) Sometimes i go for both or i get a Force of Nature. I prefer Banshee's because it gives +375 Health, +50 Magic Resistance, +375 Mana and it's passive blocks one negative spell every 45 second and it costs 2715g. Force of Nature gives +40 Health Regen +76 Magic Resistance, +8 Movement speed, and it costs 2610g. Force of Nature seems better but Singed is Mana-dependant so i go for Banshee's Veil( It is on you which item you prefer). If I have money to spend and space in my Items I buy a Rylai's. It slows the enemy so i have fun with it.

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Summoner Spells

I personally use Ignite and Ghost. Well i use ignite on every champion because it is really useful when fighting with no or small amount's of mana. Sometimes it is good for stealing kills but the team does not approve! Ghost is a really usefull tool in the hands of a capable player. With it you gank, you escape, you dive in turrets and go away fast.

Flash is a good spell but after being nerfed i don't really find it useful.
Teleport is really good for changing lanes really fast. I don't like it's cooldown.
exhaust is a spell i dont really like. No reason. Many believe it is great.
(Well almost every summoner spell is good for Singed,it's your choice. I said what i do prefer)

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Farming is really important especially after you have completed Warmog's. Singed is a player that does not kill (Not really) so you need money. Money you gain from assists and creeps. You open Poison Trail and go all around creeps. After a while they die and your money are raising. When Warmog's is complete it's passive gives you +5 life for every minion kill. So think 100 minion kills x 5 health it is +500 Health. It is game changing. Use it!

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Team Work

As i mentioned earlier Singed rarely make kills. So it is important to assist your team. Use Poison Trail (Q) before entering the fight after that use Mega Adhesive. Go all around enemy team poisoning them and if they try to escape try using fling while facing other way than your team is located. They enemy is taking damage, is slowed and is really close to your teammates. The best assist. It works almost everytime. If you are ganked try using Mega Adhesive and retreating to the closest turret, teammate!