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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordKoopa

Singed - The Lime Kool-Aid King

LordKoopa Last updated on October 30, 2010
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For people like me who don't read Whole guides I am going to start with a few pointers about Singed
-Make sure you turn on and off your Poison Trail at low levels to save mana
-Make sure to build up you Tear of the Goddess and Archangel's Staff
-Only Recall when you have too
-The second Rod of Ages should be changed out for a Banshee's Vail is They have CC
-Singed is a really bad Jungler
-Should only use regular attack when Insanity Potion is active or to last hit minions


Alright so this is my first build but i felt this site needed it, i love singed but i found that even the best singed guide mad him a hardcore tank. Now don't get me wrong that's what singed is, he is a tank. however, with my build has good survivability but can put out good damage using Poison Trail (+30% AP) and Fling (this is +100% AP), with just these to skills singed can be a huge annoyance to the enemy team and a great help in any team fight. Now lets get on with the build.

Lets start with his skills and how i feel about them

Poison Trail:

So poison Trail is basically what it says it is in the name, when it is active singed leaves a trail of poisonous gas dealing damage over time to everything in the cloud.

This skill is what makes singed the amazing farmer he is and it is because of this skill that such an expensive item build is possible. when this gets to level 5 you will probably have your Boots of Swiftness and your Tear of the Goddess. with the speed from your boots and the Mana Regen from the Tear of the Goddess this skill is amazing at farming and even harass or deal damage to enemy champions. in Late game this will deal lots of damage to the enemy or even the whole enemy team if done right in team fights. also in late game you will have so much mana that this skill can be on basically 24/7

Mega Adhesive:

Singed Throws a vial of super sticky adhesive that's slows and one hit but it or walks into it by a massive amount for 5 seconds.

This is the absolute BEST AoE slow in the game, at level 5 i can slow the whole enemy team but 75% for 5 seconds. Without this skill singed is practically useless, because he has no love ranged damage dealing move you need to yous this to catch up and use Fling. However its potential isn't truly seen till mid to late game when team fights break out so we leave it at level till then.


Singed grabs target and Throws then backwards dealing damage when the enemy is thrown, not when they land.

This is my favourite thing about singed, it does a lot of damage with the AP from this build and it does throw an enemy pretty far. NOTE: (always make sure you have Poison Trail on to get the most effectiveness out of this skill.) In early game this skill lets you harass enemy that try to escape and maybe even pick up a kill. Also this can be used to fling an overly pushy enemy champion into your tower or if your a little to pushy it can be used to throw a champion in your way behind you to get a clean escape.

Insanity Potion

This is Singed Ultimate. It give a massive boost to his Movement Speed, Damage, Attack Speed, Ability Power, HP/5sec and Mana/5sec

Insanity Potion complements Singed very well for many reasons. first and most important i find is that Singed is really really bad a destroying towers but when you use this he get 65% attack speed and +65 Damage, this gives him that extra power to take down turrets. second it increases his already high move speed by 65% which make you basically impossible to run away from. third is really like a good side effect, with this up you can have Poison Trail and actually gain Mana. But the Hp Regen becoming +65/5 sec for the next 20 seconds really isn't that much, you get 260 hp but its better then nothing.


Boot of Swiftness:
These are so important for Singed because he has no long range attack so if he cant catch someone he can't kill them. so the combination of these boot and his Mega Adhesive, Insanitary Potion and Ghost skill he can catch just about anybody.

Rod of Ages:

Everything about this item is great for Singed. it give Lots of HP cause hes a tank, It gives tons of Mana (with his ability gives and extra 130 HP) and the AP makes his Poison Trail and Fling stronger.

Sunfire Cape:

This is a great item because Singed has good natural armour but the 45 from from this will get him about 50% (about 75% with Guardian) reduction from physical attacks and level 18. The HP is a good amount and he can always have loads of HP, and the 40dps AoE is really good because you wont we attacking with regular attacks mostly you will be running around and in from of you enemies so its a nice addition to the already really high damage of Poison Trail. Plus it make him one of the best farmers in the game.

Archangel's Staff:

so this item is fantastic on Singed because it gives lots of Mana and some AP. But where this item shines is in its 2 passives, the first is it give 4 Max MP whenever you use a skill but with you ability it also adds 1 Max HP, Also the other passive converts 3% of your Max Mana into AP. have you seen how seen how much Mana this build has, this passive adds at least 128AP but if and MUST try to max out your tear of the goddess (get more on this later) you can get actually a max of +188AP from this. this will never happen but it just shows that building the Tear and the Staff are important.

Guardian Angel:

This is a fantastic item that any tank should have. Since this built doesn't have all that much resist and magic resist this helps out a lot. and the passive is amazing!!!

Banshee's Vail:

This item is great for Singed but in some games it's effect can be wasted. for if they have Lots of Crowed Control (Stuns, Slows, Snares or Taunts) this will save you so much, but if they don't have much or you have been have no trouble running up till the point you go for this item then forget it and get a second Rod of Ages instead

Early Game

This is Where Singed is hardest to play, without a long range attack he is easy to harass. So lets walk through it, so game just stared and you got you Meki Pendant and your 2 Health Potions and you gotta pick a lane. NEVER pick middle, i know lots of people think singed can do it and the answer is he can, kinda. if hes up against a ranged Dps or someone like Rhyz hes going to have lots of trouble without a lane partner with him. but the biggest reason not to take mid is because there are TONS of champions that do it better. also if your team has a jungler don't he can take the 2 vs 1 lane if you hug your tower and only move out to put a quick poison trail. Singed is best off taking a lane with somebody that has a long range snare or stun so you can toss them away from their team mate and do some good damage. so your level 1 and all you have is Poison Trail, don't be aggressive and singed wont be aggressive till level 6 when he has his ultimate and Fling and Mega Adhesive. So play it safe in the lane kinda run toward the enemy to make the bad off a bit but never get close enough to get stunned or snared or mainly take damage. you job is to kill the minions with Poison Trail and ghost/Mega Adhesive + Fling enemies that get a little too pushy. but never chase enemies done till mid-late game. so once you have about 1100 gold Recall back to base and get your Tear of the goddess and Boots of Speed. Before you Teleport back to your lane toss Mega Adhesive on yourself, this is because you have you Tear now and you need to work at it, and unfortunately but for very fair reasons turning Poison Trail on and off really fast doesn't count. This is part of the reason we keep Mega Adhesive at level 1 so we can use it whenever its up (but if you low on Mana don't bother). OK anybody that knows Singed knows that when they get hit with Mega Adhesive then they are going to be Fling-ed and if they have no idea who singed is they are scared of this move cause it looks scary (i mean this, its a fact) but oddly enough it can be used to push even tho it does no damage, people tend to back off from it and it cot little Mana at level 1. but yes use it a lot when you can to hit enemy champions to pushy them back and to built your Tear of the Goddess.

Mid-Late Game

Alright Middle game is around the time people are level 12 and the pushing really starts. This is also where team fights start to break out, and its this part of the game when Singed stars to show off his power. In a team fight you have to jobs, One is to mark the weakest or magic caster (like Rhyz or Veigar) use the Singed Combo:

Insanity Potion -> Mega Adhesive -> Poison Trail -> Ghost -> Fling

with this you basically run through their team super fast well they are slowed big time, poisoning everyone and the Flinging there Squisy magic Dps into your time. BUT MAKE SURE YOU MARK YOUR TARGET!!!! your team needs to know what your doing!. if your having trouble running in, like they have rhyz and he snares you or Twisted Fates gold card then make sure that instead of that second Rod of Ages you get a Banshee's Vail to help with this problem.


well that's all i really feel needs to be said about Singed and my built. remember this is my first time and i do have terrible spelling even with spell check so go easy on me :P please leave your comments and any suggestions about my build. Thanks