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Singed Build Guide by lpelajo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lpelajo

Singed, the Tanker Killer Guy

lpelajo Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I'm not level 30 and I don't play ranked yet, but after about 100 games with Singed, I belive I can make a guide to help new Singed players that like to play with tankers but also want's a killer. So lets start.

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I've choosen the Catalist the Protector for the begining because he will give you some extra life and mana for the early game.
Then the Swiftness Boots that will give you extra speed for aproaching the enemy and using your Fling.
After that you can finish your Rod of Ages that will give you some extra AP.

Now you can start the tanker build, the Tornmail will let you face AD enemies and make some tower dives.
The Force of Nature will give you a lot of Healf regen and some magic resist for AP champions.
At this point you already have enought armor and magic resist, but you still can focos on your life, so lets make a Warmog's Armor.

Now that your tank build is complete you can choose between twoo itens: the Rylai's Crystal Scepter or the Will of the Ancients.
Wich of these itens will benefit you more? Now you will must see how your game is going.

If your life and armor are enough to keep you alive you can choose the Rylai's Crystal Scepter that will give you some extra life and AP and to top it off this item passive will make your Poison Trail slow the enemies. In my opinion this is the best choice.

If your life still going down too fast, consider making a Will of the Ancients, that will give you 80 extra AP and 25% spell vamp, so your Poison Trail will regenerate your life and you'll help your team with the item aura, that will give them 30 AP and 25% Spell Vamp. If another friend already have this item, don't worry, the passivve can stack.

Note that the two potions added at the end of the list will be activated in the time that you buy it, because you won't have any free spaces for itens with the complete build.

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Summoner Spells

Now, you have 4 choices for your spells:
1- Ghost
2- Teleport
3- Exhaust
4- Flash

You can use Ghost in adition with your Insanity Potion and swiftness boots, making you insanely fast. It's great to pursuit that last enemy alive running from the team fight, or running from the team fight if you're the last man on your team.

The Teleport is very useful to gank and defend, specialy if there's a teemo on you're team, so you can TP on his mushrooms.

Exhaust is good to prevent enemies from running away from you, specialy if your Mega Adhesive still on cooldown. It can save you too, if you're low HP and there's a fast enemy behind you, or an enemy with disables like slow, taunt or stun.

Flash is the less recomended one, it can be useful for aproaching an enemy or running away, but for it you can use ghost. This spell also can be used for gankig, but I really don't recomend, so the choice is your's.

The rest of the spells are a waste of time, and can make you even loose a game, because if choose another one not listed here, you will have to sacrificed the recomended ones.

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Team Work

As a tanker killer you will be the first to enter in a team fight and the last to get out of it. You can make two options, you can try to kill their carry, or you can protect your carry from the enemy team.

If you choose to protect your carry, focus on the enemy that is atacking him, if another enemy atacks him, just change target don't matter how easy is to kill your previews target.

If you choose to kill their carry, start the team fight by activating your Insanity Potion, then just run into their carry and try to make he run away from his team, now you just have to pursuit him. Try to keep yourself on his way to maximize your damage with your Poison Trail. If the target tryes to run back from they came, just use your Mega Adhesive and then your Fling.

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Basicaly you can divide the mach in two moments when talking about farming: before lvl 9 and after lvl 9. I'll explain why.

Before you reach lvl 9 your Poison Trail is too weak to kill the minions without help, so you'll have to atack too. At lvl 9 you will have your Poison Trail maxed.

In the first moment aim for last hits, so you'll make money faster. Try to scare your enemy by using your Fling and Poison Trail, so he won't be able to farm. Do it until you maximize your Poison Trail and finish your Rod of Ages.

After this begining your Poison Trail is strong enough to kill minions that passes trough it just one time, so you become a perfect pusher. Now search for lanes with much minions or without enemies. You just have to walk in the minions line and they'll die poisoned.

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Pros / Cons


Almost 5000 HP with the complete build
You can poison while you're running
You'll never be thirst, you have a big bottle of Green Coke on your back


You may die a little bit more than your team until you have finished your Thornmail.

I think this is the only Con of the Hybrid Singed.

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Tips & Tricks

Always run with your Poison Trail turned on, so you'll damage everything near you.

NEVER try to hit them, you're not a melee champion, just use you're abilities unless you're sure they'll die.

When trying trying to aavoid beign killed by a ganker use your Mega Adhesive in front of you and run over it, so you'll slow the enemies behind you, if it's needed you also ca use you're Insanity Potion that will make you run faster and become a little more resistent, remember ALWAYS run with your Poison Trail turned on.

Try to make the enemy pursuit you the longest you can, if he realizes he's beign damaged by the poison and try to run away, use you're Mega Adhesive to slow them and then use you1re Fling to put'em back in you're Poison Trail.

IMPORTANT: If you're playing against me, do not try to do nothing written in this guide.

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Guide History

I'll write here the modifications on my guide by the date it have been published

1/14/2012 - Guide has been published
1/14/2012 - Added icons on spell names

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Last Words

This is my first guide at Moba Fire, I hope that you like it and that you can be benefited for it.

Please let me know you're opinion about the guide and if you still have doubts, just write on the comments and I'll try answer it, but I may take a time to do it, since my vacations over next week.

Feel free to criticize and vote, you're ideas will always be welcomed.