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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jegan

Singed, the ultimate support tank

Jegan Last updated on January 26, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hi and welcome to my Singed build. I'm new to Mobafire but not to LoL so i'll try to explain my build without using fancy colors or pictures. First off, u'll notice that my build only has 4 items. This guy's a noob, i'm never looking at his builds again. NO, this is just the items i ALWAYS buy and the rest are up to you and should be situational. Start off with a mana crystal and 2 health pots. Take fling to help with first blood, but play defensively before you have enough money to get a catalyst and if possible boots. Catalyst is a great item for any character who is mana starved early game, as the healing it gives you is unparallel to any other advanced item. During early game try to confuse ur opponent by turning on poison and rushing at him and then taking a sharp turn to still give him damage. This will partially deny him but it is also very efficient for farming. Still, careful not to get stunned or slowed as you cannot rely on your abilities to escape just yet. However, once you get catalyst and hopefully boots, everything changes. During early game, the moment you have 925 gold port back to base, buy catalyst and ask your lane partner to try and lure an enemy in. the main reason i love teleport is because i can port BEHIND the enemy champions to my minions to block their escape route. If this is not possible, don't panic. Teleport to ur tower and try the "Flash Fling" combo to get heavy damage on the opponent while they are slowed epicly by a mega adhesive. that+ ur lane partner should be more than enough to snag a kill, or possibly even two. During mid game, repeat this process and use teleport to your advantage. Imo, mid game is when you have boots of swiftness and double catalyst.Now you must be thinking, WTF double catalyst? The main reason i like double catalyst is because it can be the difference between going back and getting a lvl difference vs. ur lane opponent or pushing the lane completely and snagging a couple of kills. at 1.5k health during mid game, a heal from double catalyst can easily bait an opponent tower diving if used correctly, as the healing it gives is a lifesaver as well. After this, consider two things. IF the opponent has lots of magic, dps, etc. and not many % health damaging skills that do pure damage, go for warmog's armor OR if you're not doing well go for Rod of Ages (RoA). The reason i'd say RoA is better is because you already have catalyst, and by the time you have gathered enough money for RoA, the catalyst heal will be healing for barely 1/10 of ur health, which is not very helpful, so converting this into RoA is very beneficial. Also, if you're doing will at mid game point, max out your "e". IF not, max out "q" for maximum farming potential. If the other team has a % damager such as warwick or kog'maw or has madred's alltogether, grab a FoN (Force of Nature) and focus on health and armor later. At this point team fights should be breaking out all over the map and you should be sticking with ur team most of the time. After completing Rod of ages, Warmog's or FoN, grab a Guardian Angel. This item is great even after the nerf, because you are a tank! the heal it gives you after rebirth is 40%, which basically means the opponent must kill you 1.4 times. This can be a game changer during team fights, as using yourself as bait with GA and then reviving can leave the opponent confused and vulnerable to your whole team piling on them. After you've completed Gaurdian Angel, go for Warmog's if you already haven't or go for a frozen heart. This item is.... what can i say, singedlike? IT isn't synergetic with singed, it IS singed. a Singed with this item will not be held back and it's practically gg if your team has at least half-wit dpsers. This item has got to be one of the best items in game. reduces cd's by 20%, AS of closeby enemies by 25%, and 2nd best armor in game, just behind thornmail (100 and 99) WHat's more, it triggers singed's passive which converts 1/4 of his mana into health. Overall, this is a must buy. After this buy whatever you see fit, be it sunfire capes or banshee's according to what their team has. eventually you should buy banshee's to finish off the last catalyst.

This is my way to play singed. Sorry about the wall of text and no pictures, but i hope it healped XD