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Singed Build Guide by Ahrii

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ahrii

Singed - Trololol to Victory

Ahrii Last updated on October 15, 2011
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Welcome to my Singed guide!

Singed is one of my favorite champions in League of Legends right now. He is currently a very strong option for solo top and can bring a lot to team fights in mid and late game. Let's start with some of Singed's strongest features:

A. Farm. Singed does have mana troubles in the early game, so I choose to last hit the minions with auto attacks whenever I can. If you aren't good at last hitting, now is the time to learn. It's an extremely valuable skill to have on any champion; however, once I reach level 5 or so I start using poison trail to quickly clear creep waves. Any time there is downtime in the mid/late game, I look for a creep wave I can farm. Singed's mobility and survivability allow him to push lanes out farther than most champions can. You can always run if the enemy comes your way.

B. Team Fights - Singed is excellent for team fights. Activating his ult makes him extremely hard to kill or even tie down with cc, meaning he is often left to run around and wreak havoc on the enemy team. Fling and Mega Adhesive provide a good amount of control in the battle while poison trail ticks away at the enemy team's health.

C. Trololol - Let's be honest, who doesn't like to troll? If you love getting away with low health, harrassing enemy champions, and generally making people want to throw their mouse through their computer screen, Singed could be the champion for you!

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For runes, I prefer Magic Pen marks, Dodge Seals, Flat Magic Resist glyphs, and Movement Speed quints.

Other good options are Flat Armor seals, Magic Resist per level glyphs, and Magic Pen quints.

I prefer dodge seals mostly based on my masteries, though the flat armor would help out a bit more in the early game. For magic resist, I like having the flat glyphs for early game strength in lane which is when Singed is weakest. I find the extra magic resist later on doesn't matter all that much. As for the quints, Magic Pen will provide Singed with a little more dps, but mobility is so important for Singed, and again it synergizes well with my masteries.

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For masteries, I take 14 points in defense, picking up armor, magic resist, and dodge as well as Strength of Spirit. Flat mana is especially good for Singed with his passive, so I plan on having a lot, making this mastery very important.

I put the rest of my points in utility, taking increased experience gained, increased mana, and movement speed.

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With most champions I take a few core items and the rest tend to vary based on what my team needs from me and which champions I'm facing, but Singed is the one exception to this. No matter what team comp we have or who we are facing, my build never varies. I consider this the best and only build for Singed.

I start Singed out with a Sapphire Crystal and 2 health pots. The extra mana works well with his passive and can be upgraded into a Catalyst a little later and eventually into a Rod of Ages.

As soon as I can, I buy basic boots of speed since so much of Singed's strength relies on his ability to be highly mobile.

Next I uprgade my Sapphire Crystal to a Catalyst before turning my Boots of Speed into Mercury's Treads. Once I have my tier 2 boots completed, I turn my Catalyst into a Rod of Ages and grab a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This is an important item for Singed. The slow added on to his poison makes him almost impossible to catch, especially with ghost/ult. It also makes it very difficult for enemy champions to get away, which makes getting kills much easier and frustrates your opponent's (trololol).

At this point I have a good amount of health, ap, and mobility, so I turn my attention to my resistances, picking up a Frozen Heart for some armor, mana and cooldown reduction, and a Banshee's Veil for health, mana, and magic resist, as well as the ability to block a spell every 45 secs. I usually build a Glacial shroud then build a Banshee's before finishing the Frozen Heart, but it all depends on what I need.

I round my build out with a Force of Nature for more magic resist and a lot of health regen as well as that ever important movement speed.

The reason I never vary this build is simple: It works. These items make Singed EXTREMELY hard to kill while providing enough AP and movement speed that the enemy can't simply ignore him in a team fight. So, to recap: hard to kill, hard to cc, lots of slow and cc, lots of damage, frustrated enemy team (trololol).

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Skill Sequence

Fling (E) - I take my first point in fling as it is the most useful if you get into a fight at level one. It can help secure kills or help you and your team to escape if needed. Not to mention, who doesn't love flinging that overly zealous champion under your turret when they dive you in the futile hope of attaining first blood? (trololol)

Poison Trail (Q) - This is Singed's primary damage against enemy champs as well as his farming ability. I put my second point in this ability and max it first.

Mega Adhesive (W)- I put a point in Mega Adhesive at level 4 and max it last. It is a very useful ability to slow enemy champions, but I find there isn't a huge difference between levels. One point in this ability gives you plenty of slow, especially with your Rylai's.

Insanity Potion (R) - Singed's ult gives him a nice buff, increasing his armor, magic resist, movement speed, AP, and Hp5. I activate this everytime I am going in for a kill whether it is in lane or in a team fight. I almost never go after an enemy when this ability is on cooldown as it greatly improves Singed's odds of surviving the encounter and picking up the kill. I'll note here that you can catch almost anyone in the game when you activate ghost and Singed's ult, even if they ghost too. I've had many people tell me how ******ed it is that they ghosted and I still caught them. (trololol)

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take teleport and ghost. Teleport allows me to quickly cross the map to join in for ganks, farm creep waves, or save turrets. Ghost is the essential Singed summoner spell. Take it. Always. No matter what. Please.

In place of telport, you could take flash or exhaust, especially if no one else on your team has exhaust since it is so helpful to shut down the enemy ad carry in team fights, but if you can, I would suggest always taking teleport/ghost.

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Some final thoughts on Singed:

Farm is important for Singed. Keeping him leveled and farmed means you will always be strong enough to win team fights. Once he gets his first few items and reaches level 6, anyone would be hard pressed to try and kill him 1v1.

Singed is a great champion for coming back from a bad start. I have had games where I started terribly, but I just kept at it, farmed as best I could, and once I started rolling with my items I was right back in the game.

It's important to keep in mind what a big difference Insanity Potion makes. Singed can get away with diving in and playing very aggressively, but I never jump in against an enemy without at least my ult or ghost available. Everything about Singed depends on his ability to move quickly.

Singed is not like most other champions. It's hard to really define exactly how to play Singed, but many times a decision that would get another champion killed is actually the best choice for Singed, such as running toward the enemy turret or jungle instead of away toward safety. Basically just play him a lot and you will get a feel for it. when I first started playing Singed I tried to play him like my other tank champions and I failed miserably. It took some time, reading some guides, and watching replays of good Singed players before I got the hang of it.

And that's it! Now get out there and trololol!!! :D