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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author retorcijon


retorcijon Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is like the fifth time i try to write this guide in English, and got to publish it..

This SION Build rocks! for those who likes crits, this build is PURE CRITICS, with a 99.96% of chance of critics.. so at the end, almost every hit its going to be a critic..
Its a little bit expensive, but its worthy and, after the first 3 items, youll have some really good chances to kill your counterpart easyly..

CRYPTIC GAZE will be an important skill to have.. but the last to level.. since the important part is the 2 second stun you get em at level 1, so you wont need the damage, since youre killing with atacks..

DEATH CARRES will give you some EXTRA HP, since it gives you a shield, this is not the first skill you want to level up, but the second to master, cause this one will be more important than CRYPTIC GAZE, but will goes second after it..

ENRAGE!!!! This is your heavy weapon!!!!! since the build its a little bit expensive, this skill helps you to get some money, since you need to do the last hit to minions to get the PERMANENT HP boost and get the extra money.. YOU MUST do last hit, if you do it correctly, you will get TONS of HP.. ive got 1500 HP at level 6 without any item, and give you a NICE attack boost! damage by 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65, and he gains 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 .. SO YOU MUST HAVE THIS SKILL ALLWAYS ON!

CANNIBALISM! EAT EM ALIVE!!!! Grants Sion 50 / 75 / 100% lifesteal and 50% attack speed for 20 seconds 20 SECONDS!!!!!!! thats some hard punishment, and at level 3 100% LIFESTEAL? loL!

EARLY GAME: you have 2 options.. offensive and defensive.. SION CAN DO FIRST KILL! OFFENSIVE lvl up CRYTIC GAZE AS FIRST, get the 8% crit fist or the 500HP points.. let your counterpart hits you and get exited thinking that he can kill you, run to ur tower when low HP and use CRYTIC GAZE, he will be stuned, and will give the tower some time to hit him at least 3 times, almost dead, and you do the rest.. Defensive, level up ENRAGE FIRST, and start last hitting your minions to get the HP boost and some extra money.. at level 6 you will be a mean machine..
MID GAME: at mid game, if you are doing everything just fine, the you must have the first 3 items, with those you can certainly kill some heroes easyly and get some money to buy the rest of the equipment.. once you get the warmogs.. you are walking HP stadium! you can tank anything, you can go for torrets, go for enything.. you are a mean machine..
LATE GAME: mmm.. you are a mean machine, if you get the phantom and the infinity you will be unstopable, go kill anyone, go kill the whole group`XD just kidding.. you can get banged.. but hey for sure youll kill some of them.. with cannibalism for 20 seconds, youll be untochable, since youll be doing pure critics direct to your hp pool..

BERSERKERS GREAVERS, attack speed.. you can allways change em for boots of swiffness to be faster on the run..
TRINITY FORCE, 30 Attack Speed, 30 Attack Damage, 30 Ability Power, 15 Critical Strike Chance, 250 Health, 250 Mana, 12 Movement Speed. UNIQUE Passive: 25% chance on hit to slow the target by 35% for 2.5 seconds; on cast, increases your base Attack Damage by 150% for one attack. What else can i say? The perfect mix..
ATMAS IMPALER, 45 armor, 18 crits, and deals 2% of your total HP.. and youll have TONS of HP
PHANTOM DANCER, Attack speed, Critics and movement speed..
INFINITY EDGE, 80 attack and 20 critical strike, plus your critics will hit 250% damage instead of 200.. this is like the critic heaven item..
EXHAUST, one of the best skills for a 1v1 this skill will give you almost certenly the victory.. it slow the target and BLIND it.. giving you the chance to deal some heavy damage and dodge some hits..
GHOST, since you are a tank, you are not a runner, and if you are fighting YI, or any fast hero, this will give you the extra fastness you need to get em, try to use it at the last minute when the chikens start runing.. XD

I use a skill sequence.. DEATH CAREES like 5 seconds befor attack, CRYTIC GAZE, CANNIBALISM, EXHAUST and if you get the chance CRYPTIC GAZE again, but for sure youll get lot of runners, so start chasing and use CRYPTIC GAZE to get em in thos 2 seconds or if he is an olympic runner.. GHOST with it and once you get it CRYPTIC GAZE!

Hope you like my guide, forgive my bad english, its not my main language.. this is the first time Im doing it so, bare with me.. Ill be writting master yi, the critic master soon.. so stay tune.. PLEASE PLEASE COMENT!!!!

ASi que escribi esta guia en ingles y no se gravo, por tanto ahora la escribo en espanol..

Para los entendedores, esta guia es para un SION totalmente CRITICO, con un chance de criticos de 99.96% Sion es un muy buen tanke pero puede llegar a ser tremendo ASESINO! con el podrias hacer facilmente la primera muerte sin mucho esfuerzo..

El primer item que recomendaria, si lo que quieres es matar, es el BRAWLERS GLOVE, y la primera skill CRYPTIC GAZE, lo que harias es, irte hacia el oponente, dejar que te de unos golpes, y una vez emocionado, corre hacia la torre.. si logras llegar con algo de vida, el pensara que te podra matar antes que la torre, usa el CRYPTIC GAZE y la torre empezara a dispararle, y tu has el resto! es casi seguro que lograras la primera muerte..

Pero si no te gusta jugar arriesgado, pues facilmente empieza con las botas y la skill ENRAGE..
ENRAGE sera una de tus mejores skills en juego.. te dara un BOOST generoso de ataque y cada vez que metes a un minion, aparte del dinero, te dara HP permanente..en nivel 6 he logrado alcanzar 1500 de HP sin tener ningun item de vida.. asi que trata en lo posible de pescar ese ultimo HIT para obtener el boost de HP y buena plata..
ENRAGE debe ser tu skill prioritaria puesto que mayor el nivel mayor el boost de vida por muerte y te da un muy buen boost de ataque!.. ESTA SKILL DEBE ESTAR SIEMPRE ON!

DEATH CAREES sera la segunda en hacer master, pues te ayudara mucho para agunatar unos cuantos golpes a la hora de un 1vs1, que podras ganar facilmente y si logra explotar pues hara algo de dano extra.. aunque dificilmente lograra llegar a los 10 segundos.. es buena idea, si vas a atacar a alguien, usarlo, esperar unos 5-7 segundos y correr, como para que pueda dar chance de explotar cuando llegues al cuerpo a cuerpo..

CRYPTIC GAZE es SUPER NECESARIA solo con nivel 1.. ya los siguientes niveles los puedes dejar para lo ultimo, pues lo importante de esta skill no es el dano que hace sino el stun de 2 segundos, que aunque parece poco, te seran muy utiles..

CANNIBALISM sera tu arma letal! LIFE STEAL y ATTACK SPEED EN CANTIDADES OBSENAS!!! practicamente imbencible..

EXHAUST muy importante a la hora de un cuerpo a cuerpo, hara que tu contrincante sea lento a la hora de escapar y si esta intenso golpeandote, pues quedara ciego por un rato, suficiente para que tus golpes lo hagan pensarlo bien a la hora de atacarte..

GHOST para aquellos que esapan..


Basicamente, este Heroe es de last hit to minions, pescar el ultimo golpe para los minions sera tu mejor arma.. te llenaras de dinero y tu HP se incrementara en gran manera, pareciera poca, pero creeme, podras llegar a casi 5K de HP al final del juego.. en nivel 6 he llegado a tener 1500 de HP sin items..
basicamente, usas una secuencia de skills.. DEATHS CAREES - CRYPTIC GAZE - CANNIBALISM - EXHAUST (muerte casi garantizada) si quiere huir, GHOST y lo alcanzaras para darle el golpe de gracia.. Si te da tiempo podrias usar nuevamente el CRYPTIC GAZE

SION es excelente para 1vs1 bueno para 2vs1 y es muy bueno para un gangeo entre 5v5..


Si te enfrentas a un DPS que te esta haciendo la vida IMPOSIBLE.. pues comprate una THORNAIL y ellos mismo se mataran..
Si te enfrentas a un mago que te esta fregando la vida, pues comprate una BANSHE VAIL, te dara una defensa magica decente, un poco mas de HP y la habilidad pasiva que elimina 1 estatus negtivo cada 30 segundos..

Ya cuando tengas los primeros 3 items BERSERKERS GRIEVE TRINITY FORCE y ATMAS IMPALER, creeme que sera muuuy facil.. pegaras muy duro y sacaras los demas items mas rapido..

Espero les guste mi guia.. pruebenla y comentenla.. es mi primera guia, pronto voy con master yi..