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League of Legends Build Guide Author WontonGod73

Sion: Forever Stunned

WontonGod73 Last updated on January 20, 2011
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So, I've been playing sion for awhile and i wanted to share my build with the rest of you.
I hoping to get some good feedback on what other think and their suggestions
So Ive played both AP and AD (as well as hybrid) sion but found that lately I'm favoring pure AP

feel free to criticize and comment all are welcome....well cept for you trollers :P

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Summoner Spells

I currently Suggest Ghost and Ignite.

Ghost is very useful for both chasing and escaping. and abuse the no unit block, your opponent will get caught allowing you time to double back and stun them. Ghost is very useful for running in for the side and stun harassing in skirmishes and team fights
etc etc i think you guys know how to use ghost.

Ignite very useful early game can give you that extra bit of damage that you need for a kill as the enemy tries to run away. Also useful for the reduction in healing that it gives.

-Turn on shield run in stun ignite pop sheild and ghost your *** out
easy tower diving strat and good harass

other good spells
Flash, Exhaust, Clarity

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I chose 21-0-9 instead of the usual 9-0-21 for casters
this is because even when built as AP, the little boost from the Attack
masteries goes a long ways, especially early game when you dont have much AP
Also the mastery Havoc is just plain beast 5% amp for free......
With the dmg part of the masteries many AP sion guides say that you wont be hitting anything while I wish this was true your CDs are short but not that short plus with Lichbane why not hit?

For the utility masteries i got the mana boost cool for archangels and regen+ ghost boost

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For runes i calculated what was needed to max out CDs and whatever was left over was used to spam magi pen....which is just amazing for any caster
1.64 x 2 + .29 x 9 + 6 + 10 + 25(from blue buff)=46 Cdr either way its more than enough

Your stuns at this point should have a ridiculously low CD at about 4-5 secs and same for your sheild......this means that the opponent of your choice is stunned for 2 out of every 4 secs

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Skills -

(Passive) Feel No Pain: This skill makes Sion a mini tank regardless of the build, and its completely free. It allows you to ignore large amounts of minions and soak more damage than your hp bar implies you should.

(Q) Cryptic Gaze: This skill is what makes Sion ridiculous.... It stuns an enemy for two seconds right off the bat. Its an awesome way to start fights and often to finish a chase too. This skill will usually get your team first blood. Later on as you finally max it's rank it'll become a major part of your damage output and continuous control. This is a key component for any sion. Note that the scaling for this is an amazing 1-1

(W) Death's Caress: This is one of funniest AOE spells in the game. It not only gives you a massive area of effect but it also gives you a damage shield for the same amount. you can tank like a beast with large ammounts of AP, pop your sheild rite before its killed and turn it back on again in 4 secs. By leveling this fast you make it hard of enemies to kill you plus you can farm like crazy. You'll find very quickly that you'll be able to wipe entire creep waves out in one blast making you an amazing pusher and helping you spam out your items. Don't hesitate to jump to open lanes and "steal" all the creeps. It is also good for baiting an overconfident enemy in stunning them and turning on your sheild as bonus hp lol

(E) Enrage: This skill pretty amazing. It allows sion to hit fairly hard when he's not casting. Its a free 65 dmg buff! Also its worth noting that you get the bonuses to your max HP even if you kill something with your spells. So guess what when you clear whole creep waves with your W OMG so much bonus hp woot!

(R) Cannibalism: This skill is made more for a AD build, but its still useful. Its awesome for grabbing lizard/golem, healing yourself and teammates between fights, or in a close fight. The extra hp swing gained between casts is invaluable. Also note that its useful when taking out towers because it turns on your lichbane :)
The bonus attack speed and life steal are helped but the attack masteries

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I rush tear as fast as possible because it has nice mana regen as well as that tidy bonus to your total mana every cast. Get this out as fast as possible to ensure you get its full effect. Then grab a pair of boots after first blood and rush back to lane and grab extra pots if needed.
Depending on how bad your lane is you can either pick you a blasting rod or lucidity boots (i normally get the rod first as i prefer the dmg over shorter Cd at first) after finishing your boots grab a needlessly large rod and finish up into a deathcap. Then move on over and finish up your archangels (if you've been spamming your spells as you should you should have about 1.2k mana at this point. Finish up with a lichbane for that extra punch every attack. After this should come the situational items. But i like grabbing two more archangels as each give you even more mana and b/c Riot is weird or doesnt notice each gives a bonus 3% of your total mana into your ap thats another 2hundred+ AP

Situational/other Items
-Mejais:well normally i wouldn't recommend this item, because sion sucks at last hitting and is just a beast support tanky mage, but if you happen to be raping as you will ocassionaly do (a few games ago i got fed and had 5 kills by 10 mins) its rare but mejais gives a lot of ap and also nice CDR
-Rylais:well if you want the extra slow on sheild burst to make enemies easier to stun then this is nice, also bonus HP
-Rod of Ages: gives bonus mana, hp and Ap what more to say makes you tankier and makes your spells stronger
-banshees Veil: blocks a negative spell really nice if the other team is caster heavy and you wanna be a troll and run in and stun the lot of them
-Frozen Heart: good for the in between times of your shield CD, gives CDR and more mana for archangels
-Deathfires: Good against those freaks of natare who insist on getting over 4k hp (cho, mundo, vlad etc) has nice CDR and AP bouns
-Hextech Gunblade: more of a hybrid item gives you a nice bonus to both your AP and AD plus life gain from both

-I did this once i wouldnt suggest it but 1 boots of lucidity, 4 archangels, 1 deathcap
you hit amazing ammounts of Ap late in the game, but i wouldnt reccommend, its kinda a joke build i would like to try this on Veigar though, i did it on galio and i think i hit 900+ Ap

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How to Play

WEll not much to say ive pretty much explained most of it up there somewhere

stun stun stun stun stun stun and ignite........ focus fire one person with your lane partner and you guys just abuse your annoying stun

Early game
Just play smart and harass with stuns and plan out your attacks with lane partner
usually the sign of a charging sion is the activatin of their sheild as the timer on it doesnt let it be as spammy and needs to be on b4 u use stun.

just sheild, stun hit hit pop ignite

Mid game
You should have been in lane up until now at about level 10 claim you teams blue buff and go mid to gank... again same combo sheild stun hit hit pop ignite stun you mid should be able to rape the other carry your job is to hold them in place
push like crazy in any lane you can abuse whenever there is time run to open lane and pop sheild to clear minion wave

late game
yeah not much different from mid game you pretty much run around and backdoor everything
every team fight you want to be around the second one in turn on your sheild stun the carry and pop the shiel in the middle of their pity party and repeat. you can shut down almost any hero and when they try to run ghost after them

Sion is a very repitetive character and and you'll get many ppl complaining on how noob you are for picking a BA OP hero. Hes very fun to play with and the "button mashing" if timed correctly can abuse lichbane and get a free 700 dmg hit in between spells. Clearing forrest after early game is relatively easy just shield hit each creep once pop sheild (not for runed ones though)

Important to remember AP sion is very mana heavy especially with the Short CDs so blue buff is very important as well as archangels. On a normal game you should have at least 150 minion kills because your sheild is a bottomless pit that is always hungry

~thats all for now updates to come and i await your comments (my next guides will be kennan, galio, vlad, and AD sion well depends they prbly already have good builds)

Just played a game and went 28-6-9 :) i switched out the last archangels for a hextech cuz i felt like it