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Sion Build Guide by Spiiky

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spiiky

Sion the MadHatter!

Spiiky Last updated on January 6, 2012
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Introduction Sion the MadHatter Intro

Sion is my favorite champ to play.He is really OP if u know how to play him correctly.Who doesn t love getting First bloods almost every game.So if u're interested try this build.

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Summoner Spells

These is my favorite i prioritize it over exhaust.Why?Cuz late game for me exhaust becomes pretty useless u got full build anyway and u can rape anyone,so why would u need exhaust? Ignite help you get FB or even finish the scared running away player with low hp.Simple

Again I prefer it over ghost.Why if I must to flash away to run,or to chase and fast kill.Ghost could be quite good,but flash is my favorite,what can i say ;)

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People keep me asking why don't u take some more armor,or magic s because sion with he s ulti on or not( when full build) he is a war machine he can kill everyone,no mather what,who doesn t love full attack speed,crit and running speed?That is why i buy first 2 phantoms imemeditly.U got enough of dmg with your E skill so at start with only these 2 items u ll rape everyone.


Others what u prefer,i go straight for Blood thirster.


If enemy team has to much tanky chars,i buy as soon as possible ,easier to kill then who doesn t love armor penetration.

To much magic attack on enemy team?Np go with and profit.

U die to fast?Buy and win.

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I have tried all runes for Sion,and these one I prefer the most.
x9 Armor pent.,there is nothing better.

x9 Extra armor makes u more survivable.

x3 Extra armor penetration.

x9 Extra magic resist.

All others runes for me were quite useless,but hey everyone has their taste.

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I go straight for offense.Extra life steal+extra amor improved flash and ignite there is nothing better.

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Skill Sequence

- Sion's one and only stun. Useful when chasing. Useful when being chased. Put it simply, it's your trusty friend that will guarantee kills or save your butt when you're running away. A well-placed stun can turn the tide in a team fight.

- soaks up a fair bit of damage, and also explodes upon re-casting (or just wait) to do a nice AoE blast. Perfect for farming as well. In 1 v 1, pop this after you stun your target. In teamfights, activate it after you use your ulti. Good spell for both defense and offense.

- Sion's bread and butter spell for farming. Have it on toggle at ALL TIMES and farm away! With the health bonus, you'll be racking up 3000+hp at lvl 18.

- now this is what makes Sion such a BEAST. With increased lifesteal and attack speed, you'll be busy hacking enemies to their death. Pop this up at the BEGINNING of a fight to get the most out of it. Also if you're really low, hit creeps to get some hp back and go back to hitting champions (this applies when you're trying to juke in jungle, hit a neutral creep if you're about to die.) This is like one of the most OP spells in the game. U will see sometimes u will be able to kill 2 or 3 champions alone with no problem.

///Some words for skill squence are coppied from other build,so I apologize///

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Pros / Cons


+ Stun
+ Decent farming,more minions he kills more health he has ;)
+ Best lifesteal possible
+ Tanky
+ Beast on low lvls.
+ Relatively short ult cd
+ Ultimate he becomes almost unkillable..later on game he isn't.
+Can kill alone 2 with np with ult.


-In my view there is none ;)Oh wait,there is farm....

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I always lane,I hate jungling.

I always say at start to someone to take a good damage dealer.Why?Cuz u'll get fb with np no mather what.And u will dominate your lane.If possible I always go on bot lane,if not then top.Try to get last hit as many as u can.A lot of times graves,or cait,etc....say i need to farm too,okay do it,but still i will last hit no mather what,otherwise u ll have low hp and be pretty killable at early/mid game.

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There is only 1 Barrier for sion.Farm farm farm....that s all imagine u re playing tryndamere :p

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So this is it.Try and please let me know how do u feel about it.Thnx (My first build so something are still missing will update it later,sry )And see u ingame.

I'm a casual player on EU West Server,u can look me up under name Spiiky.So if u don't beliave me look my match history.Have fun,cya.