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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 4C@_ult!m4T3

Sion Ultimate hybrid

4C@_ult!m4T3 Last updated on December 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Prior to the creation of the League of Legends, the city-states of Demacia and Noxus were locked in a brutal series of on-again-off-again wars that spanned the course of centuries. Both powers sought an advantage over the other, but Noxus was the city-state willing to forego conventional morality to achieve its goals. Only brute strength and the will to use it mattered to Noxus, and this is best exemplified in the murderous warrior, Sion. Used by the Noxians as a human battering ram, Sion would be sent thundering ahead of Noxian troops. He would mercilessly slaughter foes with his large double-bladed axe, Chopper. His complete disregard for caution ultimately cost him his life, as he was captured and summarily executed by Demacian forces.
* Using Enrage Enrage early helps Sion in the late game. When Sion kills a champion, unit or monster, his health is increased permanently and Enrage Enrage makes it easier to last hit resulting in better gold farming.
o Health regen. and/or lifesteal can help Sion keep pushing longer, without going back because of the health cost.
* Cryptic Gaze Cryptic Gaze and Cannibalism Cannibalism can both be used in a defensive manner to save allies and sustain pushes.
* Using Cannibalism Cannibalism with a DPS build is a good way to quickly take down turrets as his high attack damage combined with the attack speed boost makes Sion a great pusher.
* Using Death's Caress Death's Caress at the right moment can block spells like Enchanted Crystal Arrow Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Trueshot Barrage Trueshot Barrage, Requiem Requiem, Absolute Zero Absolute Zero. It can also save you from damage over time spells like Ignite Ignite.

* Sion has high burst potential when building ability power as he can combo his Death's Caress Death's Caress with Cryptic Gaze Cryptic Gaze.
* Laning together with a high damage champion is a potent combination as Cryptic Gaze Cryptic Gaze has a 2 second stun at level 1, one of the longest non-ultimate stun in the game.
* Combining Cryptic Gaze Cryptic Gaze with Exhaust Exhaust lets you stun then slow a target, occupying them for about 6 seconds. If they are far enough from safety or do not run for cover, the cooldown from Cryptic Gaze Cryptic Gaze will have reset and you can use it again. This chained combo usually gives your team ample time to take down an enemy at the start of the game for First Blood, provided you catch them far enough away from their tower and that they don't overpower you first.
* Sion becomes very effective with Ability Power due to his natural health bonus and his shield's AP scaling.
* Using Death's Caress Death's Caress before running into battle lets you use it again in battle, causing the shield to explode which does more damage to the enemy.
* Using Enrage Enrage with lifesteal means that the cost of the spell is less than the life you steal back. This means that Enrage Enrage can be kept active indefinitely.
The Demacians thought that the beheading of Sion would be the end of his bloodthirsty ways. Death, however, was merely the beginning of Sion's rise to power. The famed Noxian assassin, Katarina, recovered Sion's remains and Noxian necromancers reanimated the behemoth to serve Noxus once again. Sion's reanimation actually bestowed new powers on him and increased the potency of his existing abilities, making him even more of a terror to behold on the battlefield. The Noxian High Command had a powerful new weapon in their hands - one they have brought to bear as a champion in the League of Legends. Even though Sion's increased powers would make him a powerful tool for the High Command's use outside the Fields of Justice, Noxus no longer risks losing one of their greatest champions in the League to chance or circumstance; Sion's days as a front-line fighter for Noxus' military conquests are at an end.