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Sivir Build Guide by Patsfan75

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Patsfan75

Sivir is going to break you face. (redo 9/8/12)

Patsfan75 Last updated on September 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build has been updated for more ranked play style and finding new ways to play the champion

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Sivir the Battle Mistress

The beautiful and deadly champion known as Sivir has been a favorite of League summoners for close to a decade. A soldier-for-hire outside of the Fields of Justice, she is the embodiment of a highly successful mercenary on modern day Runeterra. Sivir has little interest in the ''cribbage sheets'' - as she calls them - of League influence bartering. Instead, she is motivated by material wealth and riches, and she is paid handsomely for her services. Sivir is one of the wealthiest individuals found anywhere on Valoran. Sivir owns multiple residences in a number of different city-states, as well as ownership stakes in a number of businesses all across Valoran. Her detractors, either envious of her success or acrimonious of her flexible morality, have begun to use Sivir as a symbol of what is wrong with the mercenary nature of the League. Sivir dismisses her critics, saying that while her personal code of ethics is less ruthless than her competitors, ''Everyone has a price.''

Sivir has earned many titles and accolades throughout her illustrious career, but the one she held until recently was ''Battle Mistress of Noxus''. Now she is simply known as ''The Battle Mistress'' after breaking her contract with the Noxian High Command. Sivir dared to object to the Noxian war against the peaceful island state of Ionia, though less about the morality of the issue than the planning behind it; her predictions of a bloody stalemate came true when the Ionians held off the relentless assaults of the Noxians. Claiming that the Noxian High Command had lost its direction, she left Noxus and made her services available to the Institute of War. The Noxian High Command has sent a number of contracted assassins to deal with its rogue mercenary, but none have delivered her or survived.

''Time and time again, Sivir proves that she has earned the right to call herself 'The Battle Mistress'.'' -- Jax

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How to play Sivir the Battle Mistress

Sivir is a ranged Ad carry which means she is meant to stay back and break peoples spines. Now Sivir may be extermly squishy until her first blood thirstier this is do to that life steal so **** health just heal it right back up and when you get your 2 you boomerang blade will easily slide thru champs and more than likely be gg.


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The reason these runes are selected is to pull out fastest way to roflstomp champions and survive a couple of hits these can be altered to your liking.

Some people say scrambling your runes is a bad thing but having armor pen and attack damage at a low level and high level are critical bonus attack speed and little resistances in both magic resist and armor are as well nice so you don't have to back every time someone wants to hit you

Alternating Marks

9x Marks of Desolation tier 3

9x Marks of Strength tier 3

Alternating Seals

9x Seal of Alacrity tier 3

9x Seal of Resilience tier 3

Alternating Gylphs

9x Glyphs of Alacrity tier 3

9x Glyphs of shielding tier 3

Alternating Quintessences

3x Quintessence of Alacrity tier 3

3x Quintessence of Desolation tier3

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Masteries have been set up for Burst and sustain in lane. You could alter and go 21/0/9 for the increased relic buff but you should be find with the extra armor and health

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Your Bloodthirster is BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM due to the fact while it has a huge amount of dmg and gets you lifesteal
Phantom dancers for more attack speed and crit chance

there are now 3 builds up there up to date on Bot ad carry ranked, jungle sivir...(yes jungle sivir), and Solo top sivir
i have done these builds and ranked and carry
The key items i always focus on getting are and due to the fact that ie gives you an enormous damage increase to your auto attacks and crit strikes and the bt to get that survivability out of life steal if you are starting to get focused i recommend garbing a

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Skill Sequence

The skills in this order allow you to major harass while still farming giving you a unique edge over most lane combos who will set one for farm and one for harass. Since Sivir can do both it makes her a reliable solo champ.

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Summoner Spells

The summoners spells vary on the personal preferences and on the job you are doing or you know who your facing (draft & ranked)

Taking are basic and very easy to one v one with or disabling a dps in a team fight so you can focus someone else.

Taking spells such as are for people with healing ults or passives or just general life steal such as

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I recently did a ranked match as jungle sivir because duo que wanted bot and top and mid had already been picked and we need an ad ranged so basic i did i very basic path that worked acctually pretty decent due to the change in sivir's passive. Which is fleet foot(moar movement speed when auto attack champ last 2 seconds) and red buff where you get the full slow unlike non-ranged carry's now you are able to position yourself well in lane to throw your killing blow or knock it down low enough to have your teammates clean up.

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Ranked Play

Sivir has a very strong early game Due to the insane amount of damage that Q starts off with and her passive of movement speed try to win the upper hand in your lane early and hold it not to overaggressive but not to passive either

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Pros / Cons

Sivir had an insane amount of damage on her Q but that is the only place damage really comes from
She also has a spell shield but the cd on it is not viable in a short team fight
You can burst or sustain but not both

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Team Work

As the Adc(Attack damage carry) It is your job to go in and destroy people as fast as possible in the safest way possible if you can always stay in the middle of your team that would be best so if someone was to jump you they would have to go through your team either way.

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Unique Skills

Your Boomerang Blade is often misjudged damage wise and get easily cause fatal blow
Your Ricochet has been changed to an on hit effect which makes worth looking into
Spell shield is a free banshee's vial that restores your mana
Your ult on the hunt gives increased attack speed and movement is very nice easier get away or chase down

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You want to only leave your q to harass for it high mana cost if you are getting zoned you can push the lane with W Q combo real fast and fall back to the safety of your turret if you are in the upper hand of the land try to just reduce to auto attacks and not spamming your abilities to farm

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Good luck

Have fun
Hope this build has cleared up the play style of Sivir
This has been a Pats preview thx for reading!