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League of Legends Build Guide Author M0b1us

Sivir - The Diamond Cutter

M0b1us Last updated on October 26, 2010
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This is my first build so please leave comments and any suggestions you have. This is mostly complete, I am making final touches as I play.

The idea behind this build originated from another I was using from this site. Then when I made a few substitutions, I found a build that I love. I was able to take on Blitz, Morde, and Garen all at once during a 3v3 and kill 2 of them while Blitz escaped with overdrive.

1. Boomerang Blade: Considered Sivir's big hitter. Seems easy to use, but takes time before you can control the blades path to hit the enemy twice. I have found BB to be useful only when it hits both times or sniping someone with low HP. So take time to practice hitting players both times.

2. Ricochet: The farming tool, and killing tool if you play your cards right. By the time you have gunblade, this should almost always be active. This will minimize the time it takes to farm minions or neutral monsters.

3. Spell Shield: You are facing Morgana, and she blast her snare at you! You know you don't have time to move, so you throw up your shield. The only thing that happens is that you recover 150 mana. Sounds corny, but in all reality this is an extremely strong spell. It takes the longest to master, but you can force your enemies to try and hit you with spells just to find that they recover your mana.

4. On the Hunt: Movement and attack speed are boosted for a short time. Allies within the radius receive a smaller boost. Great for initiating ganks, stalling pushes, allowing your team to make a quick getaway, and just making everyone's damage output spike.

The items listed are the ones you want to end with. I normally get the items in this order.
1. Meki Pendant
2. Amplifying Tome
3. Boots of Speed
4. Hextech Revolver
5. Boots of mobility
6. Hextech Gunblade
7. Mandred's Razors
8. Mandred's Bloodrazors
9. Stinger
10. Nashor's Tooth
11. Emblem of Valor
12. Starks Fervor
13. Phage
14. Frozen Mallet

Early game - Play safe, don't be a hero and charge in unless it is obvious that you can get a kill without putting you into too much danger. Just use your BB skill to harass and farm minions. Keep this up until you have gunblade. Now things get interesting.

Mid game - Now you can start to pick champions off. Use gunblades ability to slow a champion and follow it up with BB. If he runs, pursue carefully. I have found that until late game Sivir is very easy to kill. Continue farming minions until you have madred's bloodrazor. Now comes the easy part.

Late game - Now you are a machine designed to cut through anyone (literally). Make sure you stay with your team as your OTH ult will be welcomed where ever your team is. Get Nashor's tooth ASAP as it will greatly increase your attack speed, and therefore your overall damage output. This build also enables you to tower dive. So if a tower is left undefended, take it out and return to base before anyone can react. Starks Fervor is normally not needed as by this time as a team would have won. However, there are very long games so this will just make you all that much sweeter to your team. Frozen Mallet, this is the, "I am sick of chasing, so I will just slow you so I won't have to". With gunblade's slow and frozen mallet with the speed boost from OTH, champions will find it almost impossible to run from you.

I prefer to use Flash and teleport with this build. This enables you to move quickly across the map and to escape ganks while offering the option to jump into range for your set ups. Ignite, ghost, and rally could all be used as well with success.

When doing a 1v1, you want to be the initiator. Start with gunblades ability and OTH. As the enemy comes to engage you, hit him with a BB. Keep ricochet on if there are minions nearby as it will allow you to continue farming and then allow your minions to engage the enemy as well. Use spell shield to gain some quick mana and nullify one of their spells. If they run, great, just BB and pursue.
DO NOT FALL FOR A GANK! The majority of people under estimate sivir and will target her thinking she is a weak target. Well their right, up until mid-late game.

So I think that about does it. This build is designed to take out large amounts of HP very quickly, does not do to well against other heavier DPS characters such as Master Yi. Depending on the enemy, you might want to replace bloodrazor with another item. Maybe Guinsoo's Rageblade or sword of the divine? I have also been thinking about replacing boots of mobiliy with phantom dancer. Once again, comments and suggestions are welcome!