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Udyr Build Guide by M0b1us

Udyr - Terror of the Jungle

Udyr - Terror of the Jungle

Updated on August 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author M0b1us Build Guide By M0b1us 10,007 Views 7 Comments
10,007 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author M0b1us Udyr Build Guide By M0b1us Updated on August 6, 2011
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All right, here is my third guide and I decided to do it on one of my favorite junglers.

Before I begin, I require that if you have an idea, please leave a comment and I might include it in the build. So If you think that item A would be better than item B, then please do not down vote at first, instead state your opinion and say why your idea has merit.

You will notice I included multiple runes. These are just guidelines. Pick and choose what you like. I will tell you my preference in the runes section.

All right, now I won't bore you with things you already know. So let's begin.
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Ok, there are a lot of items that can be used for Udyr, but I like the build above because it gives 200+ armor and MR. Which in junction with Randiun's, it poses a very powerful combination.

Now we are jungle, so start with I usually start off with , but you can also start with . All you really want is to get ASAP.

Now get . It is critical that you can move about quickly which is why I prioritize level 2 boots as the very next item.

This item will make your jungle and invading jungle significantly faster and makes it easier to stay healthy from the life steal from turtle.

Finish . This is a great item for junglers as it can be used to make sure that you can gank a lane successfully or it can be used to tell where the enemy jungler is depending on your ward placement. If it is ready to use, you are wasting valuable free ward time.

Next grab . You should be buying wards and this will help curve that price.

and are your next items. These will be used to just make you a good bit tankier.

Now you just have to finish some of your main items. The order in which you finish your build really depends on enemy team comp. If they have more magic, then you may want to opt out of chain vest and get your two MR items first.
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Trinity Force

is one of the best items in the game. However here is the issue with using .

The proc scales off of AD. So if you have a decent amount of AD, then go ahead. However this build uses more AS and bulk to get the job done.

will let your next auto-attack have a base 150% AD instead of your usual 100% AD.

--AD ---- ----Total damage from proc--
150 AD ----> 225
200 AD ----> 300
300 AD ----> 450

This build does not have much AD on it, so is not effective for it's price as opposed to items like . Do not think it is a bad item, we just don't have the AD to make this useful.

I advise that you need close to 200 AD before outweighs your bulk.

WAIT! I already have 160 damage, so 30 AD from will bring you up to 190 AD! So wouldn't be useful?

Answer, yes. I absolutely LOVE . Generally I never get the chance to get it. However if I had the chance and the situation did not require me to be as bulky, I would get this in a heart beat.

is a situational item. If you are wrecking the place and no one seems to stop you with your current items, then go for it. What is scarier than a fed Udyr running at you with and ?

NOTE: Remember that you can proc every 2 seconds, so to max your damage with always switch stances after two seconds.
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Optional Items

Ok, so like many champions, Udyr is one of those that can basically benefit from almost any item. So I am just going to list a few and give a short analysis of each item.

Tank Items

Good item overall. Provides a little bit of everything and helps your team.

Mainly used for breaking high AS targets. Also the great CDR enables you to stance dance (see description in "Skills") with a single stance.

The single highest armor item in the game. Breaks AD champions and makes you just that more dangerous to face alone.

Ok, basically this is a ton of HP. Works great if you are facing a magic heavy team and already have 200+ MR. Also provides good synergy with atma's.

DPS Items

Believe it or not, this item is actually pretty decent on Udyr. Both and deal additional magic damage. So the spell vamp + life vamp is very impressive.

One duration of and boom. Full 45 armor reduction. Let's not also forget the additional AD. If you can afford it and the situation calls for it, go ahead.

Gives the highest AD when fully stacked. The only problem I have with this is that it takes a short bit of time to fully stack. However it is a great item if you are dominating.

Pretty good item overall. CDR, AD, armor pen and a great active. The CDR enables you to stance dance with one stance and the AD + armor pen just help you that much more.

DPS/Tank Items

Great item if you synergize it with another HP item. and are good items to use with it.

A free slow and HP. Good synergy with atma's.

Great item against magic heavy teams. Each time you attack you gain 5 MR maxing out at 25 total MR. Also note the bonus 42 magic damage and nice AS.

Epic Items that would be down right unfair

Oh how I wish...
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First thing about jungling. A lot of your success comes from ganking. Now this does not mean that whenever you gank a lane you secure a kill. Here is what qualifies for a successful gank.

Best: Target(s) waste summoner spells and are killed.
Strong: Target dies but does not waste summoner spells.
Mediocre: No target dies but they waste their summoner spells. You must not waste spell either for this to be considered an effective gank.
Meh: You stop a push and make the enemy lose a small amount of XP.

If you do any of the above in a gank, then that is considered a successful gank. However you must not waste any summoners if you only plan to scare them into wasting their own or stopping a push.


Ok, you have tons of options when it comes to jungle for Udyr. We will be following the path I typically use. To make it easier, I will just describe the path if you start on the lower left hand corner.

Start at blue buff, make sure someone leashes and lol at your team if they think you don't need a leash. While it is true you don't need one, it does prevent you from taking unnecessary damage.

If an enemy is pushing a nearby lane hard (If you are on the lower left hand side of the map this would be either top or bottom) then you can try to go for a level 2 gank. However do NOT get at level 2. If no one is heavily pushed, then grab wolves.

Now get red buff. Even if your is on CD, go ahead and start it. Chances are that you will be able to use it as soon as it comes of CD and still have to deal a small amount of damage to finish it. Make sure to stance dance between tiger and turtle to ensure the kill and give you enough HP for ganking.

Now you have another opportunity to gank. Gank mid or bot if you can. If top is alone in 1v2 or if it is a solo lane and it is being pushed, gank top. After you gank, you have a few options.
Gank mid: try to steal wraiths or take your own golems near bot.
Gank bot: take your own golems and head toward wolves as they should have respawned by now.
Gank top: Steal enemy golems, gank mid then take wolves or just take wolves and then work your way back down.

After your first 2-3 ganks is when you will start to be showing up in lanes more. You may have to hold lane or you can assist in pushing a tower.

Here is a map that shows some general paths that you can take.
Black Path: A typical jungle route. The exact order is up to the player.
Red Path: Possible gank paths after clearing creeps.
Yellow Path: Possible jungle invasion paths.

Numbers on Red and Yellow Paths: These represent how quickly the objectives can be completed after starting jungle. Example, if you get red buff and decide to gank top, it will take the longest since it is farther away than the other lanes. So it has the highest number.

Numbers on the Black Path: These merely mark the order of how I clear jungle. Nothing special.

After clearing the entire jungle, I advise that you recall. You should have enough money for and you want to be able to clear jungle quickly.
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For runes, all you need are runes that help you clear jungle faster and help late game. I listed a few other good ideas in terms of runes at the very start of the guide. Just remember, the best runes are the ones you are comfortable with.

For reds, you have multiple options. AS, armor pen and magic pen are all viable choices. So choose your weapon. Armor pen will help against early jungle. Magic pen will help your damage later. AS helps clear jungle and enables you to proc more spells mainly phoenix.

A jungler's favorite rune. The amount of damage these prevent is amazing and are always useful. I don't need to say much about these runes.

Just personal preference, I take armor pen red and quints so I like the extra AS. You can also opt out for .

Quints: Like reds, plenty of options. You may want to take armor pen or AS quicker. Or you may want to use something with a little more utility like MS and experience buff.

The runes you use will be mostly dependent on how you intend to build Udyr. If you are the only tank capable champion on your team, it would be wise to get increased MS so that you will have an easier time initiating. If you like early ganks, then you might want that extra exp. from the quints. Use whatever is needed for your build.
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Ok, there is a lot of conflict between VS . I prefer icon=tiger stance] since it has more single target damage and I will generally be aiming for one person when I gank.
Both are great damaging stances and should BOTH be upgraded to rank 5. This means that you will want to only be rank 3. The only thing that upgrades is the speed boost and the duration. At rank 3, you can just barely stance dance on alone.

Now Udyr has a little technique called Stance Dancing. This is basically keeping your passive ability at maximum stacks. His passive is called . Whenever Udyr uses a spell (stance) he gains a stack which grants 3% dodge and 10% AS which can stack up to 3 times. The easiest way to do this is by switching from one stance to a different one. However with 17% CD, you can stance dance with one spell/stance.
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Ending comments

Well that is the end of my 3rd guide. I hope you enjoyed the short read on my take on Udyr. If you have any concerns or ideas feel free to post them. I am going to be doing some major updating now since I learned a few tricks about the language of this site.

Check out my other guides if you liked this one!
League of Legends Build Guide Author M0b1us
M0b1us Udyr Guide
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Udyr - Terror of the Jungle

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