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Sivir Build Guide by Illiad

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Illiad

Sivir the Redeemed (Post 11/29 Patch)

Illiad Last updated on December 1, 2011
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I have always loved Sivir. But good luck playing her without a friendly Q-Dodge or 10 between games. Or at least that is the way it used to be.

Introducing the new and improved Sivir! Complete with godly chase, kiting, burst, farm, tower pushing, support, survivability ... what else does a champ need? :) Read, enjoy, and comment!

As a heads up, this is my first league guide. I have a lot of experience writing builds and guides from games like Starcraft and Warcraft, and have always loved playing league and builds on Mobafire, and I thought this was a great time to contribute!

If you decide to down vote, I would appreciate a comment explaining why you disagree, or advice on how to make this guide better, its what the comment section is for! If this guide is received well I will add videos and such.

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Pros / Cons


    Incredible sustained damage and good burst.
    Still the best tower killer in the game, the bug fix makes up for the AS nerf
    Still one of the best minion farmers in the game
    Able to negate most champion abilities including many ults
    Great Pusher
    Great team support via ult
    Decent AoE damage in team fights
    Excellent chaser and kiter with passive and trinity force
    Incredible duelist
    Great poke absorber - shield eats poke and you can get health quick from minions
    Great mid or solo top!

    Weak to being focused - negates 1 spell, but 2 will get you killed
    Will draw aggro from good teams
    Item dependent - needs her good farm
    Tends to accidentally overextend a lot.
    Spell shield can be juked

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Greater Mark of Desolation
Armor pen gives you max late game damage on auto attacks and abilities, and keeps you doing true damage early game.
+7 armor and more from masteries will let you take some harass while you dish it out, helps you go toe to toe with low turrets and gives you that extra few % against that AD fighter.
Sivir doesn't need a full regen set, but a small one will let you keep casting if an enemy jukes your spell shield.
Magic resist lets you beat on those AP carries without fear of a surprise 2 shot. These with merc treads will let you fight them head on and bring them down hard.
Cooldown reduction is always great for using those game winning abilities more often, otherwise more Glyphs of Warding is always good.
greater quintessence of desolationx3
Armor pen gives you max late game damage on auto attacks and abilities, and keeps you doing true damage early game.

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22/6/2 for maximum damage, good defense, and flash when you need it.

I am a huge fan of improved recall because it gets you back to the lane faster and can save you from the last second turret dive. It saves gold, experience, and tower hp. Most people skip it for things like good hands, which is admittedly one of the best late game masteries. But any good normal queue game is decided in the first 20 minutes when good hands doesn't do squat.

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My 2 main builds:


The Sivir redesign SCREAMS . Her new kit is designed to chase, kite, do good burst and damage, then get away. Trinity Force offers all of these! I rush BF sword and Zeal, then build Blood Thirster. Then I build Phage and go straight into my force.

Build a Merc Treads for survivability if they have CC, else you could go Beserker boots.


Alternatively you can build her tanky AD if you find yourself being focused or against a team with just a few too many AD carries. This build also excels at backdooring and even killing turrets without minions present.


My third build is a max damage AD build. I do not feel this is the best way to play Sivir, and think people looking to build this way should consider playing maybe Caitlyn or Ashe. But with her ult and passive she does have great potential with it. Go this way if you prefer "right click and win" snowball or lose play style over "farm it up and win"

Always build to the team your facing, and you should only use item builds as a general guideline.

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This passive rework is what makes the new Sivir pro. Every normal attack against a champion grants you FIFTY move for 2 seconds. Kite and chase galore! This makes Vayne's passive look like it got bought on clearance.

Great damage and harass if you can land it. Most good players will only get hit by the launch. Damage goes down with every minion hit, so not always that great during the farm stage, especially with its very high mana cost.

The best use of this abilities is to get that last bit of damage in when they are running directly away from you for the double hit.

Ranged carry with a sheen friendly auto attack reset that bounces damage? YES PLEASE! This will be the main source of your burst and a great deal of your damage in team fights. Max it first and love it! Smash it on cooldown when hitting enemy champs best to time with the end of an auto attack.

Banshee's Veil on demand! Well timed this will negate an enemies harass, CC, or gank, restore your mana, which you can use to beat them down while they run away without their cooldown! Use this to soak up the poke from enemy an enemy Nidalee, counter that global/super range ult, eat that Ashe arrow for the team, or to bait that hungry Sion! This is the catch all win all against a lot of game winning spells! Will usually eat 10+ ultimates in a long game if your good enough.

Ah, the glory moment. This is what sets her apart from the rest. If you are not using it to cleave down turrets, this spell will win you the team fight. Initiate at blinding speed, share the bonuses with allies, AOE Heroism for the win! And with this on, it is OK for your team to chase them down. :)

Not one bad spell in her new toolkit!

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Skill Sequence

Boomerang blade while always fun does not make for efficient harassment. It also goes up in mana cost with level, and you will find yourself ooming quick if you put more than 1 point into this early on.

I prefer Ricochet. It resets your swing timer, does bounce harass, and gives you great sheen burst. I max it first.

This is where you have a choice. If you find yourself not being CCd or pressured, it is a great time to work on Boomerang blade. But if you find yourself against a or other good CC or spell harass, consider bringing down the Spell Shield cooldown with more ranks as quick as possible. Remember - if you have to B or die all the time, your not carrying! Defense almost always results in more total damage, and Sivir is all about the sustain.

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Summoner Spells

What can I say? Post nerf still the catch all win all spell.

Great for turning the fight around on another carry, holding someone down while you kill them, or slowing someone down long enough to get away. One of my favorite spells

Alternative spells:

A fair alternative for either spell, but will save you less from ganks than flash, but might grant you more kills in chases, team fights, and ganks than flash or exhaust.

Nothing like saving a turret or killing one with a 3.5 second warp across the map. Can also easily grant ganks and counterganks with good map awareness. One of the best spells in the game for normal queue.

If you gotta have that little extra dps and turret killing ability. But I prefer utility spells over pure damage spells on Sivir.

Can help against first bloods and against health gain champs, volibears, etc. Great to grab if no one else on your team has.

In my opinion, any summoner spell that you can't count on in a team fight is a waste for a carry. You won't promote warp in and save the day. You won't promote the enemy carry, you can't promote out of the fight. Get caught in the jungle? Not gonna promote you way out of that one. Sivir doesn't need promote to crush a tower, or for anything else really.

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Champion interactions

I will focus on champs that most people fear in normal queues.

Save your spell shield for his Rolling Thunder, and never miss an opportunity to auto attack > ricochet > boomerang him. Bleed him out and harass him whenever he tries to fight.

Whenever possible trade harassment with him, you should win out on damage. When he throws his ult on you, if you fail to juke it, just activate spell shield before it goes off and you will absorb it, even if he hit you with the fish.

You have more reliable damage then gangplank. Kite him (move between attacks) so he can't auto attack you, and your damage will win out even over his remove scurvy healing. You're a boss!

Save spell shield for his fling, and he shouldn't be able to bring you down on his own. He will learn quickly not to make you his primary fling target. Beware him inbetween spell shields - a good singed will target you during this time

Spell shield handles her ult just fine, and with your W and Q you can go toe to toe with cait in a headon fight. The issue here is Caitlyns range. If you are not careful she will shoot and and backaway before you can get a shot in. Stay mobile and out of her range, or time your run ins to trade the damage with her.

Spell shield golden rule = save it for the CC.

The new queen of solo top. Try to harass her at a range and be wary of her Q>E combo. Try to hit your spell shield as she travels to you so you can negate her equilibrium strike. That damage loss and you not being stunned will let you turn the tables on the queen of all table turners.

Great news is, Ashe can't fight you in a one on one. When laning against her, press this advantage. After level 6, spell shielding her arrow will make her cry herself to sleep that night.

Rammus is quickly becoming popular in normal 5s. Saving your spell shield for the CC, the golden rule, will save you against this carry disabler.

Save your spellshield for their CC and crush them with your damage. None of them have the ability to stop you if you time your shield right, so press that advantage!

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Sivir is an incredible champion post revamp, and if you haven't seen her stomp you will soon. All this Volibear hype about him being the new king of solo top, yet he cant do ANYTHING against a good Sivir. Spell shield stops his singed impersonation and you can harass him to death.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your support!

If you try my guide and it works for you, please remember to come back and up vote!