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Skarner Build Guide by TheSlayerOfScorpions

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSlayerOfScorpions

Skarner the king of CC

TheSlayerOfScorpions Last updated on February 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A word of the author

hello because that my native language is dutch i will note that there will be some spelling's mistake's so don't go all grammar nazi on me for it also all comment's are apreciated for more mind's come up with beter plan's :)

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well i get this question alot and it's simple he doesn't need it he is strong quick and tanky enough to negate the use of smite you CAN take it if you must but i gennerally find ignite better seeing it ups his damage output more late game

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Skarner why and how

Hello i will tell you today about one of my favorite champs in the league and aswel as a devastating jungler Skarner

-Why would i pick skarner and why not.
first off all i would like to say that skarner is NOT in any case a champ that can come in a lane at lvl 3 do some attack's and BOOM!! he has a kill skarner only viable gank's from lvl 6 seeing he can neutralise and draag any champ for easy and quick kill's so if possible only play him in a team you are sure of that won't go down before lvl 6

-insane amount of CC is able too have a continues line of AOE slow's that wil disrupt an enemy team a he can get away with it
-ALOT of survivability skarner's W gives an enormous amount of health shield and the potential to run away at blinding speed
-quikest jungle speed in the game
-is abel to solo dragon very fast

- low damage output early
- almos't can not before lvl 6
- is very mana hungry till late mid
- needs a very strong map awarness and the ability to decern the most dangerous oponent's in every situation

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the jungle worst enemy and best friend

When playing skarner it is save to notice you WON'T be counter jungling anything else then the ever so anoying mumu for if he fail's his first run or worse lose his blue could destroy his whole early game and make it really hard to gank or comeback late game.
now as for jungling alway's do the basic mana hungry run wolves>blue buff> wrath's> golem>wolves> wrath's>wolves... till your mana and health reserves are depleted if your quick enough and there isn't an annoying nocturne or lee picking on you B buy madred's and head back in the second run first get red seeing this will increase your damage output and make you less hungry for mana jungle till lvl 6 and then you can start the GANKING

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as most jungler's skarner love's to gank only seeing it's skarner there will be 1 essential difference THE WILL NOT RUN seeing that you will simple flash impale and W back too your friends for a quick and easy kill do note that you flash out of range you will need to W first and significally lower the distance you will be able to pull them back
generally if someone wants to counter gank or counter jungle you always use your R on the the champ with the highest dammage amount the will be the squisiet and it wil reduce the damage on you and your team spam your q as much as possible for slows and damage fest's

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the teamfight

this is where skarner shine's simple put initiate bye flashing in a team pulling thei adc back to your team will Qing al over the place due your tanking power's and your Q combined with iceborn gauntlet's and randuin's amost every guy in their team will be slowed and unable to escape the wrath of your team pummeling away on the poor helples people do note that skarner is not invincibel so it is not wise to initiate when your not sure your team can back you up in time also if the enemy team initates pull the ap or ad caryy to lower the damage output of the enemy team and leave a squisi vulnerabel