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Jhin Build Guide by JhinIsLife2016

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JhinIsLife2016

Sleeper Op 360 No Scope John Cena Thug Life Build

JhinIsLife2016 Last updated on March 16, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 18

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Cunning: 12

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Threats to Jhin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Janna A nice snack for jhin
Rek'Sai Kite circles around him and spam laugh.
Nidalee Dodge her spear and you can make quick work of her.
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The champion ill be talking about is Jhin. Jhin is snowbally adc with extremely good scaling's...and a late game terror. He has very high damage and very low mobility until he gets his items so he will need a cc heavy or peel sup to compensate for his weakness which is low mobility in the early game. The main stats you want to be focusing on when your playing Jhin are damage...crit...and attack speed. Jhin gains 2-40 percent increased ad based off his level(1-18). Also....Jhin gains 4% damage for every 10 crit that he builds. So crit is a priority. He gains a burst of movement speed every time he crits (which is how he kites) and the movement speed boost is increased base off how much attack speed he has built. ( 2.5% movement speed for every 10 attack speed built)

So he is a champion that revolves around crit attack speed..and if you like to chunk people for half their hp per auto...damage as well. He has a high skill cap but not as high as some champions like Azir or Zed... and requires pin point accuracy to use his w and ult effectively. He has lots of utility..massive range on some of his abilities...and brings a very unique...refreshing play style to the table. But most of all he is very fun to play.

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Pros and Cons (with this specific build)


1 Amazing ad scaling's and a god tier late game
2 Very bursty
3 Lots of Utility
4 Pimp Walk
5 A very fun ult
6 Very fun to play in general
8 Snowballs hard
9 Amazing Range
10 Bad *** cowboy skin
11 You'll catch people off guard with this build
12 Hes still kind of new so people don't know how to play against him like they do other champs.


1 Very squishy like all adcs
2 Lack of mobility in the early game
3 Requires a peel or cc heavy sup
4 Weak early game(with the way i build him)
5 very item reliant
6 Original skin is a little weird.
7 Hard to master
8 Extremely skill shot reliant
9 Must have perfect positioning
10 People will flame you if you do badly on this champ. Because of his shaky reputation.

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For items were going to build items with damage...crit and some attack speed. You can either make Jhin very mobile by building lots of attack speed and sacrifice damage...or you can build lots of damage while sacrificing mobility. I like to strike a balance between the two leaning towards the damage heavy side and getting just enough attack speed to be able to kite the bruisers and assassins that want to make my life hell. My build is below along with an explanation of why i built each item.

For starting items I like to go with the Doran's Blade...I don't feel like i need to explain why...its just the best starting item for adc's for obvious reasons. From here i either get the Pickaxe and Boots...or the B.F. and boots depending on how well I farmed in lane as well as a couple of health pots if i don't have a sustain support. This build path gives you nice damage sustain and some mobility. A very well rounded build.

The first core item is going to be the Infinity edge. This is my first item I build on Jhin as it counters the crit debuff riot gave Jhin to keep him on a leash and prevent his crits from being op. This item gives you a huge power spike with the crit debuff removed lots of attack damage...crit that Jhin desperately needs...and gets you off on the right foot to carry the game and melt faces. It also has a clean build path that works well with the laning phase.

After you complete your Infinity Edge you want to rush the B.F sword and Cloak of Agility in that order as fast as you can. This will be another really nice power spike for you. You may think that you need to rush the rapid fire cannon for the mobility you get from the attack speed...or the extra range on your auto attacks...but i think there is a better choice. Getting the B.F Sword and the Cloak of Agility will give you much more consistent reliable damage. And I value that much more than a passive that gives me a little extra range on one of my autos that's only up if i have all my energized stacks. Its very unreliable and forces you to change your play style completely over a small auto range buff which can be a pain in the ***.

The downside to not rushing the rapid fire cannon after Infinity Edge is losing out on mobility that you get from the attack speed...and until you get your Berserkers Greaves you will have to make better use of your positioning. But the sacrifice will pay off.

After we complete the B.F and the Cloak of Agility were going to be getting the Berserkers Greaves with furor. At This point point in the game your already really heavy on the damage end and your probably thirsty for some mobility..which you skipped out on by not getting rapid fire. Were going to compensate for this by getting the Berserkers Greaves. The Berserkers Greaves with furor will give you some nice movement speed as well as increase the movement speed boost your get from critting.

(Jhin gets movement speed when he crits...attack speed increases that movement speed) When you get these boots it will be like taking a fresh breath of air and you wont feel so sluggish. But your job before that is to be aggro and start racking up kills with your extreme damage you got by skipping the Rapid Fire and going for the B.F and Cloak of Agility. But don't force it if its not there...because that will get you killed...try to capitalize on any miss step and go in for the kill.

After we complete our Beserkers Greaves with furor were going to finish up with the Essence Reaver...I chose not too complete it before the boots because I personally value the mobility of the boots over the mana regen...cdr...and tiny bit of damage i get from completing the Essence Reaver. Not to say the those stats are not important just that mobility takes priority after the B.F and Agility Cloak in the early game. But this item synergies so damn well with Jhin that is a must have along with the Infinity Edge. Its passive gives you cdr based off how much crit you build...and since Jhin eats sleeps and poops crit this item is very very effective on him...Jhin gets so much cdr from this in the mid to late game that his ult is on a 80 sec cool down. Essence Reaver also lets you spam your abilities without ever running out of mana thanks to its passive...which is nice.

The next item can vary. Your either going to get the phantom dancer if the enemy team has a lot of squishes and isn't stacking armor. Or your going to get the Lord Dominiks Regards if your up against a comp with a lot of bruisers or tanks that are stacking armor.

I get the phantom dancer for the huge amount of mobility and crit it gives me. When I say mobility keep in mind that attack speed increases the movement speed boost jhin gets after critting. After you get this item your sitting at 70% crit chance and critting after almost every auto. And the 40% attack speed and 5% movement speed you get from this along with the 30% attack speed you get from Berserkers Greaves makes you very fast when you crit...your mobility problems go away...and you become one of the best kiting adc's in the game.

Your mobility is much much higher than Kogmaw, Caitlin, Tristina, Graves, and almost all of the adc's in the game besides a few. You are now up there with Kalista and Vayne and even if you cant kite as well as those two(because of your reload times) you are faster than them when you crit...and you can run them down if you need too.

If you did go phantom dancer first your next item will be lord dominiks regard. Your going to take this for obvious need the armor pen to get through the bruisers and tanks that are in almost every game in this meta. But what makes this item so good on Jhin is its passive. Which gives you a 15% damage boost too Jhin if hes fighting anyone that has more hp than him. Now 15% damage boost is already pretty big...but if you give it too a champion than can get over 700 ad late game...its broken. Its already giving Jhin 105 extra ad late game. And if you think that wasn't enough you still have to take his crit into consideration. That 700 ad will be critting for 2000 with my build.(trust me i did the math right...ill talk about it in my next chapter) Now your not just giving Jhin 105 extra damage...your giving him over 300 extra damage(2000*.15)=300 On a single item. This item is going to give you 4x more ad than an infinity edge on top of 45% armor shred. In my opinion...its broken.

The last item is going to be the Blood Thirster. I'm taking this for the nice AD it gives me which scales well with Jhin and his crit but I mostly take it because of the ridiculous amount of sustain it gives me. You will be hitting squishes for 1.5k dmg late game and healing for 20% of that damage per auto.(25% with Dorans Blade and masteries) You now have more sustain than an aatrox with botrk and spirit visage with a shield on top of that....nuff said.

When this build comes together it will give you over 700 AD...70% crit chance...45% armor shred...20% life steal...almost 40% cdr....a shield..a 12% damage debuff to any champion hitting you your regular autos will crit for 2000..your fourth shot hits for 2500 and above...and you also get very high mobility.

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Sleeper Op Runes

These runes are the secret crabby paddy formula to this build and they are what brings it all together to give you the most broken op disgusting version of jhin you can muster up without having a brain aneurysm. Not many people know about this but my friends and it is one of the most face roll sleeper op things ive seen on this game in my 3 years of playing.

The secret is running full crit amp. That's right screw the little bit of armor pen the flat ad...armor...and magic resist you get from a standard rune page...and go full thug life john cena 420 no scope deez nutz rito plz nerf mode...and build full crit amp. I discovered this sleeper op strategy a month after playing Jhin( Ive played him religiously after release) and my win rate has shot through the roof ever since.

The reason this works so well and is actually viable on Jhin is because of his extremely high ad scalings. With 700 ad every one of your crits late game does 1400 damage since crit doubles your original damage..which is increased to 1750 damage with infinity edge. 700*.50=350....350+1400=1750. You can take this madness even further by building a full crit amp page(which stacks with infinity edge) and gives you 46% more crit damage. A normal crit does 200% of your AD a crit with infinity edge does 250% of your AD...a crit with infinity edge and a full crit amp page does 296% of your AD. So lets do the math.

Jhin gets around 700 ad late game so 700*296%=2072 Your autos are now doing 2072 damage per hit. And that would be without Lord Dominiks Regards. We still have to add in the 15% damage buff against anyone with more hp than me. So 2074*.15=310....2074+310=2384. This build will make your autos do 2384 damage to a target.(Not taking armor into consideration...but since this build gives you 52%armor shred your still going to drop nukes) This crit amp page has the ripple effect of giving you roughly 400 extra damage late game(350+15% of 350 from Lord Dominiks Regards) And were not even taking the 13% damage increase you get from Bounty Hunter...Double Edged Sword and Merciless. And we get all this damage by giving up those stats that you get from a standard rune page. Which usually gives you around 7 damage, 9 armor, 12 armor pen and 27 magic resist at lvl 18. At a first glance you might of thought this rune page was troll and that it was garbage or that i was crazy. But now after you see the tell it so crazy that it just might work!?!?

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The masteries i take focus on making me do as much damage as possible in the mid to late game with a one or two exceptions here or there.

Ferocity Tree

5/5 Sorcery: I take five points in in this to increase my ability damage by 2%

1/1 Double Edged Sword: I take this to increase my overall damage by 3% I understand you take 1.5% more damage as well but i think the pros of this mastery outweigh the cons...especially in the right hands.

5/5 Vampirism: I take this over Natural Talent because the 2% life steal is more useful than the 10 ad at level 18 that Natural Talent gives me. It doesn't make much of a difference in the big scheme of things and the 2% life steal will help me during my laning phase.

1/1 Bounty Hunter: I take this because it potentially gives me 2.5% more AD than oppressor and fits my mid to late game build.

5/5 Battering Blows: I take this for the 7% armor shred than is obviously more useful than the magic pen that piercing thoughts offers on Jhin.

1/1 Deathfire Touch: All of Jhins abilities work with Deathfire Touch. This mastery works so well with jhin because of his high ad scalings. 60% of his total ad is converted into burn. Some abilities dont proc the full effect of deathfire because they are considered aoe(area of effect) his q and his traps. But his w and his ult proc the full burn. And with jhins huge ad late game(700 plus) 60% of that is 420 burn damage that gets applied to his w and well as on every single shot of his ultimate. I love this mastery on him because it adds some nice damage to his w which does almost none...and it can easily add over 1k burn damage to his ultimate. There are other options like thunderlords or fervor that can work....but none come close to doing as much damage on Jhin as deathfire in the mid to late game...which is were Jhin shines.

Cunning Tree

5/5 Savagery: I take 5 points in this to help me last hit minions in the early stages of the laning phase....since I don't run normal runes I lack a little bit of ad which makes it harder for me to last hit. This helps with that.

1/1 Secret Stash: I take this because it gives me a nice way to sustain myself in the laning phase. I take it over the assassin mastery because Jhin is almost never in a 1v1 scenario. Hes either with his support or his team so that mastery is almost useless on him.

5/5 Merciless: This gives me 5% extra damage to anyone below 50% hp. Its very useful and scales well with Jhin's high AD ratios. I also don't need meditation with the Essence Reaver that I'll be building.

1/1 Dangerous Game: I take this because bandit is a **** mastery for anyone who's not a support.

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Skill Sequence/Abilities

Jhins skill order is q w e and r whenever possible. We do it in this order simply because q is better than w and w is better than e. Ill write a paragraph or so on each ability explaining what it does and how to best use it.

Bouncing Grenade: Bouncing Grenade launches a canister at a target or minions dealing ad and scaling in ad ratio/dmg each time the grenade bounces off an executed minion. This ability has a lot of damage potential but is hard to use to its fullest potential. What you Mainly want to do with this is use it to clear minions and harass your enemy laner with a basic auto q auto harass combo. It an auto attack reset so it can shorten the time between your autos. To get the most damage out of it you want to have it bounce off and execute 3 minions before bouncing onto the enemy player. Its hard to pull off but if you can pull it off it will chunk hard.

Deadly Flourish: This abilities pretty simple. Its a very long ranged snare than you can use to cc enemy champs...snare people on top of your jhin traps...or pick off someone whos either running away or backing on very low health. Its a great way to pick up assists from literally across the map. You can walk over to dragon pit and hit someone at mid lane with it. The range is ridiculous. Just keep in mind an allied champion has to hit an enemy champion with an auto or an ability for the snare to activate. It also gives you a small movement speed boost after you snare your target which can help you get away or chase them down.

Captive Audience: The best way I can put this is its Jhin's version of a Teemo trap. Except with a delay. And the fact that you can stack them on top of each other to increase the damage. You want to use this to prevent ganks by placing them in spots were the jgler would gank. You can stack them on top of each other and snare someone with your w when they walk over the stack for one shot damage....and you can use them to make your get away by throwing them down behind you to slow the enemy champs as you run away.

Curtain Call: This is jhin's best and most fun ability. When you use this you go into a sniper stance...gain massive range and fire four skill shots at an enemy player which do damage based off that players missing health as well as slowing them and critting on the last shot. This is best used on champions that are below 50% hp as an execute. You need to make sure your in a safe spot when you use it as it can be interrupted and you never want to use it at close range. This ability locks you in place and leaves you vulnerable to any and all damage. Never use this is close combat...ever. Positioning is key with this close and you will get rekt when they get in your face...and to far and it becomes hard to land. Also dont use this on a target with full hp unless your providing a cc chain to help your team lock down a target. As it will do almost no dmg. The base dmg on this ability is low and will tickle against full hp targets....the damage of this ability is increased by 2% for every 1% of missing hp on the champion your hitting it with. Which means it will do tons of damage to targets below 50% health and tickle against full hp ones. The fourth shot deals massive damage against a low hp target as it scales with crit and percentage hp dmg...its great for stealing objectives.

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Gameplay: Early, Mid, and Late

Early Game: In the early game as Jhin with this build you want to pretend your Vayne until you get the bf sword. With these full crit amp runes you will be at a slight disadvantage early and the runes dont start to become beneficial until you get some nice ad....and even more so when you start building crit.

Mid Game: You want to try to rack up as many kills as possible will getting some nice farm in the mid game. Kill your enemy bot laners...take their tower and roam mid to help your team. Try to always stick with your allies as your vulnerable by yourself...that goes for early game too. Use your fourth auto to help secure objectives like rift herald and dragon and try to complete your core items of Infinity Edge...Essence Reaver and Boots of speed at the very minimum. Also use your snare to pick up assists from across the should be max rank by now and give a nice stun to help secure kills.

Late Game: Late game is were you start becoming a god. Stay with your team and be a part of as many team fights as possible because the impact you make on a team fight is massive. Always be with your team. Play a more aggressive in the late game as you can 1v1 most champions. And be the carry that your team needs.