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Ezreal Build Guide by Zaylinn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zaylinn

Sniping is too EZ

Zaylinn Last updated on April 26, 2012
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Welcome to Zaylinn's AD-Ezreal build. Real quick i want to thank Loganpizza for helping me make a Ad-Ezreal masterpiece to shut down all of my lanes.

This isnt just a build, it is a Guide.

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The Reason i have these runes is that they complement your early game damage.
Now i usually run AD Seals, but Armor will work aswell if ur fighting an AD Heavy team on ranked or Normal Draft games.
When you start this build with dorans plus your flat AD runes, you will usually shoot someone for 79-82 dmg per shot.
that just depends on how much armor your enemy has. but that is when your Armor pen Quintessences come in and help put the tanks down.

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I run these certain masteries because for good sustain and for early game health since i don't run any armor on my runes and will help stay in-lane for as much as possible.

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i start with a doran's blade so i have the health, that little bit of lifesteal, and that extra damage. this helps with lane sustain at the beginning so you dont have to worry about getting hit and needing to recall. After that i build a Boots of Speed, so i can get that little movement speed that i need to shoot down running next item depends on how the game is going. if the enemy team is AD Heavy, ur going to want to build Wriggle's Lantern first. if the enemy team is doing ****py in lane and u seem to be doing great in-lane and dont need much armor, then build sheen first. or vice versa. after those 2 items, ur gonna build into a trinity force. it doesnt matter if u pick zeal or phage first. it just depends if u want health and slows, or attack speed and movement. although i prefer to start phage for the health. but if u seem to be not getting away, or not being in the fight, get zeal first.After trinity force u build into a B.F. Sword for more AD on your Q, and Ult. after that it depends on your enemy team. if the enemy team is ad heavy and targetting you, i usually get warmog's armor, and then Atma's Impaler next. but if the team is AP heavy, your going to want to get Force of Nature, and Quick Silver Sash. after this your next item to build into with your B.F.Sword also depends on the enemy team. if the enemy team is targetting you, get a BloodThirster. Be sure to get Farm for your Bloodthirster. if the enemy team is Armor heavy, grab a Black Cleaver, and make sure your team is targetting the same person so that the black cleaver helps your team in teamfights aswell. and that is my Build

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Summoner Spells

I run these Sumonner spells for your Survivability in Team-Fights, and helps when u know ur gonna be the one whose gonna get targeted. now i know some people look down to Double Flash. But with this build it really helps chase that one guy who keeps getting away after team fights for that ACE!

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Pros / Cons

1. Good Poke
2. Helpful Attack-speed buff for those turret pushes and slowing down the attack speed heavy champs
3. Great escapes (if u use them wisely)
4. His Q applies on-hit-effects such as Red-buff if they are out of range to shoot
5. Global Ulti! what else do you need?
1. Very Squishy at the start (So try not to take as much damage)
2. After his Flashes, hes pretty much defenseless.

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Team Work

Great Laning Buddies:
Blitzcrank- his great CC is all you will ever need.
Soraka- you'll never run out of mana, and you wont have to recall for health
Leona- The stuns really help for that extra poke on the targets and ur attacks will deal bonus dmg

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Thanks for Reading my Build and i hope this build will work for you

Go Kick Some ***, Summoners.