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Talon Build Guide by mburn19

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mburn19

snowball/tanky talon

mburn19 Last updated on January 14, 2012
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I am mburn19, i have been dominating solo Q elo hell and normal games with talon, i have gotten games easilly where i will have 1 or 2 deaths with an upside of 10 kills, i always see snowball OR tank talon, never one in the same, i have made a build that gives me a snowball effect with some tankiness and sustain.

This is also my first guide, so if you want to comment on things i can improve on without being a **** feel free.

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21-06-03 focus on giving me armour, health and mana (actually helpfull especially early game). AND of course attack speed, cd and armour pen. This focuses on a bit of sustain (with life steal and armour/mana/health) and later on when with atmas impaler more damage due to more health. The 10% reduced time dead also gets you back in the battles faster (or back to your lane) to continue poking and farming.

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this is the best item combo i have used or seen on talon, i have used a infinity edge in replace of frozen mallet before, and yes it works, i was critting almost all the time and they were huge (700+ damage each crit) because of having 3 crit items. atmogs is a usefull combination, not only giving health and armour for survivability but also gives you crit chance and more damage based on your health. Bloodthirster is a boss on talon, especially with his health and damage he gets sustain in fights, with boots of ludicty and ghostblade the cooldowns are much lower and he can constantly use his Q and W, instead of running away and running back in, you can stay in and deal more damage.

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Summoner spells

Flash/Ignite is a beast with talon. I have survived and able to tower dive 2 people at around lvl 4 because i can E in, Q, W, Ignite then Flash away. It helps when you have been harrassing with W. others like ghost can replace either one (good for running like a ***** away from 5 people). But other spells dont work well, seeing as you wont be staying long to need an exhaust.

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Team Work

try not to be the initiator, it normally ends badly for big team fights. LET THE TANK DO IT.... unless the tank is derping around and not initating, hide in a bush, E in, Q, Ignite (if up), W, ulti then run away, flash/ghost if need be. if you dominate your lane and take tower, always go to mid or top and push to take their first tower, talon is an excellent pusher. Also be a distraction, often i am always distracting most of their team while my team pushes and takes turrets. If you have a Sona with you things will go even better, she can just heal you constantly andgive you extra AD in laning phase, which will cause you to farm quicker and poke easier. I have versed a talon when i was a talon who had a sona, i got raped because of her healon talon and powerful damage she has on her powerchord on flat AP runes. but late game talon failed due to a bad build and i could 1v1 him and he was 2 lvls higher then me. If he built right and use sona to his advantage to build items faster he would'nt have died by me.

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last hit, and whenever needed to W caster minions when half health and under. basically it.
when higher levels (13+) just spam rake on multiple minions and normal attack them, as their health will be gone down to 50-100. Learn when to last hit, learn how much damage you do when you hit them, see how much of their bar disappears, wait till that amount of their health bar is left or less, then hit them, that is usually one of the best ways to last hit. Talon doesn't need a lot of farm to get his build, 100-150 is really good, don't need to farm anymore really, but you will always get more when pushing to take towers.

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Pros and Cons

escape with ulti or flash
Q can see enemies for 6 seconds and bleed them
E intensifies damage done to the opponent you E'd
Farms like a boss

survivability is rather low, he is burst damage, this build gives him survivability (tower dived a volibear, xin and mf, killed 2 and my friend shaco got the last kill, we both survived)
sustain is rather **** early unless with life steal masteries and hpots
can easilly get countered when in team fights if someone has oracles

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I havn't been playing ranked for about a month and a half, but Talon is a hit or miss champion in Ranked, he will not always fit in, but when he does he just ROFLstomps the other team if fed or farmed. I recommend ranked teams with Talon instead of solo queue with him, especially in ELO hell.

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Harrass like a boss with W, and given oppotunities (gank for example) go for a kill. if they are really low, around 200 health and all your abilities off cd take em down.