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Diana Build Guide by SPillow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SPillow

Snuffy's Guide to Diana

SPillow Last updated on June 11, 2015
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Hello this is my first Diana guide build and although it may not receive many likes or views I just hope that if you see this you will give good or bad feedback, in order to change or help not just others but me at improving skills with Diana. Thanks for the help I would like to see people using Diana more. Since I'm not that skilled at the game any tips would be useful. Thank you :D

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Items are pretty straight forward:
Things like Zhonyas are useful for disengages, however, for Diana her escape maneuvers are pretty hard especially if it's a 5v1 and you happen to pop your Zhonyas. You can use your moonfall and then quickly use your W to proc the shield then quickly use the (Q, R) combo to the farthest enemy champion, and try to run away. You're not like LeBlanc the Juking master in which you can just use your W then R to escape. However, Zhonyas would keep enemy preoccupied while engaging in a team fight. There is no way that 5 of the enemy team could stand waiting for your Zhonyas to run out while your team is attacking them. In that case, you team should quickly distract them, so you can either run or kill them.

Lich Bane and the Luden's Echo is actually pretty strong onto Diana she is an Assassin like AP champ so her Luden and her Lich Bane would be very efficient in a way.

Her Rabadon and Void Staff are pretty essential it has a pretty high AP ratio and would not want you to miss that.

For your pots I put down the "biscuit of Rejuvenation" because of the Culinary mastery. The Biscuit is actually a lot more better than the health pots.

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Like I said, (If you read my note) for your seals I would go for the scaling Heath because I think of her as a Late Gamer so she would be more efficient with her Scaling that Flat. However you can build Flat armor onto Diana. It's your play style and everyone has a different play style than you.

For her Quint is quite obvious since she is an AP champion you should build AP Quints on her.

All her other runes could be changed I don't really see how it would affect me cause this is "my" rune page for her and I tend to think it's the most affected for me.

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Skill Sequence

For your Skill sequences you should upgrade your Crescent Strike since it is your main source of damage. Then you should upgrade to your Pale Cascade It is useful when the enemy jungler is trying to gank you. Next Moonfall since it is your CC you should upgrade it nearly last. Your Lunar Rush should be "rushed" level it up whenever it pops up.

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Moonsilver Blade
Gains Attack Speed. Every third strike cleaves nearby enemies for additional magic damage.


Crescent Strike
Cost: 55 Mana
Range: 830
Diana swings her blade to unleash a bolt of lunar energy that deals damage in an arc before exploding. Afflicts enemies struck with the Moonlight debuff, revealing them if they are not stealthed.
Unleashes a bolt of lunar energy in an arc dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+70% Ability Power) magic damage.Afflicts enemies struck with Moonlight, revealing them if they are not stealthed for 3 seconds.


Pale Cascade
Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana
Range: Self
Diana creates three orbiting spheres that detonate on contact with enemies to deal damage in an area. She also gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage. If her third sphere detonates, the shield gains additional strength.
Creates three orbiting spheres that explode on contact with enemies dealing 22/34/46/58/70 (+20% Ability Power) magic damage. Lasts 5 seconds.Grants a temporary shield that absorbs 40/55/70/85/100 (+30% Ability Power) damage. If the third sphere detonates, the shield increases by 40/55/70/85/100 (+30% Ability Power).


Cost: 70 Mana
Range: 450
Diana draws in and slows all nearby enemies.
Reveals and draws in all nearby enemies and then slows them by 35/40/45/50/55% for 2 seconds.


Lunar Rush
Cost: 50/65/80 Mana
Range: 825
Diana dashes to an enemy and deals magic damage. Lunar Rush has no cooldown when used to teleport to a target afflicted with Moonlight.
Becomes the living embodiment of the vengeful moon, dashing to an enemy and dealing 100/160/220 (+60% Ability Power) magic damage.Lunar Rush has no cooldown when used to dash to an enemy afflicted with Moonlight. All other enemies will have the Moonlight debuff removed regardless of whether they were the target of Lunar Rush.

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Pros / Cons

+ High damage
+ AOE pull
+ Very mobile
+ Can initiate
+ Ult CD reset
Diana, like all assassins, has a high burst damage. Between her abilities and passive, she can easily destroy down squishy targets or weaken a tank. She has an AOE CC ability, which can be detrimental in teamfights. Diana is extremely mobile, since she has a long ranged gap closer. If played correctly, she can be nearly impossible to peel off. Her gap closer can also be used to initiate a teamfight, which will be discussed more in-depth later. However, the best part about her kit is the fact that her ult's cooldown can be reset. This allows you to have a double (even triple!) dash.

- Melee
- Weak early game
- No mobility til 6
- No escapes
- Easily ganked
Diana's main weakness lies in the fact that she is melee. It is always dangerous to walk up to CS, since the enemy laner can easily turn on you. This is heightened since Diana's early game isn't very strong. She doesn't have any major burst until she gets her ultimate at level 6, nor does she have any mobility until then. Even though Diana has a huge gap closer, she doesn't have any escapes (aside from Flash). This makes her very susceptible to ganks, since she can't get away from a 1v2 situation.

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When you're chasing down a low heath target running from you, use this combo.


So when you use your ultimate get your finger hovering over your Q Crescent Strike Before you land your ultimate quickly use your Q so by the time you get their your Ultimate cooldown is reduced. This combo is useful so you don't miss your Q as much because your Crescent Strike is a skill shot. When you use that combo and the enemy is still alive pop down you Moonfall so they come back towards you. Pop your Pale Cascade. By the time you do this your Q will be ready for another run. Quickly use the first combo Lunar Rush, Crescent Strike and that should do the work!